Love is a universal human emotion that touches us all in one way or another. It’s something that we all long for and strive to find, but the search can be fraught with pain, heartbreak, and sorrow. Heavy metal band Slipknot may not be the first group that comes to mind when thinking about love songs, but they have created some of the most intense and emotionally charged tracks in the genre.


From raw, anguished ballads to soaring, passionate anthems, Slipknot’s love songs are a truly unique and moving experience.





“Vermilion Pt. 2” – Slipknot


Vermilion Pt. 2, a ballad by Slipknot, has a haunting tone that captures the complexities of love. The song showcases the band’s ability to move beyond their heavy metal roots and tap into a softer side.


Through the melancholic melody and somber lyrics, Slipknot delivers a powerful expression of longing and heartbreak, making Vermilion Pt. 2 a standout love song in their discography.




“Snuff” – Slipknot


“Snuff” is a deeply emotional track that explores the pain of losing someone we love. Slipknot’s delicate delivery in this song is quite a change of pace from their usual heavy sound and showcases the vulnerability of the band.


Its haunting melody, accompanied by an acoustic guitar, resonates with fans looking for a different side of Slipknot’s artistry. “Snuff” is a powerfully sentimental track, proving that this group is more than just a hard-hitting metal band.




“Circle” – Slipknot


The enigmatic and intricately complex “Circle” is an emotive love song by the masked metal band Slipknot. The driving force behind the song is the intertwining duality of hope and despair, as Corey Taylor’s vocals showcase the passion of love with a taste of melancholia.


The guitar interplay of Jim Root and Mick Thomson provides a dynamic interplay between clean arpeggios and heavy riffs, adding a layer of texture to the song. “Circle” is a masterful display of Slipknot’s ability to transcend genres and offer something unique in their music.




“Dead Memories” – Slipknot


“Dead Memories” captures the melancholic essence of a love that has turned sour. Corey Taylor poetically expresses his grief as he sings about desperately holding onto a relationship that he knows is over. The heavy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and angst-filled vocals in this track are signature Slipknot.


Yet, the vulnerability and raw emotion in the lyrics set it apart from their usual intense sound. “Dead Memories” is a powerfully relatable track that reflects the heartbreak and pain of lost love.




“If Rain Is What You Want” – Slipknot


“If Rain Is What You Want” from Slipknot’s fifth studio album is an eerie yet delicate love-inspired track. Utilizing Corey Taylor’s vocals to their fullest capacity, the song features evocative lyrics about missing and longing for someone perceived to be a soulmate.


Despite the haunting undertones, the delicate melody and powerful instrumentation ensure that the track remains grounded within a love-song context. Slipknot’s prowess in metal may be well-known, but their ability to explore vulnerability in an unconventional manner is truly fascinating.




“Danger – Keep Away” – Slipknot


The hauntingly beautiful “Danger – Keep Away” from Slipknot’s album “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses” offers a refreshing take on a love song. With Corey Taylor’s emotive vocals and a melancholic melody featuring acoustic guitar and strings, this track showcases the band’s softer side while maintaining their signature intensity.


The lyrics speak of a painful separation and longing for reconciliation, with lines like “Is this what you want, to be stuck in this hole? You wanted a martyr, but I need a moment of your time.” Slipknot’s ability to convey complex emotions through their music is truly remarkable.




“Til We Die” – Slipknot


“Til We Die” is a sentimental and emotional track on Slipknot’s fourth studio album “All Hope Is Gone”. The song features hauntingly melancholic melodies and introspective lyrics that speak to the fragility of life and the inevitability of mortality. A perfect addition to any “Slipknot love songs” playlist, “Til We Die” showcases the band’s ability to infuse their heavy metal sound with tenderness and introspection, creating a captivating and affecting piece of music.


Slipknot’s mastery of the genre is on full display with this powerful and emotional track.




“All Hope Is Gone” – Slipknot


Slipknot’s “All Hope Is Gone” offers a brooding and desolate view of love at its breaking point, expressed through haunting melodies and dissonant guitar riffs. The song delivers a seductive, yet nihilistic intensity that gives rise to stark emotions, with an immersive soundscape blurring the lines between inner turmoil and external chaos.


Featuring Corey Taylor’s raw vocals and a searing performance from the band, “All Hope Is Gone” offers a potent exploration of the murky depths of love and loss, evoking a visceral response that is sure to resonate with fans of Slipknot’s trademark intensity.




“The One That Kills the Least” – Slipknot


“The One That Kills the Least” is an unexpected pick for a Slipknot love song, but its lyrics speak to the complexity of relationships and the unexpected ways love and hate can intertwine. With verses that blend eerie melodies and aggressive rap-like delivery, this song is an exploration of the darker, more nuanced aspects of romantic love.


The chorus, delivered with soaring clean vocals, reframes the aggression of the verses into a message of hope, reminding us that even the worst relationships can contain moments of beauty and tenderness.




“A Liar’s Funeral” – Slipknot


“A Liar’s Funeral” from Slipknot’s album “We Are Not Your Kind” is a love song unlike any other. It’s a portrayal of the twisted side of love that can consume a person’s mind and twist their reality. The song’s melodic undertones create an eerie sense of confusion, matched only by the raw edge of the lyrics.


While it may not be the typical love song, it certainly captures the intense, twisted love that Slipknot’s music is known for.