Enter a world of enchantment with the Best Disney Princess Songs. These iconic tunes will leave you humming along for days, transporting you to magical castles with happy endings. Each song encapsulates the princess’s struggle and triumph, displaying their strength and character through soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


Disney princesses have captured the imagination of audiences for generations and these songs are the heart of their stories. Join us as we delve into these classic tunes and reveal why they are still beloved by fans young and old.





“Let It Go” – Idina Menzel


The opening song of “Frozen” blasted out of the confines of the film and straight into the hearts of fans worldwide. With Idina Menzel’s commanding vocals and a stirring melody, “Let It Go” became a genuine earworm that was impossible to shake off, bringing a sense of empowerment and liberation even outside its context as Elsa’s showstopping solo number.


Its striking lyrics and memorable tune are precisely the kind of elements that make for an iconic Disney song, proving why “Let It Go” is a modern-day classic.




“A Whole New World” – Brad Kane and Lea Salonga


Possibly one of the most enchanting and romantic pieces in the Disney Princess songbook, this duet from “Aladdin” ignites the imagination with its evocative lyrics and emotive vocal performances. The interplay between Brad Kane and Lea Salonga is breathtaking, alternating between playful flirtation and soaring declarations of love.


The lush orchestration, featuring romantic flourishes of flute and strings, provides the perfect backdrop for this timeless classic.




“Part of Your World” – Jodi Benson


The enchanting voice of Jodi Benson renders “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid with unmatched warmth, vigor, and intoxicating honesty. The song’s soaring melody and poignant lyrics reflect Ariel’s desire for human life as she pensively explores the new world around her.


With its timeless appeal and delicate undertones, “Part of Your World” remains one of the greatest Disney Princess songs ever written.




“Colors of the Wind” – Judy Kuhn


One of the standout tracks on the list is a moving and stirring number about the deep connection between humanity and nature. The vocalist delivers a particularly powerful performance that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. The message of the song is sure to resonate with young listeners, promoting respect and care for the world we all share.




“Reflection” – Lea Salonga


Coming in at number five on our list of best Disney princess songs is a heartfelt ballad that exudes a sense of deep reflection and introspection. Sung with haunting beauty by renowned vocalist Lea Salonga, this track tackles the complex emotions of a young heroine grappling with her own identity and place in the world.


With its lush orchestration and poignant lyrics, this standout ballad is not to be missed by fans of the Disney princess canon.




“I See the Light” – Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi


“I See the Light” is a charming and poignant masterpiece that enhances one’s sense of allure and tender yearnings in a way that only a Disney princess song can. The song flawlessly portrays the excitement that comes with new and adventurous love in a whimsical and dazzling manner through its emotive vocals and heartwarming lyrics.


It captures the thrill of discovering something brand new while also appealing to one’s romantic inclinations with practicality. All in all, it’s a majestic musical moment that exemplifies the Disney princess legacy.




“Beauty and the Beast” – Angela Lansbury


One of the most inspiring and heartwarming songs from a Disney princess film is a definite inclusion in the list of best Disney princess songs. It delves into the transformation of the Beast and how falling in love with Belle changes him. The song is a celebration of the beauty that is found within each person and how love can break even the darkest curses.


The moving lyrics and Angela Lansbury’s timeless voice make this enchanting ballad an absolute classic – undoubtedly one of the very best from the Disney canon.




“Circle of Life” – Carmen Twillie and Lebo M


“Cirlce of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King” is a majestic and inspirational piece that perfectly captures the essence of the pride lands. The opening vocals paired with the African-inspired rhythms immediately transport the listener to a vast and beautiful wilderness.


The song’s lyrics underscore the importance of harmony, balance, and respect for all living creatures, which resonates with the core themes typically present in Disney’s princess films. The evocative harmonies and rhythmic drive of “Circle of Life” make it one of the most outstanding songs in the Disney canon.




“When You Wish Upon a Star” – Cliff Edwards


This track from the Disney curation is as emblematic as it comes, suiting the theme of the blog ever so fittingly. It’s a mellifluous and soft-spoken dreamy tune, composed so skillfully that it feels like it’s a lullaby being hummed to you by the orchestra. It’s a true treat to the ears, which also makes it a prime choice for being one of the best tunes that Disney has ever composed.




