As a fan of live music and good drinks, there is nothing quite like experiencing the magic of a piano bar. The atmosphere is intimate, the drinks are flowing, and the music is captivating. But with so many classic songs to choose from, selecting the perfect tune to accompany your night out can be overwhelming.

Fear not, dear reader, for we have curated a list of the best piano bar songs that will have you singing along and tapping your toes in no time. So sit back, relax, and get ready to indulge in some musical bliss.



“Piano Man” – Billy Joel

This opening track is a classic must-have in every piano bar’s repertoire. Fittingly named “Piano Man,” it was composed and performed by none other than the renowned Billy Joel. The song’s nostalgic lyrics recount the stories of various individuals Joel met while working as a lounge singer in Los Angeles.

Its catchy melody, combined with Joel’s emotive vocals and the rich accompaniment of the piano, makes it a favorite among patrons of all ages, making it deserving of the top spot on our list.


“Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey

If you’re hitting a swanky piano bar, chances are you’ll hear “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey at some point in the night. It’s a classic rock anthem that is universally appreciated and often belted out by patrons after a few drinks.

The catchy melody and inspiring lyrics make it a top pick for any sing-a-long setting, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the best piano bar songs of all time.


“Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

One song that always gets the crowd going at piano bars is a classic hit by the legendary Neil Diamond. The upbeat melody of “Sweet Caroline” paired with the catchy “Ba, Ba, Ba” chorus is a recipe for success. The lively tune, combined with its nostalgic aura, has led to this song becoming a go-to sing-along anthem in any piano bar setting.

Its pervasive popularity and uplifting message make it the perfect tune to toast drinks to and unite everyone in the room in one voice.


“Livin’ on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi

“Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi is a lively piano bar favorite that’ll have you belting out its iconic chorus in no time. With its upbeat melody, contagious lyrics, and unforgettable guitar riffs, it’s no surprise that this classic rock anthem has stood the test of time.

Whether you’re a lifelong Bon Jovi fan or simply looking for a song to get the party started, “Livin’ on a Prayer” is sure to get your toes tapping and your heart racing. Get ready to sing at the top of your lungs and feel the energy of this timeless hit.


“Tiny Dancer” – Elton John

Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” is a dazzling piano bar classic with a magnetic melody and thought-provoking lyrics that are bound to get any crowd singing along. With its bittersweet narrative and soaring chorus, the song has remained a timeless favorite for decades, and still manages to capture the hearts of new generations of listeners.

The way it seamlessly blends rock, pop, and folk influences together is nothing short of brilliant, making it a testament to Elton John’s artistry as a songwriter and performer.


“New York State of Mind” – Billy Joel

If we’re discussing the best piano bar songs, we can’t leave out “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel. The captivating melody and killer piano riffs make this song a must-play in any piano bar setting.

The lyrics pay homage to the Big Apple with vivid, almost palpable imagery that captures the feel of the city. It’s a true classic that will keep the crowd singing along all night long.


“Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” has long been a favorite at piano bars everywhere. Its upbeat  tempo and catchy chorus make it a favorite sing-along, while its nostalgic lyrics evoke a sense of youthful romance and carefree summer days. The song’s whimsical melody and playful rhythm make it a perfect choice for any piano bar night, whether you’re looking to dance or just enjoy a fun night out with friends.


“Bennie and the Jets” – Elton John

Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” is a wildly exuberant piano ballad that has long been a popular choice in piano bars. With its frenzied tempo, its infectious energy, and its powerful choral refrain, this song is sure to get people singing and clapping along.

The song’s intense keyboard work perfectly captures the youthful spirit of the piano bar, making it a must-play for any pianist looking to get the crowd going. If you’re looking for a song that combines raw energy and musical excellence, “Bennie and the Jets” is definitely the way to go.


“American Pie” – Don McLean

Whoa! “American Pie” is the bee’s knees when it comes to piano bar tunes. With its catchy melody and sing-along lyrics, this classic rock song never fails to get the party started. It’s the perfect choice for a rowdy night out with friends or a fun date.

You’ll find yourself tapping your feet and humming along to the tune in no time. So, don’t wait any longer and add this gem to your playlist pronto!


“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

“I Will Always Love You” is a timeless classic that’s perfect for piano bars. With Whitney Houston’s powerhouse vocals and the emotional depth of the lyrics, this song is sure to bring even the rowdiest crowd to a moment of hushed silence.

As the keys dance beneath the soaring melody, it’s hard not to feel a sense of overwhelming heartbreak and longing. This ballad is a must-have in any pianist’s repertoire and is sure to leave a lasting impact on those in attendance.


“Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac

Landslide, the timeless piano classic by Fleetwood Mac, holds a saccharine quality in its lyrics and melody, conveying the melding emotions of fear, love and devotion with pristine poignancy. The unique harmonic touch of the piano is the focal point of the track delivering a cathartic experience that encapsulates the theme of approaching change with resilience.

The song has been featured frequently on the lists of best piano songs, and it is no surprise as the melody has proven to captivate ears of all ages and backgrounds, paving its way as a piano bar anthem.


“Imagine” – John Lennon

“Imagine” by John Lennon is a must-have in any piano bar repertoire. Its simple yet profound lyrics and timeless melody make it a crowd-pleaser that can create a heartwarming and nostalgic atmosphere. This iconic song encourages listeners to imagine a world that is free of borders and conflicts, making it a perfect choice for any venue that aims to promote peace, love, and unity.

Its ethereal and dreamlike quality can transport listeners to a place where anything is possible, allowing them to forget their troubles and enjoy the moment.”


“Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Sweet Home Alabama” is a classic rock song with a magnetic piano riff that gets people tapping their feet and singing along. Its catchy melody is perfect for a piano bar setting, where patrons can indulge in a bit of nostalgia for the rock era. The energetic tune has a bursty rhythm and evokes a feeling of excitement, making it a popular choice for a boisterous sing-along with other patrons.

Its unique blend of Southern rock and bluesy piano solos can ignite the spark of the crowd and set the perfect atmosphere for a memorable night out.


“Piano in the Dark” – Brenda Russell

“Piano in the Dark” by Brenda Russell is an absolute gem for any piano bar playlist. With its smooth and sultry melody, it’s perfect for soothing the soul while also igniting a fire within. The song’s arrangement, with its gentle instrumentation blending seamlessly with the piano, creates an immersive atmosphere that transports the listener to another world.

Overall, “Piano in the Dark” is an excellent addition to any piano bar playlist, providing both emotional depth and sophistication.


“Let it Be” – The Beatles

“Let it Be” is an iconic ballad that captures the essence of the piano bar era. This classic, written by Paul McCartney and sung by The Beatles, boasts soulful lyrics and uplifting melodies.

The song’s sentiment of acceptance and peace makes it an irresistible choice for any piano bar soundtrack. Its timeless appeal makes “Let it Be” a perfect choice for pianists with a passion for classic tunes.


“Lean on Me” – Bill Withers

“Lean on Me” is a classic song that encourages friendship and support. Its timeless melody and inspiring lyrics make it a crowd-pleaser at piano bars. Whether you’re in need of a shoulder to cry on or just good company, this song reminds us of the importance of relying on each other.

Its uplifting spirit makes for a perfect sing-along tune to unite the bar patrons and keep the good times rolling all night long.


“Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Simon & Garfunkel

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” is one of the classic piano bar songs that is bound to bring a serene vibe to any night out. Written by Simon & Garfunkel, the song features a calming melody and emotive lyrics that have made it a timeless masterpiece.

The smooth, flowing piano chord and soaring vocals make it a perfect choice for an intimate evening or a laid-back night out with friends, and its popularity has only grown over the years. Its refrains have a mystifying quality that can transport you to a world of comfort and peace.”

“Killing Me Softly” – Roberta Flack

This suave piano classic may stir familiar emotions in most listeners with its gentle melody and soulful lyrics. “Killing Me Softly” has been covered by many renowned artists, but its original version by Roberta Flack remains one of the most iconic and beloved renditions.

Its wistful tone makes it a favored selection in piano bars, allowing patrons to lose themselves in its nostalgic rhythm while sipping on their drinks. Whether you’re feeling contemplative or carefree, “Killing Me Softly” is the perfect choice for a night out at the piano bar.


“Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bill Withers

This classic Bill Withers tune is a must-have on any piano bar playlist. With its soulful melody and emotive lyrics, “Ain’t No Sunshine” is the perfect song to set the mood for a night of drinking and socializing. Its haunting piano arrangement, combined with Withers’ smooth vocals, make for a mesmerizing performance that will surely have the audience swaying along in unison.


“Hotel California” – The Eagles

“Hotel California” by The Eagles is a quintessential piano bar song, featuring a hauntingly beautiful melody and poetic lyrics. It’s a song that speaks to the soul, evoking feelings of nostalgia, longing, and perhaps even a touch of mystery.

The soaring piano melodies and soaring harmonies in this song make it a must-hear for any piano bar aficionado, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears it played live.


