The ukulele is one of the best instruments for beginners for so many reasons.

It is a low-cost instrument, portable, and has some of the easiest chords to play for beginners to the world of acoustic music. Add that to the ability to play solo and sing-along and you have the perfect instrument to learn and play for beginner musicians.

Not all chords and songs are easy to play though, and some songs may come much more naturally on the ukulele – more specifically songs in the keys of C and G (and we will explain this more later).

If you want a comprehensive list of easy songs on the ukulele – then look no further. We have compiled some of the most popular and best songs that will have you playing in no time and singing along with your family and friends.

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First, let’s explore the four easiest ukulele chords that will be used to play almost all the songs on this list.


Easiest Chords on the Ukulele

Without a doubt, the easiest songs on the ukulele are going to be based in the key of C major. This means that the chords that will be played for these songs will be in the C major scale – equivalent to all the white keys on the piano (C, D, E, F, G, A, B).

Fortunately, the same four popular chords in the key of C major are also the four easiest chords to play on the ukulele. These are C major, F major, G major, and A minor.

easiest chords on the ukulele

To add to this – there is a variation of the G chord that is often played instead of the normal G chord since it can often times sound more fitting and is an easier chord to play. This is the G7 chord.

It is a great chord to use rather than using a simple G major since it naturally resolves to the C major chord. Here is a view of the G7 chord next to the G major chord.

G and G7 chord ukulele

Learning these five chords will allow you to play hundreds – if not thousands of popular songs.

Other important chords to learn in the key of C Major that will open up many more ukulele songs include Em and Dm – although we recommend first learning the basic four chords listed above.

e minor d minor ukulele

With these chords learned, here are the easiest songs to learn for a beginner musician on the ukulele.


Top X Easy Songs on the Ukulele to Learn


10 Easy Pop Songs on the Ukulele

Riptide – Vance Joy

Chords: Am C F G

Key: C Major

Artist: Vance Joy


For individuals looking for a pop song that was recorded on the ukulele and is easy to play – look no further than Riptide, recorded by artist Vance Joy.

It is the perfect beginner ukulele song as the chords are easy to play and the song was originally composed on the ukulele.

Hey Soul Sister – Train

Chords: C  G  Am  F

Key: C Major

Artist: Train


Released in 2009 by the American rock band Train, this is a great song that is easy to learn and is recognized by almost everybody that hears it. If you wanted to play the song in the original key, then you would need to capo on the 4th fret – otherwise, it sounds fantastic in the key of C since the original key is quite difficult and high to sing anyways.


Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Chords: Am C F

Key: C Major

Artist: Sam Smith


This song only has three of the easiest chords to play – so while the strumming pattern may be slightly challenging, it is a great choice for one of your first beginner ukulele songs.

The song was featured on Sam Smith’s debut album in 2014 labeled “Lonely Hour”.



I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Chords: C F G Am D7

Key: C Major

Artist: Jason Mraz

This song is a single from the third studio album produced by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. While it was never originally expected to be a single hit it is now an iconic song used at many weddings and as a theme to celebrate life and joy.

It is not an original ukulele song but has a catchy melody that is known by pretty much everyone. That challenge as a beginner song will come from the D7 chord – which is more difficult on the fingers than other popular chords in the key of C major.



Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Chords: C  G  Am Dm F

Key: C Major

Artist: Justin Beiber


All pop music fans rejoice as we have found the perfect song to play on the ukulele. Love Yourself was released on Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album titled Purpose in 2015. While it featured three different distinct sections, they all use the same four chords and can be easy to play since it resides in the key of C major.



Love Story – Taylor Swift

Chords: C  F  Am G


Love Story is another pop song but is a deep cut as it was released back in 2008. It still hits hard to this day though and will be a song that will surely impress those around you as most people are familiar with this tune. Not only that, but the song is super relatable for anyone who has fallen in love with someone that they were not in a relationship with. We love Taylor and we’re sure you will also!



