Bass—it’s the heartbeat of rap, the pulsating rhythm that reverberates through our very bones. From the underground clubs to the top charts, a rap song’s essence often lies in the depth of its bassline.

It sets the tone, creates the vibe, and ensures the track remains memorable. In celebrating this sonic marvel, we’ve curated a list of the 15 best bass rap songs that have left an indelible mark on the genre.

These are the tracks that don’t just make heads bob, but they make the ground shake and hearts pound.




1. “Gyalchester” by Drake

Album: More Life
Date Released: March 2017
The rap world resonated with the thumping beats of “Gyalchester.” Drake, ever the maestro of moods, delivers bars that echo with confidence and swagger. A testament to his unparalleled artistry, this track is a reminder of why he reigns supreme in the charts. The bass here doesn’t just drop—it reverberates, pulsating through the very core of hip-hop culture.


2. “I Am A God” by Kanye West

Album: Yeezus
Date Released: June 2013
With a title as audacious as the track itself, Kanye West’s “I Am A God” serves up a brash mix of ego, talent, and ground-shaking bass. The song is a fiery proclamation of Kanye’s place in the music pantheon, and true to its title, it possesses an almost divine energy. The bass is deep, almost spiritual, creating an atmosphere of awe.


3. “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump

Album: Lil Pump
Date Released: October 2017
A cultural phenomenon, “Gucci Gang” took the world by storm with its catchy chorus and relentless bass. Lil Pump’s breakout hit is a hypnotic ode to opulence, youth, and the brand names that dominate modern rap’s lexicon. The bass punctuates every line, ensuring it remains etched in memory long after the track ends.


4. “Look At Me” by XXXTENTACION

Album: Revenge
Date Released: February 2017
Raw, aggressive, and intensely emotive, “Look At Me” is a reflection of the late XXXTENTACION’s undeniable impact on the genre. The track boasts a distortion-heavy bass that mirrors the charged emotions of the lyrics. It’s a forceful anthem, one that heralded the rise of a rap icon.


5. “Jumpman” by Drake & Future

Album: What a Time to Be Alive
Date Released: September 2015
Uniting two rap titans, “Jumpman” is an explosive collaboration that’s all about rhythm and energy. The track’s infectious chorus, combined with its booming bassline, made it a mainstay in clubs and playlists worldwide. It’s as if Drake and Future captured lightning in a bottle, electrifying listeners with every beat.


6. “Bank Account” by 21 Savage

Album: Issa Album
Date Released: July 2017
An instant hit, “Bank Account” showcases 21 Savage’s unique brand of hip-hop storytelling. The track’s deep bass underlines the artist’s signature calm, monotone delivery. With a simple yet infectious hook, the song celebrates success and is emblematic of 21 Savage’s rise in the rap game.


7. “Neon Guts” by Lil Uzi Vert (Feat. Pharrell Williams)

Album: Luv Is Rage 2
Date Released: August 2017
A colorful collision of sounds, “Neon Guts” has Lil Uzi Vert teaming up with the legendary Pharrell Williams. This track radiates a vibrant energy, punctuated by a pulsating bass that complements its otherworldly feel. It’s a kaleidoscope of beats and lyrics, truly a standout in Uzi’s discography.


8. “Super Trapper” by Future

Date Released: February 2017
Future’s “Super Trapper” is a bass-heavy anthem celebrating the lavish trapper lifestyle. The song’s booming bassline and Future’s signature Auto-Tuned vocals combine to create an atmospheric track, one that paints a vivid picture of opulence and ambition in the rap world.


9. “Go Legend” by Big Sean (Feat. Travis Scott)

Album: Double or Nothing
Date Released: December 2017
“Go Legend” witnesses the dynamic duo of Big Sean and Travis Scott delivering a monumental track. With a bassline that’s as legendary as the title suggests, the song speaks of legacy, greatness, and the drive to achieve. It’s a symphony of motivation, with every beat urging listeners to chase their own legends.


10. “Ric Flair Drip” by Offset & Metro Boomin

Album: Without Warning
Date Released: October 2017
Woo! Drawing inspiration from the flamboyant wrestling icon, “Ric Flair Drip” is a seamless blend of Offset’s rhythmic flow and Metro Boomin’s unmatched production skills. The track’s catchy hook and hard-hitting bass make it an immediate earworm, with every line dripping in confidence and style.


11. “Perplexing Pegasus” by Rae Sremmurd

Album: SR3MM
Date Released: May 2018
“Perplexing Pegasus” is a testament to Rae Sremmurd’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable lines. The song glides on a wave of echoing bass and the duo’s dynamic energy, painting a picture of lavish living and fast cars. The bass doesn’t just accompany the song; it propels it, adding to the track’s magnetic pull.


12. “Fingers Blue” by Smokepurpp (Feat. Travis Scott)

Album: Deadstar
Date Released: September 2017
In “Fingers Blue,” Smokepurpp collaborates with Travis Scott to create an atmospheric banger. The pulsating bass serves as the backbone to the eerie instrumentals and haunting lyrics. It’s a track that encapsulates the moodiness of modern rap, with a bassline that lingers long after the song concludes.


13. “Plain Jane” by A$AP Ferg

Album: Still Striving
Date Released: August 2017
A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” is an infectious anthem that draws listeners into its world with a relentless bass and catchy chorus. Ferg’s distinctive flow dances over the beats, creating a song that is both a nod to the streets and a club hit. The bass grounds the track, making it a staple in any rap enthusiast’s playlist.


14. “Feel Me” by Tyga (Feat. Kanye West)

Album: Bitch I’m the Shit 2
Date Released: July 2017
Blending Tyga’s smooth delivery with Kanye’s unmistakable style, “Feel Me” offers a bass-rich soundscape that speaks of luxury, fame, and the trappings of success. Every beat resonates with the confidence of two artists at the top of their game, making it an audacious addition to the rap canon.


15. “Marmalade” by Macklemore (Feat. Lil Yachty)

Date Released: September 2017
A departure from the intense bass of the other tracks, “Marmalade” is a feel-good, buoyant collaboration. Macklemore’s playful verses combined with Lil Yachty’s cheerful chorus create a sun-soaked, bass-infused anthem. It’s a joyful ride, with the bass acting as the track’s cheerful heartbeat.



The power of bass in rap cannot be overstated. It’s more than just a component—it’s an emotion, a statement, a narrative tool. From the fierce assertiveness of established icons to the raw energy of emerging voices, the tracks on this list encapsulate the transformative power of bass in telling rap’s many tales. As the genre evolves and pushes boundaries, one thing remains certain: the foundational role of bass will continue to define, elevate, and shape the future soundscapes of rap. So, whether you’re cruising the city streets or lost in headphones, let the bass guide your journey through the rich tapestry of rap music.