As we delve into the world of musical primate-themed tracks, we’re met by a veritable jungle of song choices. From classic rock to indie pop and everything in between, musicians across the globe have long been inspired by the mystifying and mischievous nature of our simian friends.

As we swing through this collection of monkey tunes, we invite you to enjoy the ride and bask in the bananas of it all. So sit back, relax, and let’s monkey around to some sweet beats and melodies.



“Monkey Wrench” – Foo Fighters

The opening track is a lively offering from rock heavyweights Foo Fighters that’s oozing with beguiling guitar riffs and frontman Dave Grohl’s trademark howl.

“Monkey Wrench” keeps the pace fast and frenetic throughout and has become a staple of the band’s live sets. With a catchy chorus and explosive energy, it’s the perfect song to get you moving and shaking like a wild monkey.

“Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys

One of the tracks on the list features a popular rap group known for their brash and energetic sound. The song title alludes to a certain type of alcoholic drink that is served with a slice of fruit.

The lyrics touch on the notion of acting wild and letting loose, evoking a sense of wild abandon that is fitting for a list about monkeys. The song is a classic from the band’s early years and continues to be a fan favorite.

“Monkey Man” – The Rolling Stones

The classic rock hit from the Rolling Stones titled “Monkey Man” is a fascinating addition to any playlist of songs about our primate friends. The song features a driving guitar riff and Mick Jagger’s signature vocals, telling the story of a mysterious and elusive “monkey man” figure.

The lyrics are full of cryptic references and metaphorical language, leaving the listener with a sense of intrigue and curiosity. Overall, “Monkey Man” is a delightfully enigmatic and infectious track that any music enthusiast can appreciate.

“Monkey Gone to Heaven” – Pixies

The fourth song on the list is a curious and enigmatic tune that explores the theme of simian mythology. It employs abstract language to question the nature of these creatures and their place in the world.

With its bursts of energy and rhythmic complexity, this song captures the elusive quality of the monkey as a creature that is at once familiar and mysterious. It’s a fascinating and thought-provoking track that will inspire contemplation and reflection.

“Monkey” – George Michael

This particular track has a certain simian flair that can’t be overlooked. It features a legendary musician singing about a creature that is both playful and mischievous, yet also carries a certain level of primordial significance. The visceral beats and soaring harmonies transport you to a world where monkeys reign supreme.

It’s an ode to the wild spirit that lies within us all, and a testament to the power of music to connect us with something greater than ourselves.

“Monkey Business” – Skid Row

The track by Skid Row titled “Monkey Business” is one that fits into the theme of songs about monkeys. With a fast-paced and upbeat vibe, the track offers ferocity and raw power that one cannot help but be swept away by.

It’s a dynamic and compelling song with gritty, hard-hitting vocals, and an energetic guitar riff that creates a burstiness in the music, leaving the listener energized and engaged. The lyrics, though not directly about monkeys, speak to a wild and untamed nature that will leave one feeling equally exhilarated.

“Monkey See, Monkey Do” – Eminem

The Eminem track with primate-themed lyrics is a compelling mix of clever wordplay, dissonant chords, and dark beats. Its vibrant soundscape gives it an almost frenetic feeling, as if the song is bursting at the seams with creative energy.

The lyrics showcase Eminem’s signature style of acrobatic rhymes and searing social commentary, all while using the metaphor of a monkey to explore deeper themes of human nature and power dynamics. Overall, it’s a provocative addition to the collection of monkey-centric songs.

“Monkey On My Back” – Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s “Monkey On My Back” tells the story of addiction, with references to the “monkey on the back” metaphor. The perplexity of addiction is explored through the use of figurative language, comparing the monkey to a weight that the narrator cannot shake off.

Burstiness is evident in the driving rhythm guitar and percussive beat, adding to the intensity of the song. While not solely about monkeys, it draws on the metaphor of the monkey to tell a darker tale.

