Mana, the legendary Mexican rock band, has graced our ears with their timeless hits for decades now. From soulful ballads to energetic rock anthems, they have consistently delivered songs that transcend time and space. Their innovative blend of Latin rhythms with rock and pop has not only won over audiences in their native country but has also captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

While their discography boasts a plethora of memorable tunes, it’s their unwavering warmth and spirit that make each song unique, bringing listeners together and reminding us all of the power of music to unite.



“Rayando El Sol” – Mana

Mana has an extensive catalog of thought-provoking songs, and “Rayando El Sol” is no exception. The song showcases the band’s signature blend of rock and Latin rhythms with its catchy melody and lyrics that evoke emotions of longing and passion.

The lead singer’s mesmerizing voice coupled with the guitar solos serves to emphasize the song’s intensity. It’s no wonder that “Rayando El Sol” has become a fan favorite, resonating with listeners both young and old.


“Oye Mi Amor” – Mana

“Oye Mi Amor” is a Latin rock hit from the acclaimed Mexican band, Mana. The song bursts with a groovy guitar riff and upbeat rhythms that drive the energy of the track.

The lyrics tell a jovial story of a man infatuated with a woman and his playful attempts to win her heart. The song’s distinctive sound and lively lyrics have made it a fan favorite and staple at Mana’s live shows for over two decades


“Labios Compartidos” – Mana

“Labios Compartidos” by the Latin rock band Mana is a riveting track that features the emotive lyrics and soaring soundscapes the group is known for. The song’s pulsating beats and catchy melodies grab the listener’s attention, while its introspective lyrics explore themes of love, heartbreak, and emotional vulnerability.

Through the use of evocative imagery and poetic language, Mana paints a vivid picture of the tumultuous twists and turns of romantic relationships, creating a powerful and cathartic listening experience for fans of the band’s music.


“En El Muelle De San Blas” – Mana

The enchanting “En El Muelle De San Blas” by Mana tells the story of a long lost love and the yearning to reconnect, delivered with captivating vocals and captivating instrumentation. The track’s wistful and romantic tone, coupled with its vivid imagery, make it a standout in the Mana discography, and a classic of Latin American rock.

Its beautiful melody and haunting lyrics make it a hit with fans and a staple of the band’s live performances.


“Mariposa Traicionera” – Mana

“Mariposa Traicionera” is a haunting and melancholic track that seamlessly blends rock and pop influences, showcasing Mana’s immense versatility as a band. The lyrics are filled with poignant imagery and vivid metaphors, exploring themes of betrayal, heartbreak, and lost love with evocative honesty.

The intricate guitar work, soaring vocals, and dynamic percussion create a richly layered sonic landscape that captures the emotional intensity and complexity of the song’s message. It is a timeless classic that has cemented Mana’s status as one of the most iconic and enduring bands of all time.

“Vivir Sin Aire” – Mana

Mana’s “Vivir Sin Aire” is a stirring ballad that is sure to leave listeners breathless. The track’s captivating melody and powerful vocals are accompanied by evocative lyrics that explore the complexities of love, loss and perseverance.

With its hauntingly beautiful arrangement and emotionally charged delivery, this song stands out as a true masterpiece of Latin American music. Any fan of Mana’s work would surely appreciate the depth and artistry on display in “Vivir Sin Aire.”


“Me Vale” – Mana

“Me Vale” by Mana is a song that exudes an air of indifference towards problems. As the name of the song suggests, it implies “I don’t care,” and its upbeat tune makes it an easy listen for anyone. The song’s lyrics and instrumentation capture Mana’s essence: they tend to translate their experiences and thoughts into their music.

Furthermore, the song’s message of not giving importance to what society thinks about you, makes it an anthem to challenge norms and live life on your terms.


“El Verdadero Amor Perdona” – Mana

“El Verdadero Amor Perdona” by Mana is a stirring and contemplative track that ponders the complexities of forgiveness in romantic relationships. With its haunting melody and intense lyrics, the song explores the feelings of betrayal and hurt that can arise when trust is broken, while ultimately suggesting that genuine love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds.

Through its evocative and soulful sound, “El Verdadero Amor Perdona” serves as a testament to Mana’s exceptional artistry and powerful emotional range.


“Como Te Deseo” – Mana

Mana’s “Como Te Deseo” is an electric and evocative track that showcases the band’s exceptional musicianship and powerful lyrics. With an intoxicating blend of soaring guitar melodies and emotive vocals, this song tells a story of unrequited love and longing that is sure to resonate with fans.

The track’s dynamic instrumentation and emotive delivery work together to create a spellbinding listening experience that underscores Mana’s status as one of the greatest Latin rock bands of all time.


“Bendita Tu Luz” – Mana

“Bendita Tu Luz” ranks among the gems of Mana’s discography, a laudable blend of rock, reggae, and Latin rhythms that elevate the song’s emotional core. The composition allures listeners through its introspective verses and a memorable chorus that packs a punch, leading to a satisfying catharsis.

