As a writer and music enthusiast, it’s been fascinating to watch Post Malone’s ascent to fame in recent years. Thanks to his blend of genre-bending sounds, introspective lyricism, and unapologetically quirky persona, he has quickly become one of the most beloved and intriguing figures in modern music.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Post Malone’s best songs, analyzing what makes each one stand out and exploring the elements that have catapulted him to superstardom. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just discovering his music for the first time, there’s plenty to love here.





“Rockstar” – Post Malone ft. 21 Savage


In the realm of Post Malone’s chart-topping anthems, “Rockstar” stands tall as an instant classic. Featuring the droning beats and ominous tone that have made the rapper one of the biggest names in hip-hop, the track rides on the energy of a memorable 21 Savage feature, combined with Post’s trademark sing-rap flow.


Equally at home in gyms, nightclubs and arenas, “Rockstar” captures the raw, almost rebellious spirit of a performer who’s not afraid to push boundaries and break rules.




“Circles” – Post Malone


“Circles” is one of the most captivating songs in Post Malone’s repertoire. Its cascading melodies and resonating lyrics are deeply emotional yet accessible, appealing to his devoted fanbase and casual listeners alike. The song’s production is pristine, with an expert blend of acoustic and electronic elements that add depth and dimension to the powerful vocals.


Its harmonies and the clever use of Auto-Tune showcase Malone’s talent as a multifaceted musician. “Circles” is a testament to Malone’s ability to transcend genres and leave his audience in awe.




“White Iverson” – Post Malone


“White Iverson” is a game-changer, blending elements of hip-hop and melodic rap with a touch of introspection. It’s a reflection of Post Malone’s unique style and his ability to effortlessly blend genres, creating a sound that’s entirely his own. Released back in 2015, “White Iverson” quickly gained traction and captivated listeners with its infectious hooks and introspective lyrics.


The song’s title itself pays homage to legendary basketball player Allen Iverson, cleverly incorporating his iconic name into the narrative.




“Congratulations” – Post Malone ft. Quavo


As we delve into some of Post Malone’s greatest hits, we cannot overlook the sheer magnitude of his collaboration with Quavo on “Congratulations”. A lush soundscape featuring silky beats and a mesmerizing melody, the track eloquently expresses the feeling of conquering life’s hurdles and achieving greatness.


Merely listening to this song transports the listener into a world of ethereal bliss where they can revel in the dopamine-driven rush of victory alongside Post Malone.




“Sunflower” – Post Malone ft. Swae Lee


“Sunflower” is an unforgettable track by Post Malone featuring Swae Lee that exhibits both artists’ stunning vocals. The song has an upbeat and groovy melody that immediately captures the listener’s attention, enhancing the overall listening experience. Post Malone’s genius lyricism, coupled with Swae Lee’s seamless harmonies, create a perfect blend of musical genius that leaves an indelible impression on anyone who listens.


Overall, “Sunflower” exemplifies why Post Malone is considered one of the best and most versatile music artists of our generation.




“Better Now” – Post Malone


“Better Now”, one of Post Malone’s best songs, is a moody and introspective track about moving on from a relationship. The song mixes elements of pop, rock, and hip-hop, creating a unique and catchy sound. Lyrically, Post reflects on a past relationship and how he’s grown since then.


The chorus is an earworm, with Post’s emotive vocals flowing over a slick beat. Overall, “Better Now” highlights Post’s unique blend of genres and his ability to create hits.




“Go Flex” – Post Malone


“Go Flex” is a sonically diverse track that showcases Post Malone’s musical range. With a guitar-heavy production, the song is reminiscent of classic rock while also incorporating elements of hip-hop and electronic music. Malone’s introspective lyrics explore themes of success, self-doubt, and the pressures of fame, delivered with his signature raspy vocals.


“Go Flex” is a standout track that demonstrates Post Malone’s ability to blend genres and create compelling music that resonates with listeners.




“Take What You Want” – Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott


“Take What You Want” is one of Post Malone’s standout songs, featuring an unexpected collaboration with legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and rapper Travis Scott. The rock-infused track showcases Post Malone’s versatility and willingness to push musical boundaries, as well as his ability to attract attention from a wide range of audiences.


The powerful lyrics and explosive energy of the song make it a fan favorite and demonstrate Post Malone’s ability to create genre-bending hits that resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.





“Goodbyes” – Post Malone ft. Young Thug


“Goodbyes” is a serious and poignant track delivered by Post Malone, featuring Young Thug. The song grips the listener with its powerful melody and lyrics that narrate the struggle of letting go of a toxic relationship.


It’s a heart-wrenching piece that connects with anyone who has had to say goodbye, and it adds to the authenticity and depth of Post Malone’s repertoire.




“Wow.” – Post Malone


Post Malone’s “Wow.” is a trap-infused banger that showcases his unmatched ability to blend hip-hop with pop. With an infectious beat and a boastful flow, the song oozes with swag and self-confidence. The chorus is catchy and instantly memorable, and the verses are packed with clever wordplay and punchlines.


From the gritty production to Post Malone’s smooth delivery, “Wow.” proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern music.




“I Fall Apart” – Post Malone


“I Fall Apart” is a powerful song that showcases Post Malone’s emotional depth and vulnerability. With his signature blend of hip-hop and pop influences, he delivers a raw and honest performance that touches on themes of heartbreak and self-destruction. The song’s intense vocals and melancholic melody create a haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the last note fades away.


It’s a standout track that highlights Malone’s versatility and artistry, and cements his place as one of today’s most compelling musicians.




“Saint-Tropez” – Post Malone


Post Malone’s “Saint-Tropez” from his album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” chronicles the lavish lifestyle he has attained thanks to his immense success. The song’s production features a mix of wavy synths and hard-hitting percussion as Post delivers braggadocious lyrics about his newfound wealth and fame.


Despite the song’s surface-level hedonism, there are underlying themes of self-reflection and the cost of fame that make the track a standout in Post’s vast catalog.




“Enemies” – Post Malone ft. DaBaby


“Enemies” is a standout track on Post Malone’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding. Featuring fellow rapper DaBaby, the song highlights Post’s ability to craft catchy hooks and DaBaby’s confident and charismatic flow. The beat pairs heavy bass with catchy synths, and the lyrics focus on the duo’s success despite critics and fake friends.


“Enemies” exemplifies Post Malone’s knack for blending hip-hop and pop elements into infectious hits.




“Die For Me” – Post Malone ft. Future & Halsey


“Die For Me” is a compelling collaboration between Post Malone, Future, and Halsey that stands out as a highlight from Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album. The song explores themes of betrayal and vulnerability through the artists’ emotive lyrics and dynamic vocal ranges. The production features soaring guitar solos and atmospheric synths that add layers of complexity to the already potent song.


Overall, “Die For Me” showcases Post Malone’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create a powerful, emotionally charged track.