As music enthusiasts, we all have our favorite guitar hero tracks that we love to crank up the volume and jam to. The feeling of air guitaring to a crowd-pleaser is unbeatable.

From classic rock to heavy metal, the genre of music hardly matters when it comes to shredding the strings and creating a melody that stands the test of time.

As we delve into the world of guitar hero songs, we’ve compiled a list of the absolute best – the ones that made us feel like rock gods and gave us a chance to shine under the spotlight. So, tune in and let’s rock and roll!



“Through the Fire and Flames” – DragonForce

DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” is widely regarded as one of the most challenging songs in the Guitar Hero series, requiring a masterful blend of precision, speed, and dexterity to conquer its finger-twisting sections.

With its frenetic pace and blistering solos, the song unleashes a tidal wave of adrenaline-fueled riffs and mind-boggling licks that put even the most seasoned of players to the test. From its soaring intro to its blazing climax, “Through the Fire and Flames” is an epic journey of guitar heroics that rewards those who are up for the challenge.


“Sweet Child o’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses

The second track on our list, a classic from hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses, boasts an undeniably infectious riff and iconic guitar solo that make it an absolute must-play for any aspiring Guitar Hero.

With its signature screeching opening notes and memorable melodic lines, this song has become a true rock staple — perfect for anyone looking to shred, jam, or simply get their rockstar fix. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, “Sweet Child o’ Mine” is an indispensable addition to any playlist.


“One” – Metallica

“One”, a signature Metallica song that needs no introduction, is an unrelenting piece of heavy metal that packs a punch with its ever-changing time signatures and intricate guitar riffs. It’s a song that is both challenging and rewarding to play on Guitar Hero, with its fast-paced solo and epic outro.

In a game that’s all about showing off your guitar skills, “One” is the ultimate test of your ability to keep up with the constant barrage of rapid-fire notes and complex rhythms. It’s a song that will leave you both exhausted and exhilarated, and a must-play for any die-hard Guitar Hero fan looking to prove their mettle.


“Raining Blood” – Slayer

Ranked as one of the most challenging tracks in Guitar Hero, “Raining Blood” is a relentless showcase of speed and precision from the legendary thrash metal band Slayer.

With lightning-fast riffs that require quick coordination and powerful strumming, this song tests the mettle of even the most experienced Guitar Hero players. The intricate patterns and seamlessly switching tempos make “Raining Blood” a true test of skill and endurance for shredders looking to prove their worth.


“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” – Steve Ouimette

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is a captivating showdown between a skilled guitarist and the devil. With a fast-paced, upbeat tempo and intricate solos, the song is a challenge for any Guitar Hero player to master. The frenetic energy of the song is matched by the complexity of the guitar riffs, making it a favorite among fans of the game.

Its inclusion in the game is a testament to the technical skill required to play the song on the actual guitar and the impressive challenge it presents to players of the virtual version.


“Cult of Personality” – Living Colour

Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” is an exemplary track that’s worthy of induction among the best Guitar Hero songs. With virtuosic guitar playing and a distinct, catchy melody that’s sure to get stuck in your head, it’s a perfect showcase of Vernon Reid’s technical proficiency and songwriting skills.

Reid’s technical mastery and creativity come together to produce a sound that’s bursting with energy and excitement, making it a standout track among all of the beloved Guitar Hero anthems.


“Bark at the Moon” – Ozzy Osbourne

“Bark at the Moon” is a guitar hero song that showcases Ozzy Osbourne’s love for heavy-metal aesthetic and his fascination with the horrors of the world. The song’s guitar riff is incredibly energetic and captivating, featuring some of the best and most unique guitar work from Jake E. Lee.

The guitar solos in the song tap into emotional depth and dexterity that is sure to leave both the audience and the player in awe. “Bark at the Moon” is a must-play for anyone looking to experience a true showcase of Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar heroism.


“Free Bird” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” is a guitar-driven classic that has captured the hearts and ears of music fans across generations. The soaring guitar solos and emotive melody that build to a climactic finish make this song a perfect choice for any Guitar Hero player looking for a challenge.

The song’s structure mirrors the ups and downs of a rollercoaster ride, with moments of quiet reflection followed by explosive bursts of energy. It’s a true masterclass in rock and roll, and a must-play for any aspiring guitar hero.


“Rock You Like a Hurricane” – Scorpions

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpions is a blistering rock anthem that promises to give any aspiring Guitar Hero the rush they crave. With its infectious riff and catchy chorus, the song is a staple for any gamer looking to shred on their plastic six-string.

The dynamic solo work on display in this piece will leave players feeling both exhilarated and challenged. It is an intense piece that definitely delivers both on difficulty and excitement.


“Cliffs of Dover” – Eric Johnson

“Cliffs of Dover” is a scorching guitar solo performed by the virtuoso Eric Johnson, deemed by many as one of the most technically skilled guitarists of the modern era. The song showcases intricate finger work, fluid legato runs, and a clean, crisp tone. Johnson’s frenzied guitar work is brilliantly complemented by the song’s dynamic shifts and soaring melodies, making for a truly electrifying listening experience.

