As a soulful and introspective artist, The Weeknd has garnered fame with his impeccable ability to capture our hearts with his love songs. Known for his velvety voice and heartfelt lyrics, these songs explore the ups and downs of love, the joy and pain of relationships, and the complexity of romantic connections.

Whether it’s a comforting ode to the end of a long day or the heart-wrenching loss of a lover, The Weeknd’s music is filled with raw emotion that resonates with anyone who has ever loved and lost.


“Earned It” – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s “Earned It” is a sensually-driven love ballad infused with sultry R&B beats that captivate listeners’ senses. Displaying his emotive vocal range, the Canadian crooner’s hypnotic performance is fitting for the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack in which it was featured. Shrouded in seduction, “Earned It” will undoubtedly leave fans yearning for more of The Weeknd’s smooth love songs.


“Call Out My Name” – The Weeknd

“Call Out My Name” is a melancholic expression of a heart-wrenching love that leaves the protagonist yearning and vulnerable. The Weeknd spills his emotions through the ethereal melody and raw lyrics, touching the listener’s soul with his honest admission of loving someone more than himself.

The song embodies the sentiment of a love that is both consuming and liberating, that makes one want to give everything until there’s nothing left. With its hypnotic beats and introspective lyrics, this ballad is a testament to The Weeknd’s musical genius and his ability to capture the essence of love in his music.


“Die For You” – The Weeknd

“Die For You” exudes passion in every beat, with The Weeknd’s soulful vocals expressing his unwavering devotion to his lover. The lyrics poetically convey his desire to give his all to someone, to the point of losing himself, and the haunting melody underscores the intensity of his emotions.

The song showcases The Weeknd’s ability to explore love and its complexities in his music, making it a standout in his collection of heartfeltness.


“Wasted Times” – The Weeknd

“Wasted Times” from The Weeknd’s “My Dear Melancholy,” EP is a poignant love song that captures the rawness of a failed relationship. The track is an honest reflection on lost love and the emotional turmoil that comes with it. Through his signature blend of R&B and pop, The Weeknd conveys the complexities of heartbreak with piercing lyrics that touch the soul.

The production is dreamy and soulful, with smooth synths and guitar riffs that add to the song’s melancholic feel. “Wasted Times” is a heartbreaking ballad that showcases The Weeknd’s ability to capture the essence of love and pain in his music.


“I Was Never There” – The Weeknd ft. Gesaffelstein

“I Was Never There” is a somber and introspective track that explores the complexities of love and loss in a way that only The Weeknd can. The hauntingly beautiful production and emotional lyricism captures the vulnerability and pain of a failed relationship, leaving listeners with a sense of confusion and heartache.

The Weeknd’s raw, unfiltered and authentic portrayal of love gone wrong is what makes this song a standout amongst his impressive collection of love songs.


“Angel” – The Weeknd

As one of The Weeknd’s many love-focused tracks, ‘Angel’ is a soulful, introspective look at a relationship’s complexities. The haunting production and emotive vocals weave together to create a song that is both mysterious and vulnerable, speaking to the ambiguous and often turbulent nature of love.


“As You Are” – The Weeknd

“As You Are” is a tender ballad that speaks to The Weeknd’s deep affection for his partner. The song is infused with an air of vulnerability, as the singer shares his fears and doubts about their relationship, yet ultimately reassuring his lover that he loves her just the way she is.

The track’s soaring melodies and soul-baring lyrics nod to The Weeknd’s capacity for unguarded emotional expression which is a hallmark of his music. It’s a captivating track that showcases The Weeknd’s ability to craft songs that grip the heart and resonate deeply with listeners.


“Kiss Land” – The Weeknd

“Kiss Land” undoubtedly represents a pinnacle of artistic expression as The Weeknd recounts his experience in an ambiguous, yet strangely beautiful landscape of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. The track is a perfect composition of emotive lyrics, catchy melodies, and velvet-smooth vocals, evoking a sense of bittersweet nostalgia as the listener is caught up in the intricate tales of love and loss that have become the cornerstone of The Weeknd’s artistry.

Truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word, “Kiss Land” showcases the raw talent and lyrical prowess of one of the greatest musicians of our time.


“Belong To The World” – The Weeknd

A standout in The Weeknd’s repertoire of love songs, “Belong To The World” showcases the artist’s signature fusion of haunting melodies and distinctive vocals. The track, which exudes a sense of longing and desperation, takes the listener on a journey of love and heartbreak, with each verse more poignant than the last.

The Weeknd’s raw and emotive delivery, combined with the track’s lush instrumentation, sets the scene for a romance that is both fleeting and all-consuming. “Belong To The World” is a testament to The Weeknd’s ability to capture the complexities of love in his music.


“The Hills” – The Weeknd

“The Hills” is one of The Weeknd’s most popular love songs. It features a haunting melody and evocative lyrics that capture the intense passion and emotional turmoil of a tumultuous romantic relationship. The song’s production blends moody, atmospheric instrumentation with hard-hitting beats, creating a seductive, mesmerizing sonic landscape that perfectly complements The Weeknd’s raw, emotive vocal delivery.

Its enigmatic lyrics invite multiple interpretations, leaving listeners to ponder the meaning behind its cryptic references to darkness, desire, and disillusionment. Ultimately, “The Hills” is a powerful ode to the all-consuming, often destructive nature of love.