Are you ready to journey through the emotional tapestry of love, all wrapped up in masterful guitar licks and soul-touching lyrics?

Well, get ready to fall head over heels for the poetic universe of John Mayer.

Known for his guitar prowess as much as his ability to encapsulate complex emotions into a four-minute song, Mayer is the Shakespeare of modern love songs in the rock realm.

Whether you’re wooing a new crush, reminiscing about an old flame, or simply soaking in the highs and lows of love, his catalog offers a song for every chapter in your love story.

So, strap in, and let’s ride this emotional roller coaster together, with the top 15 John Mayer love songs that hit the heart just as much as they hit those high notes.




1. “Who You Love” (ft. Katy Perry)

Album: Paradise Valley
Date Released: August 2013
The union of John Mayer and Katy Perry in “Who You Love” is like a warm hug in sonic form. The melody is tender, and the lyrical exchanges between the two create a feeling of genuine intimacy.

It’s a beautifully vulnerable number that plays like a public love note, sealing its place as a modern classic in the love song realm, and is a fantastic dance song.


2. “The Heart of Life”

Album: Continuum
Date Released: September 2006
Time to slow things down a bit, folks. “The Heart of Life” is a soulful ballad that celebrates the intricacies of love and life.

It’s like the comfort food of love songs, gentle but resonating. The song carries a universal message—love’s power to heal and uplift.

John Mayer really knows how to strike those heartstrings, and this tune really hits hard. This laid-back and romantic tune is a perfect addition to a list of wedding songs.


3. “Half of My Heart” (ft. Taylor Swift)

Album: Battle Studies
Date Released: November 2009
“Half of My Heart” features Taylor Swift in a duet that’s as captivating as a summer sunset. This track makes you want to drive down a coastal road with the windows down, feeling the wind in your hair and love in the air.

The chemistry between John Mayer and Taylor Swift in this song is palpable, painting a vivid picture of youthful love that’s as fresh as morning dew.


4. “Waitin’ On the Day”

Album: Paradise Valley
Date Released: August 2013
Now here’s a song that deserves to be on your wedding playlist.

“Waitin’ On the Day” is an emotional journey through the anticipation of a love that’s worth waiting for.

The melodic guitar riffs echo the longings we all have for that one love that’s timeless, yet always feels new. It’s the kind of song that makes you wish it had a few more verses just to extend that blissful feeling a little longer.

It also makes for the perfect “first dance” song on your wedding day.


5. “Only Heart”

Album: Heavier Things
Date Released: September 2003
Jumping back to Mayer’s earlier work, “Only Heart” brings a more upbeat, jazzy feel to the love song genre.

This John Mayer song is like a tasty musical snack you can’t get enough of. Its upbeat tempo and catchy guitar work make it a perfect tune for those moments when you’re head-over-heels in love and just can’t keep it in.

It’s the song you play when you’re so in love, you’re practically dancing through life and also makes for the perfect wedding song to get groovy on the dance floor.

6. “New Light”

Album: Single
Date Released: May 2018
“New Light” is a funk-infused gem that gives off an aura of new beginnings. You know, the kind where you rekindle an old flame or start seeing someone in a, well, new light.

The track from singer-songwriter John Mayer offers the perfect backdrop for those late-night thoughts about what could be.

Its catchy beats and vibrant tempo make it a standout, capturing the thrill of unexpected romance.


7. “Free Fallin'”

Album: Where the Light Is
Date Released: July 2008
Though it’s a cover of Tom Petty’s original, Mayer puts his own spin on “Free Fallin'” that’s nothing short of captivating. The song becomes a dreamlike ballad under his touch, rendering the complexities of love into a hauntingly beautiful narrative. It’s one of those classics that’s been refreshed, proving that Mayer can stand in the shadows of giants and still shine his own light.


8. “Carry Me Away”

Album: Single
Date Released: September 2019
Here we’ve got a sweet serenade that seems to say, “Love, just carry me away from all this chaos.” The song is a soft whisper in a loud world, a soothing balm that speaks volumes about how love can transport you to a better place. Mayer’s vocals and gentle guitar plucking create a soothing ambiance, making “Carry Me Away” a love anthem for those in need of a little escape.

