Imagine this: You’re driving along an endless road, your eyes fixed on the horizon, where the setting sun meets the awakening stars. What’s playing on your stereo?

Songs about the future, perhaps?

Music has a powerful way of tapping into our dreams, fears, and fascinations about what’s yet to come. From the hopeful harmonies of folk-rock to the existential questions posed by electronic beats, songs about the future capture the universal yearning to understand what lies ahead. In this sonic journey, we’re tuning into tracks that don’t just keep the rhythm; they set the pace for tomorrow.

So cheers to the best songs about the future!



1. “Future Lovers” – Madonna

Album: Confessions on a Dance Floor
Date Released: November 2005
Madonna, the ever-changing chameleon of pop, offers us “Future Lovers,” a track that’s got the beat to get you moving and the lyrics to get you pondering. It’s like the sonic equivalent of stepping into a futuristic disco ball. With “Future Lovers”, The Queen of Pop paints a picture of romance that could exist in any era, proving love is, indeed, timeless.

“Future lovers shine for eternity” is just one of the hit lyrics that will have you in deep thought about your future lover.


2. “Future Games” – Fleetwood Mac

Album: Future Games
Date Released: September 1971
Future Games is the title track from the 1971 album featuring the same name. It is the kind of sweet song that makes you feel like you’re floating in a celestial hammock somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow. Fleetwood Mac perfectly blend their signature soft-rock aura with speculative lyrics about where we might be headed. Truly, it’s a cosmic ride worth taking.


3. “Future Looks Good” – OneRepublic

Album: Oh My My
Date Released: October 2016
Imagine if optimism had a playlist. Well, it would definitely feature OneRepublic’s “Future Looks Good.” This tune is a feel-good symphony, building up layer by layer until it crescendos into this beautiful noise that screams, “Hey, better days are coming!”


4. “Tomorrow Never Knows” – The Beatles

Album: Revolver
Date Released: August 1966
Let’s take a trip, shall we? With “Tomorrow Never Knows,” The Beatles crafted a psychedelic masterpiece that still sounds like it’s from another dimension. As the anchor of the monumental “Revolver” album, it takes on the concept of the future and literally spins it around, like a vinyl record on a cosmic turntable.


5. “Future Proof” – Massive Attack

Album: 100th Window
Date Released: February 2003
“Future Proof” is like walking into a dark, echoey room where the future whispers your name. Massive Attack isn’t just making music; they’re creating an experience that immerses you in a web of contemplative soundscapes and probing lyrics. “Future Proof” truly feels like it could survive any apocalyptic timeline.


6. “No Regrets” – Aesop Rock

Album: None Shall Pass
Date Released: August 2007
If future-you could write a letter to present-you, it might sound a lot like Aesop Rock’s “No Regrets.” This indie rap gem tackles the idea of living life without looking back. It’s a lyrical journey, encouraging you to blaze your own trail, ensuring that your future self has no time for regrets.


7. “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades” – Timbuk 3

Album: Greetings from Timbuk 3
Date Released: 1986
Oh, man! This fun song is the kind of retro vibe that paints the future in neon lights. It’s got that catchy beat that makes you want to pull out your sunglasses, even if you’re indoors. Timbuk 3 makes optimism fashionable and sets you up to walk into your future with a swagger.


8. “All the Stars” – Kendrick Lamar

Album: Black Panther: The Album
Date Released: January 2018
Kendrick Lamar and SZA team up to create a song that’s as expansive as the universe itself. “All the Stars” is the audio version of a future where we’ve all reached our potential, shining like the celestial bodies above. It’s grand, it’s spectacular, and it pulls you into a future where every individual shines bright.


9. “Dear Future Husband” – Meghan Trainor

Album: Title
Date Released: January 2015
This isn’t just a pop song; it’s an open letter to the future, sealed with a beat. Meghan Trainor adds a twist to the traditional love song formula, giving it a more proactive, future-focused vibe. If you ever wanted to write to your future significant other, here’s your background track.


10. “Next Year Baby” – Jamie Cullum

Album: Twentysomething
Date Released: October 2003
Jamie Cullum takes us on a jazzy stroll down the lanes of future aspirations. It’s smooth, it’s cool, and it perfectly captures that New Year’s resolution energy. “Next Year Baby” encourages you to keep dreaming and scheming about what the future might hold.

