Guest Post Authors & Contributors

Send us an email at [email protected] to submit a guest post idea if everything follows our guidelines below.

Write For Us: Guidelines for Guest Articles

1. Must contain a minimum of 1,000 words.

2. Must not be plagiarized.

3. Cannot be duplicate content or copied to any other online websites or publications.

4. Must include two relevant photos with commercial-use licenses.

5. Original high-quality content that is relevant to business owners or the marketing community.

6. No toxic or spam backlinks in the content. All outbound links must be relevant to the article and the Instrumentful website.

7. One backlink allowed per article (that will be marked as a “dofollow” link). It should not be in the first 100 words of an article. The anchor text should not be over four words.

8. Two additional high authority links are allowed in the article. These links must be DA 80+ and > 60,000/m Organic Traffic.

9. Please include two internal links to other articles on the Instrumentful blog.

10. Publishing fee of $40.00 USD for accepted guest articles which will be sent as a Paypal invoice.

11. Content must be unique and about a narrow and interesting topic. Topics and links cannot include cannabis, CBD, casino, essay writing, or adult-themed material.

12. When creating an article in Word or Google docs, please use the proper heading tags for each headline instead of using bold formatting.

13. The content must not be 100% written by Artificial Intelligence and must pass AI content detectors.

14. Please include all information needed in original emails before or when sending a request or article to publish including the email for sending the invoice.

15. Any requested changes after publishing and creating the invoice will be an additional $20 editorial fee. This includes asking to change the invoice email, changing the anchor text, or changing the URL.

If your article meets these guidelines, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond in a timely manner.