Australian rapper and singer The Kid LAROI has quickly risen to fame with his unique blend of emo and rap music. The 18-year-old artist has been making waves in the music industry with his emotional and introspective lyrics, tackling themes of heartbreak and addiction in his songs.

With his collaborations with Justin Bieber and Juice WRLD, The Kid LAROI has solidified his place in the industry as a rising star. In this article, we take a look at the best songs from The Kid LAROI that showcase his raw talent and vulnerability.



“Without You” – The Kid LAROI

The Kid LAROI’s “Without You” is a heart-wrenching ballad that captures the introspection and emotional turmoil of a relationship coming to an end. With sparse but powerful production, haunting melodies, and raw lyricism, the track showcases LAROI’s ability to tap into universal emotions, create a poignant narrative, and craft a memorable hook.

Its vulnerability and relatability have earned it critical acclaim and commercial success, cementing LAROI’s place as one of the most promising young artists in the music industry.


“So Done” – The Kid LAROI

The Kid LAROI’s “So Done” is the perfect embodiment of teenage angst and heartbreak expressed through introspective lyrics, layered over a simple yet effective beat. The track oscillates between melancholic and hopeful tones, with LAROI’s emotive delivery brilliantly capturing the sense of confusion that comes with young love.

Wrapped up in a catchy hook and a slick production, “So Done” stands out as one of LAROI’s most mature and relatable songs yet.


“Stay” – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber

“Stay” sets itself apart as a remarkable collaboration between rising star The Kid LAROI and chart-topping singer Justin Bieber. From the moment the first note drops, the listener is captivated by the introspective lyrics, smooth harmonies, and catchy melody.

The song’s luscious instrumentation and vulnerable vocals make it a standout on The Kid LAROI’s discography, showcasing his impressive range of emotional depth. “Stay” is a must-listen track that proves both artists are at the top of their game.


“Go” – The Kid LAROI & Juice WRLD

“Go” is a standout track from The Kid LAROI’s discography, showcasing his trademark blend of vulnerability and energy. Featuring late rapper Juice WRLD, the song delves into themes of heartbreak and self-criticism over an infectious beat.

The Kid LAROI’s distinctive vocal delivery and lyrical honesty make “Go” a standout song that showcases his immense talent and potential as an artist.


“Tell Me Why” – The Kid LAROI

Among the tracks on the Kid LAROI’s remarkable debut album “F*ck Love,” “Tell Me Why” stands out as a captivating exploration of the young Australian artist’s emotional range. His haunting vocals are set against a backdrop of melodic synths and sparse percussion, building to a powerful chorus that underscores the track’s theme of heartbreak and uncertainty.

It’s an impressive display of songwriting and performance that cements the Kid LAROI’s status as one of the brightest rising stars in contemporary hip-hop and R&B.


“Diva” – The Kid LAROI

For fans of The Kid LAROI, “Diva” is a surefire hit that showcases his versatile vocal range and clever lyricism. This track is equal parts confident and vulnerable, describing the struggles of dealing with a toxic relationship while trying to maintain personal growth and self-love.

The production is catchy and dynamic, adding a layer of energy to the already fiery track. “Diva” proves that The Kid LAROI continues to evolve and impress with his unique sound and authentic storytelling.


“Reminds Me Of You” – The Kid LAROI & Juice WRLD

“Reminds Me Of You” is an evocative collaboration between The Kid LAROI and the late Juice WRLD that showcases their vocal synchronicity in full form. The song offers an emotional look at the struggles of heartbreak, as both artists sing about the lingering memories of a past lover.

The track’s production is understated yet infectious, providing an uplifting backdrop that belies the song’s mournful lyrics. With its poignant message, “Reminds Me Of You” is a standout track on The Kid LAROI’s impressive catalog.


“Same Energy” – The Kid LAROI

“Same Energy” is a compelling track that showcases The Kid LAROI’s signature emotive flow while delivering vivid imagery. Featuring a captivating beat and skittering hi-hats, The Kid LAROI’s lyrics and delivery on “Same Energy” are provocative and intense, enveloping the listener in a haze of mood and atmosphere.

The song serves as a poignant reminder of the young artist’s exceptional ability to capture and convey raw emotions through his music.


“Addison Rae” – The Kid LAROI

“Addison Rae” by The Kid LAROI presents a swanky combination of undulating chimes and sultry drums that offer an alluring backdrop to the artist’s emotional exploration of heartbreak.

LAROI’s deft lyricism narrates the stories of a toxic break-up, chronicling the aftermath of a failed relationship with a bittersweet tone. The song is both refreshing and relatable, a candid testimony to the tumultuous nature of love.


“Maybe” – The Kid LAROI

“Maybe” is a standout track in The Kid LAROI’s discography. Its introspective verses and reflective chorus showcase the Australian rapper’s raw emotion and lyrical depth. The sparse piano-driven instrumental and emotive vocal performance intensify the song’s melancholic mood, making it an unforgettable piece of art.

Listening to “Maybe”, one can’t help but feel elated by The Kid LAROI’s promise as a rising star in the rap game.


“Not Sober” – The Kid LAROI & Polo G

The penultimate track on The Kid LAROI’s latest album features a captivating collab with rapper Polo G. “Not Sober” displays the duo’s masterful lyrical prowess and distinct vocal abilities over a mellow yet melancholic beat. The chorus of the song is especially alluring, bringing out the raw emotions of the lyrics.

Combined with a relatable theme, this thoughtful yet captivating track solidifies itself as another great addition to The Kid LAROI’s repertoire.