As humans, we’ve always been fascinated by birds – their grace, their beauty, and their ability to soar high above the world. It’s no surprise that we’ve often looked to birds as a source of inspiration in art, literature, and music. In fact, many great musicians have written songs about birds, capturing the spirit of these feathered creatures in their music.

From rock ‘n’ roll to jazz and everything in between, these songs celebrate the majesty of birds and the wonder they inspire. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a musical journey through the world of birds.



“Blackbird” – The Beatles

The composition by The Beatles, renowned for its intricate fingerpicking melody, tells of the blackbird’s ascension above the dead of the night. The blackbird represents freedom during an era in which civil rights movements had gained momentum.

The song’s wistful lyrics and gentle harmonies seem fitting in a time where society is overwhelmed with pandemic-induced isolation, delivering an uplifting portrayal of flight, strength, and hope.


“Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

A cascading flow of symphonic bliss, “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd stands out as a soaring ode to the freedom of flight. The song’s grandiose guitar solo and emotive lyrics evoke a sense of longing for the sense of limitless possibility.

With its intense build-up and heart-fluttering climax, “Free Bird” is a timeless classic that captures the soaring majesty and wonder of the eponymous feathered creature.


“Rockin’ Robin” – Bobby Day

Bobby Day’s “Rockin’ Robin” is a jaunty tune first released in 1958. The song’s melodic catchiness and upbeat rhythm has made it a timeless classic. The lyrics are centered around the titular bird’s springtime courtship ritual.

Day’s playful imagination evokes the hopping, chirping, and flapping motions of the bird, conjuring a whimsical image in the mind of listeners. The song’s timeless appeal has made it a frequent cover for various artists.


“Fly Like an Eagle” – Steve Miller Band

“Fly Like an Eagle” by Steve Miller Band is an enigmatic composition that is often associated with freedom, soaring high above worldly elements like a bird in the sky. The song’s lyrics are somewhat open to interpretation, but they seem to describe a yearning for a new, brighter way of life, where one can be released from the constraints of society.

Its bold rhythm and groovy beats are perfectly complemented by Miller’s smooth and emotive vocals, accentuated by a subtle use of electronic effects, creating a captivating soundscape that truly sets the mind free, like a bird taking flight.”


“Little Bird” – Ed Sheeran

Among the tunes inspired by our feathered friends, “Little Bird” by Ed Sheeran strikes a chord with its tender lyrics and gentle melody. The song recounts a time when the singer found a small bird with an injured wing, nursed it back to health and released it back into the wild.

Ed’s poignant storytelling imbues the song with an emotional depth that captures the essence of humanity’s relationship with nature. His soulful vocals and minimalist accompaniment bring a sense of intimacy to the performance, making “Little Bird” a must-listen for animal lovers and fans of acoustic ballads.


“Birds” – Imagine Dragons

“Birds” is a mesmerizing track by American rock band Imagine Dragons that captures the melancholic side of bird symbolism. The haunting melody and relatable lyrics offer a unique duet between the band’s edginess and the subtle beauty of the natural world.

The song features the lead vocalist Dan Reynolds’ signature burstiness, as he croons about the longing to fly away like a bird and the changes that it may bring. The instrumentation adds to the song’s perplexity, and with its reflective tone, “Birds” is sure to impress the listeners who enjoy deep and textured songs.


“Sparrow” – Emeli Sandé

“Sparrow” by Emeli Sandé is a poignant composition that revolves around the theme of freedom and resilience, both qualities that are often associated with small yet mighty creatures like sparrows. The lyrics describe the struggles one faces when trying to break free from the chains of society and soar into the limitless open skies.

Sandé’s vocal range and emotive delivery add depth to the song’s contemplative nature, making it a poignant addition to any playlist that explores the avian world.


“Bird on a Wire” – Leonard Cohen

“Bird on a Wire” by Leonard Cohen is an iconic folk-rock song that speaks to the longing for freedom, peace, and simplicity. The use of avian imagery and symbolism throughout the song invokes a sense of fragility yet resilience, as the protagonist yearns for a sense of belonging and stability while also recognizing the fleeting nature of life.

Cohen’s evocative and poetic lyrics paired with his distinctive gravelly voice have made “Bird on a Wire” a timeless classic and a poignant ode to the human condition.


“I Like Birds” – The Eels

“I Like Birds” is an eccentric and whimsical tune featuring quirky vocals and playful instrumentation about a love for birds. The lyrics describe the beauty and freedom of these winged creatures in a refreshing and imaginative way, with a catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head.

The song has a lighthearted and carefree tone, making it a great addition to any playlist about our feathered friends.


“The Bird” – Morris Day and The Time

“The Bird” is an infectious funk track by Morris Day and The Time that incorporates bird calls and chirps alongside groovy basslines and upbeat synth melodies. The song’s playful lyrics and upbeat instrumentals make it an instant mood booster, while its bird-inspired elements give it a unique, eccentric flair.

With its catchy hook and danceable rhythm, “The Bird” is a perfect addition to any “songs about birds” playlist.


“Birds of a Feather” – Phish

“Birds of a Feather” by Phish is a noteworthy addition to the melodic anthology of songs about birds. This avant-garde number is driven by a fresh and lively rhythm section and accented by unpredictable instrumental breaks. The whimsical lyrics intertwine avian imagery and abstract musings on human relationships, leaving listeners pondering over the song’s cryptic meaning.

The song establishes a trance-like ambiance that is both energizing and perplexing, which will surely catch the attention of your ears.