Sometimes, the call to escape is too strong to ignore. Our feet start tapping, our hearts racing, and we feel the need to break away from our routine and venture into the unknown. This is where songs about running away come in – they offer a musical escape that is just as captivating, sometimes even more so, than the act of physically fleeing. From soulful ballads to upbeat anthems, these songs capture the restlessness and desire for adventure that lies within
us all.

Come along as we explore the power of running away through music.



“Runaway” – Bon Jovi

The opening track of Bon Jovi’s debut self-titled album – “Runaway” – recounts a classic tale of departure and estrangement. The song describes a young woman yearning to leave behind her humdrum life and find something more exciting. With Jon Bon Jovi’s electric guitar riffs and soaring vocals, the song captures the sense of restlessness and anticipation that often accompanies a runaway’s journey. “Runaway” remains an enduring rock classic, and a fitting anthem for anyone seeking to escape the status quo.

“Runaway Train” – Soul Asylum

The song by Soul Asylum is a moving narrative that visualizes the struggles and traumas children undergo, often culminating in running away to escape the turbulence. Through vivid lyrics and poignant melodies, David Pirner’s lyrics provide an insight into the agony kids endure and the fatal decisions they take.

In essence, “Runaway Train” charts the empty and harrowing experience of realizing that the streetlights can offer no respite from the dark alleys and brooding shadows.

“Runaway Baby” – Bruno Mars

“Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars is an up-tempo pop song that captures the sentiment of a free-spirited lover, who is always on the run. With its funky beats, electrifying horns, and Mars’ lively vocals, the song evokes the thrill and excitement of running away with someone across the city and beyond.

The melody is catchy, and the lyrics are playful, making it a perfect tune for anyone who wants to escape from their monotonous routine and embark on a wild adventure. Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby” is a fun-filled number that will get you tapping your feet and
singing along in no time.

“Runaway Love” – Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige

“Runaway Love” by Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige is a gripping song about the complex and heart-wrenching reality of running away, delving into the struggles and hardships of individuals who are forced to flee their homes and loved ones.

With powerful lyrics and a soul-stirring melody, this song paints a vivid picture of the harrowing experiences of runaway youths, highlighting their feelings of fear, desperation, and hopelessness in a world that often turns a
blind eye to their struggles.”

“Runaway” – Kanye West ft. Pusha T

“Runaway” by Kanye West featuring Pusha T is an emotional exploration of the act of running away, with an atmospheric, introspective sound that conveys a sense of isolation and desperation. Kanye raps about his personal demons, while Pusha T contributes a verse that deals with the allure of escaping to a life of luxury and excess.

Together, they paint a picture of a person on the brink of breaking free, trying to navigate the complicated feelings that come with leaving everything behind. The production is moody and haunting, with a haunting choir that
adds an extra layer of mystery to the song.


“Runaway” – Del Shannon

Del Shannon’s “Runaway” is a classic hit about the desire to get away from it all. The song’s catchy chorus, driven by the iconic riff of the keyboard solo, captures the protagonist’s overwhelming impulse to escape from a difficult situation. Written in 1961, it’s a testament to the timeless universal feeling of wanting to break free and start anew. Shannon’s voice adds a layer of pathos to the lyrics, making “Runaway” a song that resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

“Runaway” – The Corrs

In The Corrs’ “Runaway,” despair and hope intertwine seamlessly as the protagonist reflects on her troubled life and a desire to flee from it all. The poignant narrative, carried along by the haunting vocals and the gentle guitar melodies, speaks to the universal longing for escape and a fresh start. The song’s evocative lyrics and mellifluous melody make it a powerful anthem for those who have contemplated or acted on the urge to run away from their circumstances.

“Runaway” – Linkin Park

“Runaway” by Linkin Park explores the theme of abandoning someone or something, specifically running away from oneself. The song utilizes a dynamic blend of electronic beats and rock instrumentation to create a soundscape that amplifies the urgency and desperation of feeling trapped. Chester Bennington’s powerful vocals express the emotional turmoil associated with seeking escape, making for a captivating listening experience.

“Runaway” showcases Linkin Park’s signature fusion of genres and skillful songwriting, resulting in a poignant and
reflective addition to any “songs about running away” playlist.

“Runaway” – Aurora

With a soaring soundscape, Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora expresses a restless desire to escape from a claustrophobic existence in “Runaway.” The slow-building track brims with a blend of haunting melancholy and uplifting optimism as Aurora’s ethereal vocals take centre stage.

The song is both wistful and purposeful, weaving together themes of self-discovery and self-acceptance with a gripping sincerity that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt a longing to break free from the shackles of everyday life.