“My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion

“My Heart Will Go On” is a beloved power ballad that’s sure to bring a sense of drama to any piano bar setting. This enduring hit, made famous by Celine Dion, is a veritable anthem of love and heartache that will leave you feeling emotionally invigorated. As the pianist ripples out those haunting opening notes, you’ll be swept away on a turbulent sea of raw passion and indescribable longing.

Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or caught up in a whirlwind romance, this timeless classic is the perfect salve for your soul.


“The Way You Look Tonight” – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” is a stunning choice and an absolute gem for any piano bar. The incomparable vocals of Sinatra, combined with the memorable lyrics and the timeless melody, offer a magical experience that brings back the grandeur and glamour of the past.

This song is perfect for a romantic night out on the town, a slow dance with someone special, or simply for enjoying a delicious cocktail while basking in the ambiance of a classic piano bar.


“Unchained Melody” – The Righteous Brothers

“Unchained Melody” is an iconic piano bar classic that oozes with emotion and mystery, leaving the audience captivated with every note. The melody, composed by Alex North and lyrics written by Hy Zaret, has been covered by many artists and used in various films.

The soulful keys of the piano mixed with the haunting lyrics evoke a sense of longing and desire, creating an unforgettable experience for listeners. The song’s popularity has stood the test of time and remains a must-play for any piano bar performer.


“Yesterday” – The Beatles

“Yesterday” by The Beatles is a timeless classic with a hauntingly beautiful melody that instantly captivates a piano bar audience. From its opening notes, this melancholic ballad ignites a wave of emotion and nostalgia that can’t be denied.

With Paul McCartney’s signature vocals and the simple yet effective piano accompaniment, “Yesterday” is a must-play for any pianist looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience. Its enduring popularity makes it a staple in any list of best piano bar songs.


“Moon River” – Henry Mancini

“Yesterday” by The Beatles is a melancholic ballad that strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever experienced heartbreak. Its haunting melody and poignant lyrics make it a perfect choice for a piano bar setting, evoking intense emotions and provoking deep thought. The song’s stripped-back arrangement allows the piano to take center stage, emphasizing the beauty of the instrument in all its simplicity.

The poignant lyrics and timeless melody make “Yesterday” a classic choice for any piano bar repertoire, offering a moment of introspection and melancholy in an otherwise lively setting


“Summertime” – George Gershwin

“Summertime” is an enthralling jazz standard written by George Gershwin, filled with sultry chords, silky melodies, and playful improvisations. This tune evokes imagery of a hot summer night, creating a happy and mellow vibe. Its relaxed harmony and emotional depth make it a favorite among pianists and listeners alike, perfect for a cozy evening at a piano bar.


“Blue Moon” – Richard Rodgers

“Blue Moon” is a perennial favorite at piano bars due to its timeless melody and classic lyrics. Composed by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, the song’s gentle, dreamy quality adds a touch of romance to any evening. Its simple, yet emotive chord progression and gentle pacing provide the perfect backdrop for a talented pianist to showcase their skills and the audience to sing along.

This song is truly a crowd-pleaser, transcending generations and musical tastes to evoke a sense of nostalgia and hope.


“Misty” – Erroll Garner

“Misty” is such a smooth and sultry tune that has been played in countless piano bars around the world. It’s the kind of song that exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue, leaving you captivated by its melody and lyrics. Erroll Garner’s original version is a classic, but the song has been covered by many artists, including Johnny Mathis and Ella Fitzgerald.

Whether you’re listening to it over a candlelit dinner or hearing it played live in a dimly lit piano bar, “Misty” is sure to evoke feelings of romance and nostalgia.


“As Time Goes By” – Herman Hupfeld

“Misty” is a charming and bewitching jazz standard that hails from the 1950s. Composed by Erroll Garner, the song features a dreamlike melody that is delightfully catchy. The lush harmonies and poetic lyrics make it an incredibly romantic composition, one that is perfectly suited for a cozy evening at a piano bar.

It’s no wonder that “Misty” has been covered by numerous artists over the years and has remained a favorite among music lovers of all ages. Its timeless appeal makes it a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the magic of piano music.

“Autumn Leaves” – Joseph Kosma

Featuring a haunting melody and nostalgic lyrics, “Autumn Leaves” is a classic jazz standard that’s popular in many piano bars. Written by French composer Joseph Kosma, the song has been covered by countless artists over the years. Its melancholy yet beautiful tune evokes feelings of reflection and introspection, making it a perfect addition to any piano bar’s repertoire.

Whether you’re a jazz enthusiast or simply love good music, “Autumn Leaves” is a must-listen and a perfect soundtrack to a night out at the piano bar.


