As an artist, Kevin Gates has made waves in the hip-hop community with his unique style and infectious beats. With his knack for storytelling and relatable lyrics, Gates has amassed a loyal fan base who anxiously await each new release.

His music seamlessly blends elements of rap, R&B, and trap with a touch of soulful melodies, creating a sound entirely his own. His dynamic voice and infectious energy have won the hearts of many, cementing Kevin Gates as one of the most exciting and innovative musicians of our time.



“2 Phones” – Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is known for his emotional and introspective lyrics, and “2 Phones” is no exception. With its infectious chorus and catchy melody, the song tells the story of Gates’ busy life balancing the demands of his music career and personal life.

Through clever wordplay and vivid imagery, Gates paints a vivid picture of a man on a mission, determined to succeed against all odds. It’s a true standout in a catalog full of hits that showcase Gates’ unique style and creative vision.


“Really Really” – Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates’ captivating track “Really Really” is a testament to his ability to deliver well-crafted and emotionally charged verses with his trademark “burstiness”. The introspective lyrics tackle themes of self-doubt, success, and loyalty while showcasing Gates’ dynamic flow over a trap-infused beat.

With a chorus that is both catchy and pensive, “Really Really” is a standout track from Gates’ discography, imbued with the unique energy and style that fans have come to expect from the Baton Rouge rapper.


“#IDGT” – Kevin Gates ft. August Alsina

“I Don’t Get Tired” is a standout track from Kevin Gates’ discography, featuring a catchy hook from R&B singer August Alsina. The song’s lyrics touch on Gates’ hustle and determination, with each verse recounting different aspects of his work ethic. Punctuated with a moody instrumental, the track’s somber tone highlights the emotional depth of its subject matter.

Overall, “I Don’t Get Tired” showcases Gates’ strengths as both a rapper and a storyteller.


“Time For That” – Kevin Gates

“Time for That” is one of the most introspective and vulnerable tracks from Kevin Gates’ music library. With his signature blend of singing and rapping, he offers a candid portrayal of the internal struggles that come along with fame and success. The lyrics reveal his desire for personal growth and his commitment to overcoming his demons.

It’s the type of track that showcases Gates’ ability to balance his gritty reality with a genuine emotional depth. The song’s wistful melody perfectly complements the reflective nature of the lyrics.


“Kno One” – Kevin Gates

“Kno One” is a standout track from Kevin Gates’ sophomore studio album, “Islah”. The song features hard-hitting basslines and Gates’ signature introspective lyrics, exploring his complicated relationships with women as he grapples with his own demons.

The track showcases Gates’ impressive songwriting abilities and vulnerability, making it a hit among fans and critics alike.


“Out The Mud” – Kevin Gates

“Out The Mud” is a motivating and introspective track that chronicles Kevin Gates’ journey from poverty to success. Fluctuating between a confident and vulnerable delivery, the Louisiana rapper reflects on his ups and downs and how they’ve shaped him into the man he is today.

The haunting melody and thumping production create a cinematic soundscape that perfectly complements Gates’ poignant lyrics. It’s an empowering anthem that inspires listeners to push through their struggles and rise above their circumstances.


“Satellites” – Kevin Gates

One of the standout tracks on Kevin Gates’ self-titled album is the introspective “Satellites.” Against a somber beat, Gates speaks openly about his struggles with fame and the toll it takes on his relationships.

The haunting chorus underscores the isolation he feels, with the repeated refrain of “I’m crying out for help, but no one’s listening.” Gates’ raw vulnerability on “Satellites” is a reminder that, despite his bravado and toughness, he’s still a human being grappling with his own demons.


“Pride” – Kevin Gates

One of the standout tracks in the catalog of Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates is “Pride.” The song showcases Gates’ ability to explore vulnerability and introspection in his lyrics, as he reflects on the struggles of maintaining a romantic relationship while navigating the turbulent waters of fame and fortune.