“Runaway” – Galantis

Galantis’s “Runaway” is an electrifying EDM track that portrays an individual on the verge of running away, caught in a moment where they long for escape. The infectious beat, paired with powerful vocals, encapsulates the bittersweet vibe of leaving everything behind and searching for something more.

The song’s lyrics paint a picture of a person who is not quite sure where they are going but feels confident that they must leave. The chorus acts as an emotive call to action, beckoning listeners to come along for the ride and join in on the adventure.

“Runaway” – Jefferson Starship

“Runaway” by Jefferson Starship features a rich instrumental arrangement and soaring vocals that enhance the captivating storytelling about the struggle of wanting to escape and feeling trapped in a world that feels suffocating. The intricate lyricism explores themes of disillusionment, longing for freedom and the complexities of relationships, making it a timeless classic that has resonated with listeners for generations. The song carries a whimsical and mysterious allure that will have listeners hooked from start to finish.

“Runaway” – Pink

The ethereal and enigmatic Pink delivers with “Runaway”, a tune with a soulful melody that reflects the bittersweet emotions that come with wanting to escape from the struggles of life. Her haunting vocals and subdued instrumentals make this song an ode to the complexity of the runaway experience, leaving listeners with an enigmatic sense of longing.

“Runaway” – Ed Sheeran

With Ed Sheeran’s signature expressive vocals, “Runaway” is an emotive ballad about escaping from a tumultuous relationship and longing to start anew in a faraway place. The heartfelt lyrics paint vivid images of running away to a land of endless possibilities, accompanied by soothing acoustic melodies that perfectly complement the song’s bittersweet mood.

Overall, “Runaway” exudes a sense of universal relatability, making it a captivating addition to any playlist of songs about leaving everything behind to chase one’s dreams.

“Runaway” – The National

“The National’s ‘Runaway’ is a poignant exploration of the desire to escape from oneself and the past. Matt Berninger’s hushed, contemplative vocals play against a backdrop of shimmering synths and sparse plucked guitars, creating an eerie sense of introspection and longing.

The lyrics are heavy with symbolism and metaphor, hinting at a troubled inner life and a need to break free from the shackles of memory and regret. It’s a haunting, deeply atmospheric gem that captures the essence of the theme of running away in all its complex, nuanced glory.”

“Runaway” – Kanye West ft. Bon Iver

One song about running away that captivates the senses is by rapper-producer Kanye West featuring indie-folk singer-songwriter Bon Iver. The track has a somber start and builds with variations of Bon Iver’s voice and Kanye’s soulful rap cadence. The lyrics and streaming sections speak of a toxic relationship and the desire to escape from it. The production is layered, experimental, and grand, with moments of distorted melodies that express the tumultuousness of the emotions experienced when one is thinking of running away.

“Runaway” – The Killers

This particular composition, crafted by the highly acclaimed rock band The Killers, captures the essence of teenage rebellion and angst through its vivid lyrics, and imparts the message of breaking free from the shackles of societal norms. The edgy guitar riffs and the thumping bassline sync with the darkness of the subject matter, creating an overall enigma.

The song, while initially sounding upbeat, harbors a sense of desperation and hopelessness that’s familiar to those who feel stuck in their current situation and yearn for a way out.

“Runaway” – Maroon 5

One track that emerges in discussions about music on running away is by Maroon 5. With an agile melody and Adam Levine’s recognizable voice, the tune effortlessly captures complex emotions about escape and yearning to break free. Listeners may appreciate the song’s vague lyrics, which can apply to various circumstances, and the almost anthemic chorus makes it perfect for blasting out with the windows down.

“Runaway” – Janet Jackson

One particular track by the legendary pop diva is a great candidate for inclusion in any list of songs about running away. This particular track, although not one of her biggest hits, captures the feeling of escape and liberation one feels when they decide to leave their problems behind and start anew.

With its infectious hook and smooth instrumentation, this song perfectly captures the sense of adventure and longing that comes with the idea of leaving everything behind and running away. It’s sure to be a favorite among those who dream of leaving the past behind and embarking on an exciting new journey.

“Runaway” – Avril Lavigne

“Runaway” by Avril Lavigne conveys a sense of teenage rebellion with a playful yet defiant attitude. The introspective lyrics tell a story of a young girl considering leaving behind her mundane life for a chance at something more exciting. Lavigne uses a burst of energy in her vocals to match the song’s upbeat tempo, capturing the emotional turmoil of wanting to escape and break free of society’s expectations. Overall, “Runaway” is a relatable anthem for those feeling stuck and dreaming of running away.

“Runaway” – Passenger

“Passenger’s evocative ballad speaks of the consequences of yearning to escape our mundane lives and choosing to run away, leaving everything behind. With a poignant melody and metaphorical lyrics, the song reminds its listeners that running away from your problems, even if sometimes it seems like the only solution, often only leads to a deep sense of loneliness.”