Rocket League has become one of the most exciting and addictive video games on the market, combining soccer and racing in a frantic hybridized version of both sports.

As the game has grown in popularity, so too has its soundtrack, featuring an eclectic and high-energy blend of electronic, rock and pop that mirrors the game’s frenzied pace. The Rocket League songs have become beloved by fans of the game and music lovers alike – and here’s why.



“Breathing Underwater” – Hollywood Principle

The first song in this electrifying playlist was a standout track in the competitive video game, Rocket League. “Breathing Underwater” by Hollywood Principle brings a high degree of energy and helped to set the tone for the game.

The music’s burstiness is palpable, with uplifting vocals and an electronic beat that perfectly captures the fast-paced action of the game. Fans of Rocket League will no doubt appreciate this powerful track that embodies the intensity and excitement of the gameplay.

“Firework” – Hollywood Principle

One of the standout tracks featured in the Rocket League line-up is a bold and explosive number that fully embodies the game’s high-octane energy and fast-paced gameplay. With its soaring melody, catchy beats, and a chorus that’ll have players singing along in no time, this track is a real crowd-pleaser and perfectly captures the wildly unpredictable nature of Rocket League matches.

Its euphoric vibe and driving rhythm make for a pulse-pounding listening experience that’s sure to get players pumped up and ready to hit the pitch.

“Solar Eclipses” – Hollywood Principle ft. Dr. Awkward

“Solar Eclipses” is a veritable, multi-layered electronic composition that perfectly captures the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled, and unpredictable gameplay of Rocket League. The track’s driving rhythmic pulse and euphoric synth arpeggios carry a sense of propulsion and excitement that complements the intensity of the game’s rocket-powered vehicles and fast gameplay mechanics.

It’s a resounding, futuristic soundscape that elevates the in-game action to another level, creating an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.

“Titans” – Razihel

This tune injects energy into any Rocket League game, burning brightly like a fuse ready to ignite. The frenzied melody crashes like waves and the mammoth bassline booms with sheer force and vigor. You’ll feel like you’re accelerating to supersonic speed with every drop of the beat.

It’s a track that commands attention and channels the gameplay’s fervor with a daring and unapologetic flair that any Rocket League player can appreciate.

“Flying Forever” – Mike Ault ft. Morgan Perry

This track is an absolute banger for Rocket League enthusiasts. From the first beat, “Flying Forever” by Mike Ault ft. Morgan Perry captures the pure excitement and adrenaline of the game. With its high energy electronic beats and frenetic pace, it feels like the perfect match for intense car soccer matches.

The song’s soaring melodies and driving bassline provide the perfect soundtrack for players looking to score goals, make saves, and fly across the arena. Overall, “Flying Forever” is a brilliant musical accompaniment to one of the most heart-pumping sports games out there.

“Luv U Need U” – Slushii

The eclectic and energetic beats of this artist will have you grooving in your seat. The track’s bouncy rhythm and polished electronic sounds add a futuristic feel to the already fast-paced gameplay of Rocket League. The artist’s keen ear for production is evident in the mesmerizing synths and dynamic percussion that keep the momentum going.

One can’t help but be drawn into the high-energy atmosphere of the track – perfect for getting you pumped up and ready to drive your way to the top of the Rocket League ranks.

“Don’t Stop The Party” – Black Eyed Peas

Track number eight on the Rocket League soundtrack, “Don’t Stop The Party” by Black Eyed Peas maintains a frenetic pace that perfectly aligns with the fast-paced gameplay. The song’s energetic beats and driving basslines provide an adrenaline rush that complements the exhilarating experience of Rocket League.

With its high-octane electronic sounds that burst with vibrancy, “Don’t Stop The Party” serves as an ideal musical accompaniment for those looking to immerse themselves in the high-flying excitement of the game.

“Escape” – Noisestorm

Noisestorm’s “Escape” is a tune that epitomizes the fast-paced, adrenaline-soaked gameplay of Rocket League. With its blend of frenzied beats, futuristic synths, and explosive drops, this track is the perfect match for the game’s heart-pounding action.

With its catchy hooks and energetic rhythms, “Escape” encapsulates the sense of urgency and excitement that defines Rocket League, and is sure to have players bobbing their heads and tapping their feet in time to its electrifying rhythms.

“Play To Win” – Rameses B

Rameses B’s “Play To Win” is a euphonic masterpiece that carries an encrypted energy, perfect for Rocket League’s dynamic gameplay. The track wondrously fuses gentle piano strings with eclectic electronic elements, resulting in a sound that is both explosive and calming.

Its alluring tranquility intensified by its irregular and extreme sound characteristics. You will be left awestruck by its euphoric ambience and mesmerized by its rhythmic complexity.

“Infinite Power!” – TheFatRat

TheFatRat’s “Infinite Power!” is a seriously electrifying synthwave track that ignites supreme satisfaction and awe. This song’s energetic and upbeat tempo propels players forward during intense moments throughout the ever-popular Rocket League game.

TheFatRat’s ingenuity and technicality truly enhance Rocket League’s experience with “Infinite Power!” firing on all cylinders, matching the game’s dynamic energy with its high-energy, electrifying rhythms.

“We Speak Chinese” – Mike Ault

The fourteenth track on the ‘Rocket League’ soundtrack is a rhythmic and explosive composition titled “We Speak Chinese” by electronic music producer Droptek. The song is marked by its hypnotic beat and dynamic build-ups, which crescendo to a frenzied release that energizes the listener.

With its innovative soundscapes and electrifying melodies, “We Speak Chinese” embodies the high-speed, adrenaline-fueled action that ‘Rocket League’ is known for. Its inclusion in the game’s soundtrack speaks to the power of music to enhance the gaming experience and drive player engagement.