With its soaring chorus and emotive delivery, “Pride” perfectly encapsulates Gates’ unique ability to turn his personal pain into powerful art.


“Posed To Be In Love” – Kevin Gates

“Posed To Be In Love” is a stirring track that showcases Kevin Gates’ ability to convey complex emotions with his insightful lyrics and intense delivery. The song explores the blurry line between love and infatuation, with Gates wrestling with the idea of whether he’s truly in love with his partner or simply clinging to the idea of having someone by his side.

The beat is minimalistic, allowing Gates’ passionate performance to take center stage as he delivers lines that capture both the euphoria and the confusion that comes with being in a turbulent relationship.


“Don’t Know What To Call It” – Kevin Gates

“Don’t Know What to Call It” is a track from the Kevin Gates’ debut album, “Islah.” The song explores themes of identity and self-reflection, with Gates questioning his place in the world and grappling with his conflicting emotions.

The lyrics are introspective and raw, showcasing Gates’ unique ability to convey complex emotions through his music. The track features a slow, melodic beat and a hypnotic flow, making it a standout on an already impressive album.


“Luca Brasi Freestyle” – Kevin Gates

One of Kevin Gates’ most well-known tracks, “Luca Brasi Freestyle,” showcases his raw energy and impressive lyricism. The Louisiana artist delivers an intense and impressive flow over a heavy trap beat. The song, which was released in 2013 as part of Gates’ mixtape “Stranger Than Fiction,” captures the essence of his uncompromising style and fearless approach to storytelling.

With lines like “I’m from where we give babies Benadryl / And pray that they sleep before bullets fly,” Gates paints a vivid picture of the violent and gritty world he grew up in. Overall, “Luca Brasi Freestyle” is a standout in Gates’ extensive discography.


“In God I Trust” – Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates’ “In God I Trust” is a hard-hitting track that showcases his dynamic lyricism. With thought-provoking lines like “I feel like I’m running out of time, still I grind” and “Money keep calling, I can’t decline,” Gates draws listeners in with his palpable energy and rich wordplay.

Through his clever use of rhyme and metaphor, the Louisiana rapper creates a sense of urgency and intensity that makes “In God I Trust” a standout track in his discography.


“Papers Chasers” – Kevin Gates

With its driving beat and clever lyrics, “Paper Chasers” stands out among Kevin Gates’ extensive catalog of hits. The track deftly weaves together themes of ambition, loyalty, and perseverance, showcasing Gates’ signature style of gritty, introspective rap.

Despite its hard-hitting sound and edgy subject matter, however, the song’s message ultimately centers on the value of staying true to oneself and keeping one’s sights set on the ultimate goal of success.


“RBS Intro” – Kevin Gates

The RBS Intro, a popular track by Kevin Gates, features a captivating beat and introspective lyrics that dive deep into the rapper’s life struggles. The song showcases the raw emotion and edginess that’s characteristic of Kevin Gates’ music. The intense use of percussion, and reverberating synths add to the song’s overall intensity and keep listeners hooked throughout.

Its dynamic production and heartfelt lyrics make The RBS Intro an unforgettable addition to Kevin Gates’ discography.


“Find You Again” – Kevin Gates

“Find You Again” is an impactful and emotive track on Kevin Gates’ “I’m Him” album, where he reflects on his past mistakes and yearns for a second chance with a former lover.

The song boasts a rich, soulful production with layers of piano-driven melodies, haunting strings, and gospel-inspired backing vocals, building towards a climactic outro where Gates pours his heart out in an unapologetically vulnerable way. It showcases Gates’ unique ability to balance his raw honesty with infectious melodies and creates a captivating listening experience.


“Bags” – Kevin Gates

“Bags” is a track from Kevin Gates’ 2019 album “I’m Him”. The song features raw lyrics detailing Gates’ life experiences, struggles and triumphs over a hard-hitting beat. The artist showcases his emotional side in the chorus, reflecting on a past love and the baggage that comes with it. The intense and captivating delivery makes this song a standout on the album and a fan favorite.