11. “Future Nostalgia” – Dua Lipa

Album: Future Nostalgia
Date Released: March 2020
Dua Lipa gives us a trip to the future that feels like a visit to a retro dance floor. “Future Nostalgia” blends yesterday’s style with today’s beat, resulting in a tune that’s both a flashback and a fast-forward. The title says it all: it’s about embracing change while cherishing the past. Check out the official lyrics video above to really dig into the powerful words from this catchy tune.


12. “Tomorrow” – John Legend

Album: Love in the Future
Date Released: August 2013
John Legend’s soulful voice lends itself to a song that’s like a sunrise for your soul. “Tomorrow” is a gentle reminder that no matter how tough today is, there’s another chance waiting right around the corner. The future never sounded so smooth.


13. “Future Love” – Varsity Fanclub

Album: Varsity Fanclub
Date Released: January 2010
This is young love, future-style. Varsity Fanclub captures the essence of teenage dreamin’ in a song that sounds like a diary entry penned in starlight. “Future Love” is all about what could be, filled with youthful energy that promises a lot more chapters yet to write.


14. “Years from Now” – Don Williams

Album: Especially for You
Date Released: July 1981
With “Years from Now,” Don Williams offers a heartstring-tugging country song that projects into the distant future. It’s the kind of song that makes you think about where you’ll be decades down the line, perhaps sitting on a porch reminiscing about the good old days.

If you love country music, then this song is the perfect choice for when you want to dive into what the future holds.


15. “The Future” – Prince

Album: Batman
Date Released: June 1989
When Prince talks about the future, you listen. With its moody beats and mysterious lyrics, “The Future” is like a riddle wrapped in a musical enigma. This isn’t just a song; it’s a mystic prophecy rendered in the universal language of funk.


16. “One Hundred Years from Now” – The Byrds

Album: Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Date Released: August 1968
“One Hundred Years from Now” by The Byrds is like an old photograph turned into song. It poses questions about legacy and what might linger long after we’re gone. It’s a folk-rock offering that seems to stand the test of time by simply pondering its passing.


17. “A Better Future” – David Bowie

Album: Heathen
Date Released: June 2002
Leave it to Bowie to create a tune that’s both a critique and an ode to tomorrow. “A Better Future” mixes a touch of melancholy with a dose of hope. With Bowie’s distinctive voice and artful arrangements, this song offers a textured portrait of what could be, if we dare to dream.


18. “My Next Thirty Years” – Tim McGraw

Album: Not a Moment Too Soon
Date Released: March 1994
Tim McGraw’s “My Next Thirty Years” could be the soundtrack to a montage of life’s highs and lows. It’s about the passage of time, but not in a way that makes you dread the ticking clock. Rather, it celebrates the wisdom that comes with years, wrapped in a blanket of comforting country melodies.


19. “Future” – Golden Earring

Album: To the Hilt
Date Released: March 1976
Golden Earring’s “Future” is a rock-infused crystal ball. It captures that universal human curiosity about what’s coming next. The Dutch band taps into a kind of existential exploration, backed by electric guitars and punctuated rhythms. It’s a head-bobber that’ll have you thinking.


20. “The Future Starts Slow” – The Kills

Album: Blood Pressures
Date Released: April 2011
If urgency had a sound, it might be “The Future Starts Slow” by The Kills. This track is a ticking clock, a call to action cloaked in indie rock stylings. It doesn’t just make you think about the future; it propels you towards it with a sense of intense immediacy.

Check out the official music video from YouTube for some inspiration.

21. “Future People” – Alabama Shakes

Album: Sound & Color
Date Released: April 2015
Alabama Shakes serve up a southern-fried vision of tomorrow with “Future People.” This song is like the soundtrack to a community gathering around a bonfire, where everyone’s invited to imagine a brighter, shared future. It’s soulful, uplifting, and peppered with gritty guitars.


22. “Mr. Roboto” – Styx

Album: Kilroy Was Here
Date Released: February 1983
“Mr. Roboto” by Styx is a trip down memory lane and a leap into the future all in one. With its robotic voice effects and synthesized beats, the song captures a sci-fi vibe that makes you question man’s relationship with technology. It’s both a cautionary tale and a foot-tapping classic.


23. “Future World” – Helloween

Album: Walls of Jericho
Date Released: January 1986
Metal fans, take note: “Future World” by Helloween is your anthem for embracing the unknown. With blistering guitars and high-octane vocals, this track paints a vivid picture of a world yet to come, all wrapped up in head-banging glory. It’s the future at its most electrifying.


