Tyler, The Creator is one of the most talented and boundary-pushing voices in contemporary rap music. His unique blend of brash lyricism, quirky beats, and fearless experimentation has won him a legion of devoted fans and critical acclaim.

While his discography is deep and wide-ranging, there are a few standout tracks that showcase Tyler’s incredible talent and range as an artist. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Tyler, The Creator songs that every music lover should know.



“EARFQUAKE” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator’s “EARFQUAKE” is a standout hit from his latest album, IGOR. The track features Tyler’s signature off-kilter production style coupled with a dynamic vocal performance by singer and frequent collaborator, Charlie Wilson.

The song explores themes of heartbreak and the difficulties of attempting to maintain a doomed romantic relationship. Tyler’s vulnerable lyrics are a departure from his more abrasive earlier work, making “EARFQUAKE” a standout track in Tyler’s discography.

“Yonkers” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” is a perplexing, yet captivating piece of music that showcases his lyrical and production prowess. Bursting with raw energy, the song features a haunting piano melody, distorted basslines, and pounding drums, creating a menacing atmosphere.

Tyler’s lyrics are filled with dark humor and shock value, delving into themes of violence, sexuality, and self-doubt with brutal honesty. “Yonkers” served as a breakout hit for Tyler and cemented his status as an innovative force in hip-hop.

“See You Again” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Kali Uchis

“See You Again” is a standout track from Tyler, The Creator’s 2017 album “Flower Boy.” The song features smooth vocals from Kali Uchis and a catchy instrumental composition from Tyler, making it a definite highlight of the album. The heartfelt lyrics, along with the chilled-out vibe of the track, make it an excellent addition to Tyler’s playlist of best songs.

“IFHY” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Pharrell Williams

Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY” featuring Pharrell Williams stands as one of the most memorable and creative songs of his discography. The track features a heartfelt and melancholic chorus from Pharrell along with playful verses from Tyler that showcase his impressive rhyming skills.

The music video, directed by Wolf Haley (Tyler’s alter ego), adds another layer of complexity to the song, showcasing Tyler’s unique and often unsettling visual aesthetic.

“IFHY” is a standout example of Tyler’s ability to blend humor, raw emotion, and innovative production, making it a must-listen track for fans of his music.

“911/Mr. Lonely” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy

Tyler’s verses are raw and emotional, while Frank’s chorus is smooth and soulful. With its funky bassline and groovy synth hooks. It’s a blend of hip-hop, R&B, and funk that’s uniquely Tyler.

The song is about loneliness and the struggle to connect with others, which is something we’ve all felt at some point in our lives. It’s a deep and relatable song that hits you right in the feels. Overall, “911/Mr. Lonely” is  an instant classic in the Tyler/Frank collab canon.

“GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” – Tyler, The Creator

“GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” is an impressive track that showcases Tyler, The Creator’s versatility and range as an artist. The song seamlessly transitions from a melancholic ballad to an upbeat track, with Tyler’s stellar production and introspective lyrics shining through. The track features a fusion of different musical genres, from hip-hop to funk and even a hint of rock.

Overall, “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU” is a testament to Tyler’s captivating musical talent and innovation, making it one of the best songs in his discography.

“Who Dat Boy” – Tyler, The Creator ft. A$AP Rocky

Tyler, The Creator’s “Who Dat Boy” is a multifaceted track that showcases the rapper’s penchant for experimentation and boundary-pushing lyrics. Featuring a spirited verse from A$AP Rocky and ethereal production, this song stands out in Tyler’s discography as a particularly explosive and dynamic offering that captures his signature unbridled energy.

“Who Dat Boy” explores themes of identity and individuality, with Tyler openly questioning the validity of labels and societal norms over a gritty beat and dynamic synths. Overall, this track is a must-listen for fans of Tyler, The Creator and hip hop aficionados alike.

