As a seminal band of the late 60s, Steppenwolf’s discography boasts an array of classic tunes that have stood the test of time. The Los Angeles outfit brought a unique mixture of hard rock, blues, and psychedelic sounds to the mainstream and paved the way for countless other rockers to follow.

From the heart-pounding guitars to the soulful lyrics, Steppenwolf’s catalog offers a quintessential snapshot of an era. Join us as we dive into some of the best Steppenwolf songs and celebrate the enduring legacy of this iconic group.



“Born to Be Wild” – Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf’s “Born to Be Wild” is an iconic rock song that captures the rebellious spirit and freedom-seeking attitude of the 1960s. With its driving guitar riff and unforgettable chorus, this track continues to reign as one of the band’s most popular songs.

Its heavy use in popular culture, including being featured in the film “Easy Rider”, has cemented its place as a classic anthem of counterculture and a staple of rock music history.


“Magic Carpet Ride” – Steppenwolf

“Magic Carpet Ride” is one of the paramount rock hits of the late ’60s, and a quintessential example of Steppenwolf’s signature sound. The song’s frisky vocals, sharp guitar licks, and invigorating groove make it a timeless classic that remains popular today.

With its soaring chorus and psychedelic atmosphere, “Magic Carpet Ride” continues to enchant listeners with its unparalleled energy and charisma, solidifying its spot as one of Steppenwolf’s best songs of all time.


“The Pusher” – Steppenwolf

“The Pusher” is a powerful song from Steppenwolf that emphasizes the dangers of drug addiction. The track features a hard-rocking sound with slicing guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a drug dealer profiting off the misery of others, urging listeners to steer clear of the temptation and remain vigilant against the corrosive influence of addiction.

With its raw energy and thought-provoking message, “The Pusher” stands as one of Steppenwolf’s most compelling songs.


“Rock Me” – Steppenwolf

“Rock Me” is unequivocally one of the most iconic tracks from Steppenwolf’s impressive catalogue. The song is marked by its relentless driving rhythm, gritty guitar riffs, and John Kay’s gritty vocals. The track showcases Steppenwolf’s incredible innovation in fusing rock, blues, and psychedelic elements into a cohesive and explosive sound. “Rock Me” is a true classic that has stood the test of time and continues to be a fan-favorite.


“Snowblind Friend” – Steppenwolf

Languishing in the hazy realm between reality and illusion, “Snowblind Friend” scintillates with a mystic aura that immerses listeners in a trance-like experience. Infusing dreamy soundscapes with introspective lyricism, the song spins a tale of a friend tormented by drug addiction, with the lead vocalist’s haunting delivery and the kaleidoscopic instrumentation tugging at the heartstrings with a hypnotic power.

A standout among Steppenwolf’s discography, “Snowblind Friend” exemplifies the 60s counterculture’s fascination with escapism, both literal and metaphorical.


“Monster/Suicide/America” – Steppenwolf

The multifaceted “Monster/Suicide/America” is a standout track from Steppenwolf’s eponymous debut album. With lyrics that call into question the dark side of American culture and a driving instrumental energy that builds throughout the song, “Monster/Suicide/America” showcases Steppenwolf’s knack for creating thought-provoking and musically compelling rock.

The song’s dynamic shifts and powerful riffs make it a favorite among fans of the band and an exemplar of their early sound.


“Jupiter’s Child” – Steppenwolf

“Jupiter’s Child” is a captivating Steppenwolf anthem that showcases the band’s ability to blend psychedelic rock with thought-provoking lyrics. The song’s introspective lyrics explore themes of self-discovery and the human condition, enhanced by the haunting and dreamlike instrumentation.

With its ethereal melody and introspective lyrics, “Jupiter’s Child” is a standout track in Steppenwolf’s diverse discography.


“Sookie Sookie” – Steppenwolf

“Sookie Sookie” showcases Steppenwolf’s ability to blend rock, blues, and soul into a captivating musical experience. With its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics, this song embodies the spirit of 1960s counterculture and the freedom of expression that defined the era.

As you listen to “Sookie Sookie,” you’ll be transported to a time when the music was groovy, and the vibes were electric. It’s a feel-good anthem that celebrates the joy of letting loose and getting lost in the music.


“Move Over” – Steppenwolf

“Move Over” epitomizes the raw energy and rebellious spirit of Steppenwolf. With its blazing guitars, thundering drums, and gritty vocals, this tune is a certified headbanger that demands your attention.

As soon as those power chords kick in, you can’t help but feel the adrenaline surge through your veins. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to crank up the volume, jump around, and let loose like there’s no tomorrow.


“It’s Never Too Late” – Steppenwolf

“It’s Never Too Late” is an absolute gem in Steppenwolf’s repertoire. From the moment those infectious guitar riffs kick in, you can’t help but feel a surge of motivation coursing through your veins. It’s a tune that reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, it’s never too late to chase our dreams, find our purpose, and make a difference.


“Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam” – Steppenwolf

“Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam” is an electrifying track that captures the essence of Steppenwolf’s revolutionary style. The song is an enchanting amalgamation of psychedelic rock and raw blues, delivering an impressive musical journey that is both emotive and thought-provoking.

From the infectious guitar riffs to the raw vocals, this track is a true masterpiece of its time, showcasing Steppenwolf’s unmatched ability to transform music into an abstract and surreal form of art. This is a track that you simply cannot afford to miss if you’re a true fan of Steppenwolf’s music.


“Hey Lawdy Mama” – Steppenwolf

“Hey Lawdy Mama” is a dynamic rock song that showcases Steppenwolf’s signature sound. The track features powerful guitar riffs that keep the listener hooked, while the lead singer’s raw vocals add a gritty edge. The lyrics are a mix of rebelliousness and sensuality, with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time.

Overall, “Hey Lawdy Mama” is a prime example of Steppenwolf’s prowess and rock n’ roll swagger.