Our favorite lyrics: “You know I need you, and that’s for sure You’re just the kinda crazy I’ve been lookin’ for”


9. “A Face to Call Home”

Album: Born and Raised
Date Released: May 2012
“A Face to Call Home” is an ode to unconditional love. Its poignant lyrics like, “You got a face to call home,” encapsulate the idea that true love is where you can be your genuine self.

John Mayer’s music—a blend of soft rock and folk—creates an atmosphere of sincerity as if he is sitting across from you, strumming his guitar and saying, “Yeah, love is worth the struggle.”

This is a fantastic addition to your list of wedding songs and can make the perfect fit for a slow dance. So get the wedding ceremony ready for a dance song to remember.

Our favorite lyrics: “You know my paper heart, The one I fill with pencil marks, I think I might have gone and inked you in.”


10. “City Love”

Album: Room for Squares
Date Released: June 2001
Taking it back to his debut studio album, “City Love” is a young Mayer exploring the landscapes of urban romance.

This one’s for everyone who’s ever fallen in love against the backdrop of city lights and bustling streets. It’s as much about love as it is about the energy of the city, blending the two into a harmonious tale that keeps your feet tapping and your heart hoping.

11. “Your Body Is A Wonderland”

Album: Room for Squares
Date Released: June 2001
Perhaps one of Mayer’s most iconic tracks, “Your Body Is A Wonderland” is a playful and sultry ode to a lover.

Its vivid lyrics, coupled with Mayer’s smooth voice and intricate guitar work, evoke feelings of youthful exploration and intimate connection.

It’s a journey through love’s tactile and emotional landscapes, an invitation to lose oneself in the deep wonder of romance. A perfect anthem for those wrapped up in the early, passionate stages of love.


12. “Love is a Verb”

Album: Born and Raised
Date Released: May 2012
With “Love is a Verb,” Mayer delves into the profound understanding that love isn’t just a feeling—it’s an action.

The song is a gentle reminder that words can be empty, but it’s our actions that truly convey our feelings.

With its subtle bluesy undertones and heartfelt lyrics, it becomes a poignant reflection on the dynamics of genuine affection and commitment.


13. “Love on the Weekend”

Album: The Search for Everything
Date Released: April 2017
“Love on the Weekend” offers a fresh take on the anticipation and pure joy of reuniting with a loved one after a long week apart.

Its mellow tempo and soothing vocals beautifully capture the elation and simplicity of spending quality time with someone special.

It’s a song for every couple that cherishes their fleeting moments together amidst the chaos of life.


14. “Say”

Album: Continuum
Date Released: September 2006
Although not strictly a love song in the traditional sense, “Say” resonates deeply with anyone who’s struggled with communication in a relationship.

Its powerful chorus, “Say what you need to say,” is both a mantra and a plea, emphasizing the importance of honesty and vulnerability in love.

It’s a call to action—a reminder not to hold back but to express one’s feelings openly and fearlessly.


15. “Come Back to Bed”

Album: Heavier Things
Date Released: September 2003
Soulful and pleading, “Come Back to Bed” is a heartfelt invitation to mend a rift in a relationship.

John Mayer’s evocative guitar and tender vocals portray the longing and pain of distance, whether emotional or physical.

It paints a vivid picture of those quiet moments in the night when all you desire is the warmth and presence of your loved one. A true testament to the idea that love always seeks connection, even in moments of discord.


John Mayer’s Love Songs are Perfect for Your Wedding Day

As we’ve journeyed through this setlist, it’s undeniable that singer-songwriter John Mayer’s work not only captures the core of modern love but also transcends it.

His songs are more than just catchy tunes; they’re emotional narratives, each one a poignant chapter in the book of love.

And hey, let’s not overlook the fact that a John Mayer track could very well be the highlight of your wedding playlist.

Imagine getting down on the dance floor to “The Heart of Life” or sharing a moment with your forever love to “A Face to Call Home.” Or, a wedding processional and cocktail hour to the many other beautiful tunes he sings.

With his soulful melodies, lyrical brilliance, and that voice—oh, that voice—Mayer’s songs are perfect for turning your wedding day into a timeless memory.

He has so many beautiful and romantic tunes that can be used as wedding songs.

A John Mayer song is a love story in and of itself, capturing those ineffable feelings that are often so hard to articulate, making it an ideal soundtrack for any love-filled occasion, especially the big “I do.”