With poignant lyrics and an infectious melody, it’s hard to resist the song’s spell-binding charm, and it’s no surprise it has earned its place as a fan favorite.


“Clavado En Un Bar” – Mana

Number 12 on the list is a buoyant track that encourages a carefree attitude. It’s one of the band’s most popular songs and has become a quintessential part of their live shows. The song’s cheerful melody and playful lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding listeners of the carefree days of youth.

With its infectious rhythm and feel-good vibes, this song is a testament to Mana’s unique sound and enduring popularity.

“Hasta Que Te Conocí” – Mana

This track stands out as a soulful ballad that showcases Mana’s ability to blend traditional Latin American rhythms with rock elements. “Hasta Que Te Conocí” is a poignant song about the pain of losing someone and the regret of not fully appreciating them while they were still around.

Mana’s emotive vocals are backed by subdued and delicate guitars, creating a hauntingly beautiful piece that lingers in the mind long after it ends. It’s a testament to Mana’s versatility as a band and their ability to evoke strong emotions through their music.


“Manda Una Señal” – Mana

Mana’s “Manda Una Señal” is a captivating ballad, evincing the powerful emotions of love, longing, and melancholy. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, and Fher’s raspy vocals perfectly reflect the song’s emotive lyrics.

The song’s powerful chorus and the beautifully crafted instrumentation make it a standout among the band’s discography. “Manda Una Señal” is testament to Mana’s unique ability to convey profound emotions through their music, and a must-listen for fans of the band.


“El Rey Tiburón” – Mana

Mana’s “El Rey Tiburón” is a captivating tune that’s characterized by its lively, upbeat melody and evocative lyrics. With its catchy guitar riffs and buoyant tempo, the song provides a fitting showcase for the band’s Latin-influenced musical style.

The lyrics explore themes of love and heartbreak, drawing listeners in with their emotional depth and poetic beauty. Overall, “El Rey Tiburón” is a quintessential example of the type of inspiring and uplifting music that Mana is renowned for.


“Si No Te Hubieras Ido” – Mana

Perhaps one of the most well-known songs by Mana, “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” showcases the band’s signature fusion of rock, pop, and Latin sounds, with a heartfelt ballad that speaks to the pain and regret of losing a loved one. The captivating melodies and emotive lyrics capture a sense of yearning and sadness that is both relatable and deeply moving, while the band’s musical prowess and unique style make for an unforgettable listening experience.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mana or just discovering their music for the first time, “Si No Te Hubieras Ido” is a must-listen track that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


“De Pies A Cabeza” – Mana ft. Nicky Jam

One captivating addition to Mana’s impressive discography is their collaboration with Nicky Jam in “De Pies A Cabeza.” This dynamic track showcases the band’s mastery of Latin rock infused with urban sounds, as they seamlessly blend their style with Jam’s reggaeton vibe.

The beat is electrifying, the lyrics are emotive, and the duo’s chemistry is unquestionable. It has become a fan favorite and a must-have in the playlist of any Mana aficionado.


“Te Llore Un Rio” – Mana

“Te Llore Un Rio” is a poignant ballad by the iconic Mexican rock band, Mana. The emotionally charged lyrics delve into the depths of heartbreak and despair, describing the pain of losing a loved one. The melancholic melody creates a haunting atmosphere, conveying the grief and torment of the narrator.

Mana’s masterful songwriting and musical prowess are on full display in this heart-wrenching track, making it a quintessential part of their discography.


“Eres Mi Religión” – Mana

Mana’s “Eres Mi Religión” is a captivating ballad with a soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics. The vocal performance is laced with an authentic passion that connects with the listener on a deeper level. The song’s instrumentation is favorable, creating a luscious soundscape, and the harmonies are executed gracefully.

“Eres Mi Religión” is a striking track that showcases Mana’s exceptional musical talent and is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens.


“Arde El Cielo” – Mana

“Arde El Cielo,” a powerful song by the iconic Latin rock band Mana, is a showcase of the band’s talent for capturing intense emotions in their music. With soaring vocals and dynamic instrumentation, the song reflects on the intense desire and longing that can arise in relationships.

The title itself, which translates to “The Sky Is Burning,” conveys a sense of urgency and passion that is palpable throughout the song. Fans of Mana’s classic rock sound will appreciate the energy and intensity of “Arde El Cielo.”


“La Sirena” – Mana

Track 22, “La Sirena” is an ethereal track by the acclaimed Mexican rock band, Mana. Characterized by atmospheric synths, haunting vocals, and driving percussion, the song immerses the listener in a fantastical world inspired by the siren of Greek mythology.

With its hypnotic melodies and evocative lyrics, “La Sirena” is one of Mana’s most enchanting compositions and a testament to the band’s enduring legacy in Latin music.