Farting – it’s a subject that tends to be met with either giggling or disgust, but rarely anything in between. However, while some may find it distasteful, this bodily function has served as inspiration for many musicians over the years, resulting in a sub-genre that has become affectionately known as the “fart song.”

These irreverent tunes celebrate the humorous side of flatulence, with catchy lyrics and catchy melodies that are sure to make you laugh – or at least cringe – with each listen.


“Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit” – Traditional

“Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit” is a traditional American children’s song that playfully talks about flatulence caused by eating beans. The catchy tune and innocent lyrics have made it a popular song at campfires and classrooms for generations.

The song’s usage of the word “musical” and the playful reference to beans as the “fruit” is a witty example of wordplay that has made this song a timeless classic.



“Farting in the USA” – Parry Gripp

The composition in question presents itself as a sonorous homage to the fitful, though often percussive emanations from the anal sphincter. Its artist, a vibrant and promising talent, seeks to explore the sonic possibilities of flatulence in his unique brand of music.

With its buoyant, almost whimsical energy and delightful ebbs and flows of sound, this piece successfully captures the lighthearted and joyous nature of passing gas.


“Farting Preacher” – Remix by DJ Detweiler

The track in question is an extraordinary remix that augments the already-provocative nature of the original recording. The sonic rearrangements are expertly executed, generating a surge of striking and unpredictable rhythms that relentlessly captivate the listener.

The raw energy of the music is perfectly suited to the irreverent subject matter at hand, resulting in a truly memorable sonic experience.


“Farting Santa” – The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

“The Farting Santa” is an amusing tune that is sure to get your feet moving and your sides splitting with laughter. This particular number marries a catchy rhythm with comical sound effects that will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone. The song’s overtly juvenile lyrics and spirited beat make it an excellent addition to any humorous musical collection.


“The Fart Song” – Rhett and Link

In this particular musical composition, the esteemed Gregory Brothers explore the intricate sounds and chaotic rhythms of an unexpected bodily function that has long been a source of both amusement and disgust. With its pulsating beat and catchy melody, the song manages to capture the essence of “flatulence” in a way that is both playful and irreverent.

Despite its seemingly crude subject matter, “The Fart Song” is a testament to the power of music to transform even the most taboo topics into something that is both entertaining and engaging.