In the hip-hop landscape, Travis Scott’s music has become a staple, a sort of cultural touchstone that is both infectious and trendsetting. The Houston-bred artist has given us numerous anthems, each unique in its own right, that bring to mind the excitement and energy of a live show no matter where you’re listening.

With his unparalleled sound, Travis Scott has proven time and time again his worth not only as a rapper but as a visionary artist who know no boundaries when it comes to his art. Let’s take a look at some of the best Travis Scott songs.

“SICKO MODE” – Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s “SICKO MODE” is undoubtedly a triumph of modern hip-hop. With its blend of pounding bass, electrifying beats, and dreamy autotuned vocals, the song showcases Scott’s unmatched ability to create music that is both raw and catchy.

The song’s constantly shifting beats and restless energy make it a standout track in Scott’s catalog, and it’s no surprise that its popularity has only continued to grow since its release. “SICKO MODE” is a modern hip-hop masterpiece that showcases the sonic brilliance of Travis Scott.


“STARGAZING” – Travis Scott

“STARGAZING” is a standout track from Travis Scott’s acclaimed album Astroworld. The song features a seamless combination of mellow and high-energy verses and a prominent, catchy chorus that has undoubtedly contributed to its success. The lyrics focus on Travis Scott’s personal experiences and struggles in his rise to fame, making for a relatable and introspective listening experience.

Overall, “STARGAZING” is a testament to Travis Scott’s unique style and artistry, showcasing his ability to blend various elements of his sound into an explosive and captivating song.


“Antidote” – Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s futuristic sound and clever lyricism are on full display in this pulsating track that propelled his career to new heights. With its heavy use of auto tune and electrically charged beat, “Antidote” is a sonic journey that takes the listener through waves of atmospheric synth and hypnotic percussion.

The lyrics paint a picture of a wild party that Scott is determined to keep going, even as the world outside threatens to break in. It’s an unapologetic celebration of excess and a testament to Scott’s undeniable skill at crafting hooks that stay with you long after the song is over.


“Butterfly Effect” – Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s “Butterfly Effect” is a standout track on his album “Astroworld,” featuring a dynamic beat, catchy chorus, and vivid yet enigmatic lyrics that are open to interpretation. The song showcases Scott’s signature sound with Auto-Tuned vocals, atmospheric synths, and heavy bass, making it a top-notch party anthem as well as a moody introspective banger.

“Butterfly Effect” is an example of Scott’s ability to create a sense of euphoria and disorientation at the same time, leaving the listener pondering its meaning long after the track ends.


“90210” – Travis Scott ft. Kacy Hill

Travis Scott’s powerful creativity knocks out of the park in this hypnotic and emotion-laden track with Kacy Hill. Its atmospheric vibe and intense lyrics explore the destructive sides of urbanization, wrapped in surreal and dreamlike soundscapes that transport the listener to a place of liminality.

The song’s fusion of genres, from psychedelic rock to trap, adds a refreshing complexity that only adds to its transcendental appeal. This risky creative venture cements Travis Scott’s position as one of the most innovative and daring artists of the 21st century.


“Mamacita” – Travis Scott ft. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug

“Mamacita” is a dynamic collaboration between Travis Scott, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug. The song opens with a tantalizing horn sample, which sets the tone for the fiercely energetic track. Travis Scott’s opening lyrics are raw and confident, as he declares himself “ruling” in the club.

Rich Homie Quan follows with a smooth flow, while Young Thug’s trademark squeaky voice and ad-libbing bring the song’s energy to another level. The trio’s chemistry is undeniable, creating a thrilling, yet effortless track.”


“Pick Up The Phone” – Young Thug & Travis Scott ft. Quavo

“Pick Up The Phone” captures the saucy interplay between Travis Scott and Young Thug, who trade woozy autotuned croons about flings and miscommunication over a lonely, wonder-filled instrumental that will keep you forever enchanted. The song features Migos’ Quavo, whose light touch on the chorus rounds out the track’s breezy, carefree atmosphere.


“Can’t Say” – Travis Scott ft. Don Toliver

Travis Scott’s “Can’t Say” is a mesmerizing track that features soaring, ethereal choruses from rising star Don Toliver. The track offers a haunting, almost spooky atmosphere, with moody production, echoing vocals, and trap-driven beats. It’s one of the less aggressive songs in Scott’s discography, but its cinematic nature, introspective lyrics, and rich melodies make it one of his best.

“Can’t Say” shows that even when the Houston rapper reigns it in a bit, he’s still capable of making music that’s both innovative and emotionally resonant.


“Wake Up” – Travis Scott ft. The Weeknd

“Wake Up” is a track that perfectly encapsulates Travis Scott’s signature dark and moody sound. The Weeknd’s haunting vocals echo throughout the song, perfectly complementing Travis’s often-manic verses.

The production is top-notch, featuring a multitude of textures and sounds that create an unsettling atmosphere throughout the track. It’s a standout song that showcases both Travis and The Weeknd’s incredible range as artists.


“Upper Echelon” – Travis Scott ft. T.I. & 2 Chainz

Travis Scott’s “Upper Echelon” is a pulsating trap banger that features a hypnotic beat, skittering hi-hats and buzzing synths. The Houston rapper showcases his captivating flow while 2 Chainz and T.I. deliver their signature high-energy verses, making it one of Scott’s finest collaborative efforts.

The song is a perfect example of Scott’s ability to meld catchy hooks with hard-hitting production, showcasing his dynamic and versatile style.