G Eazy has carved a reputation as one of the most engaging and authentic emcees in the game. After breaking through into the mainstream with his debut album, the Oakland-bred rapper has consistently churned out catchy, thought-provoking and self-reflective tracks.

Grounded in his experience navigating his personal successes and setbacks, his music reflects the joys and struggles of contemporary youth culture. With each album release, fans grow eager to experience his visceral, emotive and sometimes introspective rhymes that have become his signature style.

“Me, Myself & I” – G-Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha

G Eazy’s chart-topping hit “Me, Myself & I” is a perfect blend of rap and pop, with Bebe Rexha’s powerful and soulful voice complementing G Eazy’s slick rhymes. The song’s catchy tune and relatable lyrics about the dangers of fame and staying true to oneself have made it a staple on radio stations and party playlists alike, cementing its place in the pantheon of G Eazy’s greatest hits.

“No Limit” – G-Eazy ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B

G-Eazy’s chart-topping hit featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B showcases the Bay Area rapper’s signature smooth flow with explosive verses from his rap counterparts. The up-tempo beat and catchy hook make this track a fan favorite, as G-Eazy and company boast about their success and living the high life.

The song’s braggadocious lyrics are a reflection of the rapper’s growing stature in the hip-hop world and his undeniable talent as a lyricist.


“Him & I” – G-Eazy ft. Halsey

G-Eazy’s track with Halsey, titled “Him & I,” showcases the duo’s chemistry both lyrically and musically. The song’s beat is infectious and the lyrics paint a picture of a tumultuous but passionate relationship. Halsey’s vocals add a layer of emotion and depth to the track, making it a standout on G-Eazy’s discography.


“I Mean It” – G-Eazy ft. Remo

G Eazy’s “I Mean It” is a heady, high-energy hip-hop track with an addictive chorus. The song is brimming with intricate rhymes, heart-thumping beats, and swaggering bravado. G Eazy’s verses are delivered with a rapid-fire intensity, while the airy synth lines and booming bass provide the perfect backdrop for his confident flow. “I Mean It” is the quintessential G Eazy song, blending infectious hooks with cutting-edge production to create an anthemic, electrifying track that is sure to thrill fans of all ages.

“Good Life” – G-Eazy & Kehlani

G-Eazy and Kehlani have joined forces to create a catchy upbeat anthem. “Good Life” delivers a soft and sultry sound mixed with an electrifying beat. The song vividly takes you through their journey of success and how they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor. Their voices complement each other, creating a perfect chemistry. With a sing-along chorus and feel-good vibes, “Good Life” is a definite hit.

“You Got Me” – G-Eazy ft. H.E.R.

The sleek and soulful “You Got Me” is a standout track from G-Eazy’s discography. H.E.R.’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with G-Eazy’s introspective verses, creating a captivating duet about the struggles of modern love.

The instrumentation boasts a jazzy flair, incorporating muted trumpet and emotive piano that perfectly complement the song’s moody vibe. It’s a track that exudes cool, with just the right amount of vulnerability to keep you coming back for more.

“Tumblr Girls” – G-Eazy ft. Christoph Andersson

G-Eazy’s “Tumblr Girls” is a smooth and catchy track that explores the idea of the social media phenomenon of Tumblr Girls. With its laid-back beat and G-Eazy’s signature flow, the song takes a contemplative approach to the way social media shapes our perception of beauty, and how the concept of the “Tumblr Girl” has taken on a life of its own.

It’s a thoughtful and introspective track with a deep message, wrapped up in a sultry and engaging package that is sure to keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

“Some Kind Of Drug” – G-Eazy ft. Marc E. Bassy

“Some Kind of Drug” is a collaboration between G-Eazy and Marc E. Bassy that captures the essence of an intoxicating and addictive relationship. G-Eazy’s seductive lyrics are complemented by Marc E. Bassy’s soulful vocals, creating a mood that is both enthralling and complex.

The song’s driving rhythm, layered with synths and electro-pop elements, make it a standout track on G-Eazy’s “When It’s Dark Out” album. The evocative and cryptic storytelling, along with the infectious hooks and unconventional production choice, help make “Some Kind of Drug” a fan favorite in G-Eazy’s catalog.

“Let’s Get Lost” – G-Eazy ft. Devon Baldwin

“Let’s Get Lost” croons about a passionate love encounter between two individuals who are willing to forget the world and escape to a place where they can be together. The track features the sultry voice of guest artist Devon Baldwin, complementing G-Eazy’s smooth and coquettish verses.

Its autotuned hook feels bright and dreamy, backed by a synthesized beat that aptly embodies the song’s escapist storyline. Overall, it’s a dizzyingly romantic piece that perfectly captures youthful infatuation.

“Drifting” – G-Eazy ft. Chris Brown, Tory Lanez

“Drifting” is an elusive love song from G-Eazy featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez, allowing the listener to get lost in a dreamlike state. The track showcases G-Eazy’s lyrical prowess as he raps about a dysfunctional relationship and the addictive nature of his lover. With its contagious beat and smooth delivery, “Drifting” will have you feeling both introspective and euphoric, making it a standout track in G-Eazy’s discography.