As a musician, David Bowie’s range was broad and transcendent, charting the course of pop, rock, and electronic music over his unparalleled career. Yet, his real strength was his ability to distill the complex emotions of love into unforgettable musical moments, whether wistful ballads or upbeat anthems.

Bowie’s love songs are a testament to his artistry, showcasing a deep understanding of how love can transform, inspire, and sometimes hurt.

In this article, we’ll explore the tender, passionate, and often unconventional love songs that cemented Bowie’s legacy as one of the greatest pop icons of all time.



“Heroes” – David Bowie

“Heroes” is a seminal David Bowie song that seamlessly blends the theme of love with a sense of grandeur and adventure. The striking lyrics and unique blend of guitar and synths make this a standout love song.

With its soaring chorus and haunting vocals, “Heroes” explores the idea of star-crossed love, inspiring listeners to embrace their own inner heroes and conquer all odds.


“Modern Love” – David Bowie

David Bowie’s “Modern Love” is a sweet and fast-paced love anthem that celebrates the joy and thrill of being in love. With its catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, this track captures the essence of youthful romance, complete with the highs and lows of infatuation.

Bowie’s heartfelt vocals and the song’s frenzied instrumentation create a sense of unbridled energy and passion that’s perfect for those in the throes of new love. This is one of Bowie’s most beloved love songs, and it’s no wonder why – it’s an exuberant and joyful celebration of the power of love.


“Starman” – David Bowie

David Bowie’s “Starman” packs a punch of groovy rock and roll combined with a swooning love story. The song follows the tale of a girl who is being comforted by a mysterious and beautiful “starman” who promises that there is a world out there filled with love and music. Bowie masterfully blends upbeat, sparkling guitar riffs, and melodic lyrics that perfectly capture the euphoria and wonder of first love.

“Starman” has become an enduring tribute to the dizzying heights of young love and the breathtaking journey of self-discovery that often accompanies it.


“Let’s Dance” – David Bowie

“Let’s Dance” is a classic love song by David Bowie that displays his impeccable pop sensibilities. The song’s upbeat tempo and infectious guitar riff make it a timeless dance anthem, while Bowie’s lyrics evoke a sense of youthful romance and unbridled passion.

With its slick production and catchy chorus, “Let’s Dance” showcases Bowie’s ability to marry his artistic vision with commercial appeal – a true hallmark of his legendary career. Whether you’re in the throes of first love or simply looking for a catchy tune to dance to, “Let’s Dance” is guaranteed to get your heart racing and your feet moving.


“Wild Is the Wind” – David Bowie

When it comes to David Bowie’s top love songs, “Wild Is the Wind” takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. This powerful ballad showcases Bowie’s ability to capture the complexities of love with his mesmerizing vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Picture this: you’re lost in a haze of passion, the room enveloped in dim light, and Bowie’s voice serenades you with raw vulnerability.


“Absolute Beginners” – David Bowie

Released in 1986, “Absolute Beginners” reflects Bowie’s ability to evolve and experiment with his sound. The song combines elements of pop, soul, and rock, resulting in a captivating blend that pulls at our heartstrings. Its lush instrumentation, driven by melodic piano and soaring saxophone, creates an atmosphere of both intimacy and grandeur.

With its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “Absolute Beginners” captures the essence of a profound love story. It has resonated with audiences over the years, not only for its musical brilliance but also for its ability to evoke a sense of longing and connection.


“The Prettiest Star” – David Bowie

“The Prettiest Star” is a quintessential David Bowie love song that oozes with celestial beauty. The composition blends soft acoustics and electric grooves with Bowie’s mellifluous vocals, creating a soundscape of cosmic wonders. The lyrics are pure poetry that whispers sweet nothings about the beauty and grace of the woman addressed in the song. The enigmatic metaphors and enigmatic imagery make the song a riddle that demands to be solved.

Ultimately, “The Prettiest Star” is one of Bowie’s most compelling love songs, and a testament to his artistry as a songwriter and performer.


“Where Are We Now?” – David Bowie

David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?” tells the story of a complex and tumultuous love affair. The song is full of cryptic lyrics and darkly poetic imagery that leave the listener feeling both unsettled and engrossed. The echoing piano and Bowie’s mournful vocal delivery create an atmosphere of profound sadness and introspection.

This is not a conventional love song, but rather an exploration of the complicated emotions that surround love and loss. Bowie was a master of ambiguity and enigma, and “Where Are We Now?” is an excellent example of his ability to entrance and perplex his audience with his artistry.


“Soul Love” – David Bowie

“Soul Love” is a deeply introspective ode to the complexity of love. Bowie muses on the all-consuming nature of a love that transcends physical attraction. The song portrays love as a greater force than anything else, something worth being “dragged through the glittering debris of love.”

Bowie challenges the listener to experience this love, but also warns of the all-consuming nature of it. The lyrics, combined with Bowie’s powerful vocals and the tranquil yet impactful melody, make “Soul Love” a powerful testament to the beauty and pain of love.


“Be My Wife” – David Bowie

The song “Be My Wife” is a heartfelt and beautifully crafted love song by David Bowie, which perfectly encapsulates the raw emotions that can come with the vulnerability of love. With its upbeat rhythm and catchy guitar riffs, it showcases Bowie’s talent for blending his signature sound with sentimentality.

It’s a song that celebrates the ups and downs of relationships and the ultimate desire for commitment and partnership. “Be My Wife” is a quintessentially Bowie love song, full of raw passion and an unyielding commitment to love.


“Loving the Alien” – David Bowie

“The Wedding Song,” a captivating ballad found on David Bowie’s 1993 album “Black Tie White Noise,” is an ethereal love song. This profound and powerful tune takes listeners on an emotional journey full of soaring vocals, gorgeous instrumentation, and heartfelt lyrics that contemplate the beauty of love and the profound connection between two people.

With its sweeping soundscapes and unforgettable melody, Bowie’s “The Wedding Song” stands as one of the most enchanting and moving love songs of his entire discography.