“Under the Sea” – Samuel E. Wright


“Under the Sea” is a popular song in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” The song showcases the lively performance of Sebastian, who encourages Ariel to explore beyond her limits. The upbeat composition and vivid lyrics can make one feel lost in the aquatic world.


Despite being a supporting character, Sebastian steals the show with his captivating personality, choosing fun over rules. The combination of Caribbean-style music and the oceanic settings will surely make audiences want to join the party.




“Kiss the Girl” – Samuel E. Wright


“Under the Sea” is one of the best Disney princess songs that enchants listeners with its captivating melody and clever lyrics. The upbeat tune features a delightful performance by Samuel E. Wright, who brings the song’s playful underwater scene to life. The instrumentation is equally impressive, drawing inspiration from Caribbean music to create a rhythmic, almost infectious beat that you can’t help but move to.


With its insatiable energy, “Under the Sea” is a song that truly showcases the best of Disney’s musical legacy.




“Once Upon a Dream” – Mary Costa and Bill Shirley


Disney’s animated classic “Sleeping Beauty” gives audiences an enchanting musical experience with “Once Upon a Dream”. Mary Costa’s mellifluous vocals combined with Bill Shirley’s harmonies provide an alluring rendition of the sweetly romantic song. The tune’s dreamy and mellow feel blends perfectly with the film’s love story, making it an admirable choice for the best Disney Princess songs.




“Heigh-Ho” – Dwarf Chorus


One of the most iconic songs from Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is performed by the Dwarf Chorus, titled “Heigh-Ho.” The track features lively and upbeat rhythms with a touch of frustration as the dwarfs sing about the laborious nature of their daily work in the mines.


The song serves as a testimony to the hardworking spirit of the seven dwarfs, which is why it remains a beloved track among Disney fans of all ages.




“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” – Verna Felton


This particular selection from the Disney Princess repertoire, with its catchy and playful lyrics, embodies the charm and wonder of the animated films. The bubbly tune is delivered by a pure and affectionate voice that is contagious and uplifting. Despite the simple premise of the song, its enchanting melody and folksy flair brighten up any dull day.




“I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” – Susan Egan


“I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” is a captivating song from the Disney movie “Hercules.” It empowers Meg, the main character, who refuses to admit her feelings for Hercules despite her friends’ advice. The song’s lyrics are full of wit and irony, offering a unique perspective on Meg’s inner struggles.


The melody is catchy and upbeat, providing a fun listening experience. Overall, it’s a must-listen for anyone looking for song choices embodying strong female characters.




“Just Around the Riverbend” – Judy Kuhn


Atypical to the typical Disney princess song, this number veers away from the cutesy fairytale romance. This ballad sung by the reluctant Megara is conflicted and adds a darker undertone to its story about resisting vulnerability.


The vivacious yet troubled number is a breath of fresh air for those tired of the archetypical damsel-in-distress princess songs, cementing its place among the most captivating songs in Disney princess history.




“Go the Distance” – Roger Bart


“Go the Distance” from Disney’s “Hercules” is an illuminating and evocative composition that encapsulates the profound desire of the protagonist, Hercules, to attain greatness. The song is a captivating melody that stirs the deepest emotions of its listeners with piercing vocals and an imposing orchestral score that empowers its triumphant spirit.


Its rousing lyrics and inspirational timbre reveal the resolve and perseverance of an underdog, which resonates with a universal audience, and catapults this tune to the rank of one of the best Disney princess songs out there.




“When Will My Life Begin?” – Mandy Moore


“When Will My Life Begin?” is an invigorating and sprightly song that appears in the movie Tangled, sung by Mandy Moore. It depicts the anxieties of Rapunzel, who has spent her entire life locked in a tower, and her yearning to explore the outside world. The song conveys a sense of excitement and wonder through its vivid lyrics, lively melody, and upbeat tempo.


Its splendid instrumentation, including the acoustic guitar, drums, and flute, adds to the song’s charm, making it one of the most memorable songs from Disney’s princess movies.