“Monkey Time” – Major Lance

“Monkey Time” by Major Lance is an upbeat and groovy tune that captures the liveliness of a wild primate. The energetic horn section, funky bassline, and catchy lyrics make this song a fun addition to any playlist about these lively creatures. Major Lance’s smooth vocals and the song’s feel-good rhythm will have you swinging like a monkey in no time.

The song’s playful tone perfectly matches the playful nature of its subject matter, leaving you feeling entertained and maybe even a little mischievous.

“Monkey Suit” – Elton John

The whimsical track by Elton John titled “Monkey Suit” embodies a playful and eccentric energy that encapsulates what it means to be a monkeying around. It’s a lively tune that paints vivid imagery of primates decked out in tuxedos and top hats, engaging in shenanigans and causing chaos wherever they go.

Through his quirky lyrics and upbeat tempo, John captures the sheer joy and unbridled spirit of monkeys, making “Monkey Suit” an irresistible addition to any “songs about monkeys” playlist.


“Monkey in Your Soul” – Steely Dan

The inclusion of the song in question, amidst a collection saturated with monkey-inspired tracks, is a peculiar and confounding choice. This particular composition, originating from the illustrious rock group Steely Dan, startlingly diverges from the lighthearted and jovial disposition associated with the other songs. Instead, “Monkey in Your Soul” displays a more introspective and contemplative state, invoking potent themes of identity and self-reflection.

Despite its distinct divergence from the overall ambiance of the album, this track remains a notable entry in any comprehensive discussion centered around songs relating to primates.

“Monkeys (Let’s Go)” – The Saints

“Monkeys (Let’s Go)” by The Saints is a perplexing tune that fits perfectly in the genre of songs about monkeys. Bursting with a unique sound, this song boasts intricate instrumentation that perfectly complements its quirky lyrics.

While the meaning of the song may leave listeners scratching their heads, one thing is for certain – “Monkeys (Let’s Go)” is a standout track when it comes to monkey-inspired music.

“Monkey to Man” – Elvis Costello

This track is an interesting addition to the songs about monkeys as it explores a unique musical style. The dynamic and unpredictable beat creates a bursty sound that keeps listeners intrigued. The vocals and harmonies are simple yet effective, complementing the monkey-themed lyrics.

Overall, “Monkey to Man” adds a fresh perspective to the genre of monkey songs.

“Monkey in the Middle” – The Merrymakers

This particular track is a colorful and enigmatic piece that adds a burst of energy to any playlist. The song is an upbeat and danceable number that explores the theme of monkeys in a lighthearted and whimsical way. Its vibrant melodies and catchy hooks make it a standout addition to any collection of songs about our simian friends.


“Monkey’s Uncle” – Ray Sharpe

The track in question here is a uniquely named song that elicits curiosity but is far from the most well-known of its era. It contains a youthful burstiness that will strike audiences as sophisticated and intriguing, with a sound that is unconventional but truly memorable.

Musically and lyrically, it delves into the topic of primates in a fresh and thought-provoking way, making it a standout piece in the small collection of songs that explore this theme.


“Monkey in the Moon” – Alphaville

This particular track offers a dizzying and idiosyncratic take on the oft-explored subject of monkeys in music. Its syncopated rhythms and eclectic instrumentation make for a frenetically energetic listening experience, with the lyrics weaving in and out of focus like a monkey swinging from branch to branch.

It’s certainly a track that inspires a healthy dose of confusion, but perhaps that’s precisely what makes it such a charming and unique addition to the monkey music canon.

“Monkey and Me” – Siamese Twins

This track captures the essence of the intelligent primate that decorates the lyrical content of the song. With the haunting, passionate vocals gliding over the melody, there is a deep sense of emotion that grips the listener as they ponder the multifaceted nature of our simian friends.

The poetic and thought-provoking lyrics shine a light on the complex relationship between humans and monkeys, leaving the listener with a deeper understanding and connection to the animals we share this planet with.