One Call Away – Charlie Puth

Chords: C  G  Am F

Key: C Major

Artist: Charlie Puth


Released in 2015, this song was written and performed by American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth. It is a gospel-infused pop song that works well as a sing-along with others although it may not be as well-known as other pop songs on this list.



Counting Stars – One Republic

Chords: Am  C  G  F

Key: A Minor

Artist: One Republic


This song is a great cover for the ukulele due to the repeating pattern of chords and is a popular song that is known by many. Released in 2013, it is relevant to the popular music scene and has folk undertones to the song.



Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson

Chords: Dm  G  F

Key: D Minor

Artist: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars


If you are looking for a song to really mix it up apart from your standard pop tunes – look no further than Uptown Funk. This song is funky and fresh but can translate well to the ukulele to play something that will surprise people. The song is played with a D minor 7th chord but you can simply play the D minor chord instead for simplicity and it will sound fine.



Sunflower – Post Malone, Swae Lee

Chords: C  F  Am

Key: C Major

Artist: Post Malone, Swae Lee


This song was featured in the film Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse and became an instant hit due to its poppy and catchy rhythm that is pleasing to the ears. Better yet, it only has three chords in the song and can easily be translated onto the ukulele – making it a fantastic pop song that is recognizable to play for your friends.



Additional Easy Pop Hit Songs to Learn

  • Hand in My Pocket – Alanis Morissette (G C  F  D)
  • Save Tonight – Eagle-Eye Cherry (Am F  C  G)
  • Poker Face – Lady Gaga (Em C G  D)
  • All the Small Things – Blink 182 (C G  F)

10 Easy Rock Songs on the Ukulele

Let it Be – The Beatles

Chords: C G Am F

Key: C Major

Artist: The Beatles

Let it Be is the title track of the final album produced in 1970 by the iconic band – The Beatles. While it was received with mixed feelings back when it was released, it has since become a well-known and loved song by many. The chords are simple and in the key of C so this is a great option for beginners looking for that perfect sing-along with friends and family.


Have you Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Chords: Am F  C  G  C

Key: C Major

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Classic rock will always hold its place when playing and singing with a rhythm instrument. CCR is no exception to this rule and their song Have you Ever Seen the Rain is a great example of how a rock song can sound beautiful on the ukulele without too many chords.



Stand By Me – Ben E. King

Chords: C  Am  F  G7

Key: C Major

Artist: Ben E. King


This is a classic song that is a great piece to learn as a beginner on the ukulele. While it was not originally recorded on the ukulele, it is a great sing-along song that almost everyone knows and will be sure to impress your friends and family.



Octopus’s Garden – The Beatles

Chords: C  F  Am G

Key: C Major

Artist: The Beatles


This is a great ukulele song being at is in the key of C Major and is one of the more simple and popular songs from The Beatles. It was written and sung by Ringo Starr making it a unique song to the legacy of The Beatles. For all you classic rock lovers, this song will surely have your friends singing along.



All Along the Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix

Chords: Am  G  F

Key: A Minor

Artist: Jimi Hendrix


Rock lovers can rejoice as this iconic song only features a handful of chords that come easy to the ukulele. Released in 1968, this song became one of the most recognizable songs from the rock legend Jimi Hendrix and is about Bob Dylan’s near-death experience after a motorcycle accident.



Back in Black – AC/DC

Chords: A  G  D

Key: A Major

Artist: AC/DC


While this song may not be as easy as many of the other tunes listed, it is a great option for those who want a quick challenge in a different key to escape the redundancy of sticking in the key of C Major. It also has high points for that surprise factor and includes a sweet little riff for those who want to explore some easy fingerpicking outside of the normal chord strumming.



Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Chords: F  G

Key: G Major

Artist: Fleetwood Mac


We do not know anybody that does not love Fleetwood Mac so we wanted to make sure to include on of their songs on this list – which brings us to the song, Dreams. With only two chords, it can be played quite simply on the ukulele and will be sure to make others sing along when they hear the familiar tune.



Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Chords: A  D  C  F

Key: A Major

Artist: Nirvana


Most of the rock songs that we have for the ukulele belong in the classic rock category so we wanted to make sure to include a song from the 90s which brings us to one of the most iconic rock songs from the 1990s. If you are a millennial (or even a different generation) you must be familiar with this catchy song.



Imagine – John Lennon

Chords: C  F  Am Dm  G7

Key: C Major

Artist: John Lennon


Imagine a song that can bring everyone together in peace. This song is a great example of how to translate a song on the ukulele that sounds incredibly beautiful. It will forever be known as the national anthem for peace and harmony in the world.



Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

Chords: Am C  Dm Em F  G  G7

Key: A Minor

Artist: Neil Diamond


Admittingly, this song may be more difficult than the others due to having more chords than a simple three or four-chord progression. But the payoff is worth it as the song is one of the most popular sing-along songs ever. If you want to get the whole bar singing at the top of their lungs, then reach for Sweet Caroline and play your heart out.

Additional Easy Rock Songs to Learn

  • Float On – Modest Mouse (C Em Am)
  • Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon (D C  G)
  • Hound Dog – Elvis Presley (C F7 G7)
  • Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival (D G  A)
  • Love Me Do – The Beatles (G C  D)
  • Use Somebody – Kings of Leon (C Em F  Am)

5 Easy Reggae Songs on the Ukulele

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

Chords: C, F, G7

Key: C Major

Artist: Bob Marley (Ukulele Version by John Vettel)


Get your reggae on with the simple strumming pattern and three chords in Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. While the song was not originally recorded in the key of C, it is the perfect example of how an easy song to play can be transposed into a different key and still sound incredible. The ukulele version in the video below is played by artist John Vettel.



Rude – MAGIC!

Chords: F  G  Am C

Key: C Major

Artist: MAGIC!


Recorded and performed by the Canadian band, MAGIC!, this song was the 2013 debut single from their album “Don’t Kill the Magic”. It has a groovy reggae fusion style to it which makes it a great easy song with those island vibe feels.



Redemption Song – Bob Marley

Chords: G  Em C  Am D

Key: G Major

Artist: Bob Marley


Another classic from the master of reggae, Bob Marley, is the Redemption song. It will switch things up from the usual easy ukulele songs since it lives in the key of G major but is a worthy mention for any reggae list of songs to be played on the ukulele.



One Love – Bob Marley

Chords: C  F  G  Am

Key: C Major

Artist: Bob Marley


Of course, we are going to include more songs from Bob Marley. One Love might just be the most popular reggae song of all time and is recognized by almost everyone that has ever heard music.



What I Got – Sublime

Chords: D  G

Key: D Major

Artist: Sublime


Is it possible to make a hit song with just two simple chords? Sublime shows us that yes, it is possible with their popular song, What I Got. This song is a staple for any kid growing up in the 90s and many people you may know can likely sing this song word for word. While it falls more under the ska/punk category, it also features a reggae feel song.


5 Easy Disney Songs on the Ukulele

How Far I’ll Go – Moana

Chords: C  G  Am F

Key: C Major

Artist: Alessia Cara


How Far I’ll Go is one of the most iconic Disney songs to ever be recorded to date. Made popular from the feature film, Moana, it has been a sing-along favorite for children and even many adults. This fan-favorite song will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser.



The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Lion King

Chords: C  F  G7

Key: C Major

Artist: Solomon Linda


You might know this song from the 1994 Disney classic hit movie – The Lion King. What you might not know is that the song was written well before the movie by Solomon Linda and was originally titled “Mbube” in 1939. It was first written and recorded in isiZulu but later translated to English and further developed by Timon and Pumbaa.



Kiss the Girl – Little Mermaid

Chords: C  F  G7

Key: C Major

Artist: Samuel E. Wright


The Little Mermaid is a staple among any Disney collection and the song Kiss the Girl is a pretty song that can be translated easily on the Ukulele.



Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

Chords: C  F  G  D  G7 Am

Key: C Major

Artist: Elton John (composer)


It means no worries, for the rest of your days. What a simple and awesome concept that was made into a fun and bouncy Disney song. The chords are a bit more complex than your simpler songs on the list but it is still easy as it resides in the key of C Major.



Under the Sea – Little Mermaid

Chords: C  G  F  Am

Key: C Major

Artist: Samuel Wright


This is probably the most popular song from the hit Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. It will be sure to impress not only your kids but also any adults that grew up loving this amazing movie.


5 Easy Country/Folk Songs on the Ukulele

Horse with No Name – America (Em D)

Chords: Em D

Key: E minor

Artist: America


Another song that features two chords and the truth. Even for non-country fans, just about everyone has heard this tune making it a fine addition to the repertoire of ukulele songs.



Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan

Chords: G  C  D

Key: G Major

Artist: Bob Dylan


Another timeless classic with folk roots, this song is one of the most popular tunes from the famous Bob Dylan – perhaps even one of the most popular folk songs ever to be recorded.



Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Chords: G  C  D

Key: G Major

Artist: Johnny Cash


It would be a sin if we were to add in some country songs without the late classic Johnny Cash. While he has many songs that can be played with a simple chord structure, we find this song to be one of the best to translate to the ukulele.



This Land is Your Land – Woody Guthrie

Chords: D  G  A  D7

Key: D Major

Artist: Woody Guthrie


This is another folk classic that works well to play for others since many people have already heard it growing up.



Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

Chords: G  D  Em C

Key: G Major

Artist: OCMS (written by Bob Dylan)


While this song is originally in the key of A major, it works just as well when played on the ukulele in the key of G. While it has long since been a joke within the musician community as being overplayed – we think that enough time has passed to start playing it once again. (Not so many people would play it if it wasn’t so dang good).


Other Popular Ukulele Songs

You are my Sunshine – Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

Chords: C  F  G7

Key: C Major

Artist: Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell


This song is a timeless classic that almost everyone knows and is often seen as a beautiful nursery rhyme. It was originally recorded in 1940 and continues to be a staple in music today with its easy melody and progression.



Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’

Chords: C  F  G  Am  Em  E7

Key: C Major

Artist: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’


This song is perhaps the most widely known song when it comes to the ukulele. While it is slightly more difficult than other easier songs on this list – it is one of the most popular songs on the ukulele and should be learned by any musician learning the ukulele.

It was originally recorded on the ukulele by artist Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’ and is – in our opinion, one of the best ukulele songs ever recorded.



Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Chords: C  Dm F

Key: C Major

Artist: Bobby McFerrin


This song was released in 1988 and remains a popular song among so many due to its bouncy and friendly tone. The song is comforting and happy in nature and is a real “feel-good” song. Fortunately, it is also an easy song with only three chords throughout the whole song.



Happy Birthday – Traditional

Chords: C  G  F

Key: C Major

Artist: Traditional Song


Everyone should know this song and have it in their back pocket to play whenever there is a birthday around – especially considering it only requires three of the easiest ukulele chords to embarrass someone.


Other Honorable Mentions for Easy Ukulele Songs

Here are some additional songs that we feel should be mentioned due to their popularity and easy chord structure.

  • Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers (Am Em G Dm)
  • Cane Fire – Peter Moon Band (Am G F)
  • E Huli Makou – David Chung (F G7 C7)
  • I Kona – James Kelepolo (C G7)
  • Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett (D G  A)
  • Dog Days are Over – Florence and the Machine (G Am Em F)


The possibilities are endless when it comes to transposing songs on the ukulele and no matter what – have fun and never put too much pressure on yourself. Music is supposed to be a fun journey and should be a therapeutic and wonderful release do not let it bring you down if learning some of these songs does not come to you right away. Remember, practice makes perfect.


Do you know of a song that should be on this list? Feel free to add it in the comments below and I will work on adding it to the list.