It’s no surprise that this song has become a staple for Guitar Hero enthusiasts who are looking to push their fingers to the limits and hear some of the most impressive guitar work out there.


“Killing in the Name” – Rage Against the Machine

The inclusion of “Killing in the Name” on any list of best Guitar Hero songs is a no-brainer. The ear-blasting tune brings raw energy and unapologetic rage to the fore, with its frenzied palm-muted riffing, power chord breakdowns, and explosive solo.

The song’s repeated refrain “F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me” has become an anthem for the disillusioned and disenchanted, and its inclusion in the game’s setlist provides a cathartic outlet for virtual rockers everywhere.


“Trogdor” – Strong Bad

“Trogdor” by Strong Bad is an eclectic track with a fast-paced tempo and intricate riffs, making it one of the most challenging songs to play in Guitar Hero. The song showcases the creativity and humor that can be found in the game, as it is based on a character from an animated crossover internet cartoon.

With its progressive chord progressions and shredding solos, “Trogdor” poses a delightful yet daunting challenge for any aspiring guitar hero.


“Hangar 18” – Megadeth

One track that is sure to keep players on their toes is a guitar hero classic, “Hangar 18” by Megadeth. The fast-paced and intricate guitar riffs make it one of the most challenging tracks in the game. With its technical demands and high-energy levels, “Hangar 18” has become a fan favorite for Guitar Hero enthusiasts looking to push their skills to the limit.

Players will need to keep up with the rapid tempo changes and swift chord progressions, making it an exhilarating experience for those who can handle the intensity.


“Misirlou” – Dick Dale

“Misirlou” by Dick Dale is an impressive and fast-paced instrumental that features a combination of Middle Eastern and American surf rock sounds. The treble-heavy riffs and fast-paced fingering on the guitar make for a truly challenging and exciting Guitar Hero experience.

The song’s erratic energy will leave players feeling both exhilarated and bewildered as they try to keep up with its rapid pace. It’s no surprise that “Misirlou” has become a fan-favorite in the Guitar Hero community.


“Beast and the Harlot” – Avenged Sevenfold

“Beast and the Harlot” by Avenged Sevenfold is a must-have inclusion if you want to feel the adrenal rush of Guitar Hero to the fullest. The song is a lot of fun to play, with its frenetic guitar solo and unapologetic energy.

It’s one of those tracks that will keep you on your toes for the entire four minutes, as you try to keep up with the bursty and perplexing rhythm changes. It’s perfect for guitar enthusiasts that love a challenge, and it’s sure to delight any crowd.


“Black Magic Woman” – Santana

The flamenco-inspired guitar work of “Black Magic Woman” by Santana would be expected to be difficult to emulate in Guitar Hero, but the game did an excellent job capturing its essence. A memorable guitar solo opens the track, which then leads into the infectious melody of the main riff that has players navigating through a variety of chords and solo runs.

Santana’s impressive guitar skills are evident throughout the song, making “Black Magic Woman” a perfect fit for any Guitar Hero game.


“Don’t Fear the Reaper” – Blue Öyster Cult

One mind-bending track that is guaranteed to leave Guitar Hero enthusiasts reeling is Blue Öyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” With its electrifying opening riff and lengthy guitar solos peppered throughout, it’s a masterclass in how to build to an epic climax.

From the harmonious chimes of the opening to the spine-chilling slide guitar that underpins its legendary solo, it’s the perfect test of a player’s skill and stamina. There’s no doubt that for those who love a challenge, “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is a song that will live long in the memory.


“Hot for Teacher” – Van Halen

The guitar riff of this legendary tune will leave your ears thirsting for more. The composition may sound atypical to the untrained ear, but the guitar work of Eddie Van Halen is truly magnificent.

“Hot for Teacher” is one of those songs that have stood the test of time and has become a fan favorite on the Guitar Hero franchise. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then this song is a must-have on your Guitar Hero playlist.


“Jessica” – The Allman Brothers Band

If we’re talking about the most epic “Guitar Hero” songs, we can’t leave out “Jessica” by The Allman Brothers Band. This instrumental classic features some of the most electrifying guitar riffs that’ll get your fingers dancing on the fretboard. “Jessica” has a distinct Southern twang to it, which makes for a unique and unforgettable guitar experience.

Expert players will love the technical proficiency required to nail this song’s intricate soloing and impeccable timing. So, get ready to shred like a true virtuoso with this classic “Guitar Hero” track.


“YYZ” – Rush

The final addition to the list is a classic song from the legendary rock band Rush. “YYZ” is an instrumental track that showcases the true magic of Alex Lifeson’s guitar-playing expertise. The intricate finger movements and the impeccable precision make this an excellent choice for Guitar Hero enthusiasts who love a technical challenge.

The progressive rock stylings of Rush might seem out of reach for beginners, but the rush of dopamine that comes from mastering this song is well worth the effort. It’s a guitar hero song that truly lives up to its name in terms of virtuosity and technicality.