“Fly Me to the Moon” – Bart Howard

“Fly Me to the Moon” is an exquisite jazz standard that commands attention from anyone within earshot. With its soaring melody and rich harmonies, this tune is a perfect fit for any piano bar setting. The lilting and bouncy rhythm can make even the most reserved of individuals want to get up and dance.

From Frank Sinatra to Diana Krall, numerous artists have covered this timeless classic, which showcases the beauty and versatility of the piano. “Fly Me to the Moon” is a surefire hit for any piano bar aficionado craving a memorable evening filled with classic tunes and good times.


“Georgia on My Mind” – Hoagy Carmichael

“Georgia on My Mind” is a quintessential piano bar hit that exudes timeless charm and an undeniable allure. Its captivating melody and lush harmonies showcase the piano’s versatility as it takes center stage, conjuring up visions of swaying palm trees and Southern hospitality.

This jazz standard has been interpreted by countless artists and remains a staple of any piano bar repertoire. Its soulful vibe and magnetic sway make it a top pick for those seeking a stimulating and captivating musical experience.


“The Girl from Ipanema” – Antonio Carlos Jobim

“The Girl from Ipanema” is a jazzy Brazilian tune that oozes with charm and sophistication. Originally written as a bossa nova, it’s since become a timeless classic, climbing its way up the ladder of popular piano bar songs.

Its catchy melody, sweet lyrics, and smooth rhythm make it a perfect choice for setting a laid-back and easygoing ambiance in any piano bar setting. The piano accompaniment adds a layer of elegance to this already polished piece, making it a standout player in any setlist.


“Take the A Train” – Billy Strayhorn

“Take the A Train” is a jazzy and upbeat tune written by Billy Strayhorn in 1939. Its timeless melody and catchy rhythm make it a popular choice in piano bars and other music venues. The song’s energy is contagious, with its syncopated rhythms and swinging harmonies. It perfectly captures the spirit of the jazz era and is sure to get toes tapping and heads bobbing.

With its fast-paced tempo and catchy melodies, “Take the A Train” is a must-have in any piano bar playlist for those who want to keep the party going.


“Satin Doll” – Duke Ellington

This classic jazz tune is a must-play at any swanky piano bar. “Satin Doll” has it all – a catchy melody, intricate chord progressions, and plenty of room for improvisation. With its swinging rhythm and sophisticated harmonies, this Duke Ellington number never fails to get people tapping their feet and nodding their heads.

Whether you’re a seasoned pianist or a music lover looking for a sophisticated night out, “Satin Doll” is sure to captivate and delight.


“Round Midnight” – Thelonious Monk

“Round Midnight” is a sophisticated and moody jazz standard that’s a favorite among piano bar patrons. With its haunting melody, bluesy chord progressions, and evocative lyrics, this classic tune encapsulates the essence of late-night introspection. Punctuated by dazzling improvisations and introspective reflections, “Round Midnight” is the kind of song that demands your full attention, inviting you to get lost in its hypnotic rhythms and emotive nuances.

It’s a timeless masterpiece that showcases the pianist’s virtuosity and creativity, delivering an unforgettable musical experience that transcends generations and genres alike.


“All the Things You Are” – Jerome Kern

Alright, here’s my attempt at writing a description for song 37 with an added twist of perplexity and burstiness: Who could forget the suave swells of Jerome Kern’s “All the Things You Are”? This jazzy classic is as malleable as it is timeless, making it the perfect choice for any piano bar soirée.

With a sultry chord progression and a swoon-worthy melody, this tune exudes sophistication and swing. It’s no wonder that virtuosos like Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson couldn’t resist putting their own spin on this unforgettable composition. So if you’re looking for a song that’ll get your toes tapping and your heart racing, “All the Things You Are” is your ticket to musical bliss!


“In a Sentimental Mood” – Duke Ellington

“Body and Soul” is a prime example of a classic jazz standard with a rich history, often performed in piano bars around the world. This song features a complex melody characterized by its seamless blend of soulful and jazzy elements, and is known for its ability to evoke a wide range of emotions in listeners.

The composition showcases the technical prowess of many jazz musicians with its intricate structure and harmonies, making it a beloved staple for live piano performances.


“Night and Day” – Cole Porter

“Night and Day” by Cole Porter is a classic jazz standard that is often played in piano bars. It has a timeless melody and sophisticated harmonies that make it a favorite among pianists and audiences alike. The song’s smooth and sensual sound creates a romantic atmosphere, perfect for sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the ambiance of the venue.

With its elegant lyrics and swanky demeanor, “Night and Day” has solidified its place among the best piano bar songs through its lasting appeal and unending charm.