“Tamale” – Tyler, The Creator

In this particular track, Tyler, The Creator showcases his creativity and unconventional approach to music. The song features a dynamic instrumental arrangement filled with bold percussion and heavy synths, interlaced with unexpected changes in tempo and pitch. The lyrics are equally as distinctive, as they delve into themes of identity, fame, and personal struggles, delivered with

Tyler’s signature balance of introspection and brashness. “Tamale” is a prime example of the rapper’s ability to infuse his music with experimentation and his unique artistic vision.

“Boredom” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Rex Orange County and Anna of the North

“Boredom” is an introspective masterpiece that delves into Robert Frost’s adage that “The best way out is always through.” Tyler, The Creator asks some poignant questions on the track like “How many cars can I buy till I run out of drive?”, aptly describing the ennui of contemporary life.

With sweet melodies and a mellow groove, Tyler, along with Rex Orange County and Anna of the North, provides a sonorous catharsis for anyone who’s experienced that crushing feeling of boredom.

“She” – Tyler, The Creator

Tyler, The Creator’s “She” is a mesmerizing blend of his signature poetic lyricism and Frank Ocean’s soulful voice. The song captures the dizzying rush of falling in love with someone who feels unattainable, exploring themes of longing and melancholy.

Tyler’s verses are replete with vivid imagery and introspection, while Ocean’s chorus is an emotional tour-de-force, imbuing the song with a vulnerable and affecting quality. “She” stands as a testament to Tyler’s nuanced songwriting skills, and the seamless synergy he shares with Frank Ocean is a marvel to behold.

“OKRA” – Tyler, The Creator

One standout Tyler, the Creator track that never fails to impress is “OKRA”. This unapologetic and playful banger features unconventional beats, explosive rhymes, and an addictive chorus.

With its punk-inspired energy, politically charged lyrics, and impressive wordplay, “OKRA” showcases Tyler’s versatility as a rapper and producer, solidifying his reputation as one of the most innovative and unorthodox voices in contemporary hip-hop.

“A BOY IS A GUN*” – Tyler, The Creator

“A BOY IS A GUN*” is a standout track from Tyler, The Creator’s critically acclaimed album “IGOR”. The song boasts a groovy bassline and a vibrant instrumental that perfectly complements Tyler’s introspective lyrics exploring the complexities of relationships. The track features a catchy chorus and a dynamic bridge that emphasizes Tyler’s vocal range.

“A BOY IS A GUN*” showcases Tyler, The Creator’s artistic maturity and further solidifies his position as one of the most creative and innovative artists in the game.

“Pothole” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Jaden Smith

On Tyler, The Creator’s “Flower Boy” album, track 13 “Pothole” features Jaden Smith and a subdued but punchy beat. Tyler’s verses cover themes of introspection, with poignant wordplay and introspective reflections on his career and personal life. Jaden Smith’s presence adds to the song’s youthful energy, contrasting with Tyler’s more introspective and self-aware lyrics.

“Pothole” serves as a standout track on an album that showcases Tyler, The Creator’s evolution as an artist and personal growth.

“Answer” – Tyler, The Creator

“Answer” is an emotionally-charged track that balances vulnerability with Tyler’s aggressive flow. The track is marked by its raw, introspective lyrics that touch on themes of self-reflection, mental health, and the importance of finding answers. The beat is a somber and haunting blend of piano chords and trap drums that drive home the song’s introspective message.

Overall, “Answer” stands out as one of Tyler’s most personal and impactful tracks, showcasing both his lyrical talent and his willingness to delve into complex emotional territory.

“New Magic Wand” – Tyler, The Creator

New Magic Wand is a chaotic yet captivating track that draws listeners in with its intricate beats. The song showcases Tyler, The Creator’s unique style, combining elements of rap and alternative music to create a truly dynamic sound. The lyrics explore themes of obsession and possessiveness, adding to the haunting and intense energy of the song.

With its explosive chorus and unpredictable structure, New Magic Wand is a standout track on Tyler, The Creator’s critically acclaimed album “Igor.”