24. “Future Starts Now” – Kim Petras

Album: N/A (Single)
Date Released: August 2021
Kim Petras makes the future sound like a party you don’t want to miss. “Future Starts Now” is a pure pop confection, filled with infectious hooks and a beat that keeps the energy up. This is the tune for those who want to dance their way into tomorrow, one dazzling step at a time.

The official music video of this upbeat music is enough to get you up and thinking about a brighter future.


25. “Next Year” – Foo Fighters

Album: There Is Nothing Left to Lose
Date Released: November 1999
Foo Fighters offer a kind of melodic resolution with “Next Year.” It’s like that sigh of relief after a long day, coupled with the promise of a new dawn. This rock ballad is both nostalgic and future-focused, reminding us that no matter what, there’s always another shot at a fresh start.


26. “Future Reflections” – MGMT

Album: Oracular Spectacular
Date Released: October 2007
If ever there was a song to contemplate your destiny to, it’s “Future Reflections” by MGMT. With its trippy rhythms and ethereal synths, this track feels like a lucid dream where time folds in on itself. It encourages listeners to ponder not just what’s next, but how today’s choices echo into tomorrow.


27. “Song for a Future Generation” – B-52s

Album: Whammy!
Date Released: April 1983
Get ready to boogie into tomorrow! “Song for a Future Generation” is like the B-52s’ love letter to everyone carving out a spot in the time to come. It’s kitschy, playful, and filled with that classic B-52s charm. If you’re searching for a tune to inspire a better world, consider this your rallying cry.


28. “Future” – Paramore

Album: Paramore
Date Released: April 2013
Paramore’s “Future” is a journey from introspection to outward action. With its slow build and crescendo into raw power, it captures the tumultuous emotions tied to facing what’s ahead. It’s as if the song itself is hurtling through time, growing stronger as it races towards whatever comes next.


29. “Time to Pretend” – MGMT

Album: Oracular Spectacular
Date Released: October 2007
A bittersweet cocktail of ambition and reality, MGMT’s “Time to Pretend” explores the duality of chasing dreams while pondering life’s inevitable paths. It’s a synth-heavy dreamscape, with lyrics that make you question the fantasy versus the future.


30. “In the Year 2525” – Zager and Evans

Album: 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)
Date Released: 1969
This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Zager and Evans take us on a whirlwind through centuries, questioning human evolution and moral choices. It’s a speculative gem, with each verse launching you deeper into future timelines.


31. “Talking ’bout a Revolution” – Tracy Chapman

Album: Tracy Chapman
Date Released: April 1988
Though rooted in social issues of its time, “Talking ’bout a Revolution” by Tracy Chapman offers timeless insights into a future striving for equality and justice. The soul-stirring acoustics make it as relevant today as it was decades ago.


32. “Midnight City” – M83

Album: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Date Released: October 2011
If the future had a dreamy side, it’d sound like “Midnight City” by M83. The song’s electronic layers and memorable saxophone solo deliver a vision of a futuristic cityscape, capturing the essence of nights yet to be lived.


33. “Somewhere Only We Know” – Keane

Album: Hopes and Fears
Date Released: May 2004
This tune is all about seeking a sanctuary in an ever-changing world. Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” beckons us toward a hopeful future while cherishing intimate moments that make life worth living.


34. “The Man” – Aloe Blacc

Album: Lift Your Spirit
Date Released: September 2013
Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” is an anthem for anyone aiming to shape their own destiny. It’s empowering and feel-good, instilling a sense of confidence that makes the future look like a challenge you’re ready to conquer.


35. “Day ‘n’ Nite” – Kid Cudi

Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day
Date Released: September 2008
Kid Cudi’s introspective lyrics meld with a hypnotic beat to offer a glimpse of future possibilities, all while coping with the challenges of the present. “Day ‘n’ Nite” is like a musical meditation, providing solace and vision for what may come.


36. “They Say Vision” – Res

Album: How I Do
Date Released: June 2001
When it comes to peering through the looking glass of time, Res’s “They Say Vision” serves as both a telescope and a mirror. It’s a compelling blend of hip hop and rock, with a dash of electronica, that grapples with the power of perspective. The hip hop song dives into the complexities of predicting the future by understanding the present—almost like deciphering sheet music before ever hearing the tune. With its genre-bending composition and insightful lyrics, “They Say Vision” leaves you contemplating what you’re seeing for your future and how your actions today influence that ever-mysterious tomorrow. It’s the kind of song that sticks with you, a mental note in a melodic form, reminding you that vision is the first step to actualization.