aLet’s rewind in time and plug into a story that’s got more bounce than a 90s boombox. You know the name, you’ve heard the tunes – even if you did not want them to get stuck in your head.

It’s none other than the ever-present, ever-popular tween pop extraordinaire – KIDZ BOP.

The magic of popular radio singles with the joy of being performed by kids, this tween-pop sensation has been dropping the beat and releasing family-friendly music since 2001.

But, who’s the genius behind this young musical pop group?

Who owns Kidz Bop?

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes and discover who’s got the KIDZ BOP groove.


The Kidz Bop Founders

From birthday parties to billboards, KIDZ BOP has rocked the nation with its delightful tunes since its inception. Offering kids a taste of pop music that they can relate to, the group’s founders Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld masterfully blended popular pop songs with a sprinkle of childhood innocence and family-friendly music.

Through their label Razor & Tie, KIDZ BOP soon struck a chord with school-aged kids, filling a void previously untouched.


Which Music Label Owns Kidz Bop Today?

All good things evolve, and so did the ownership of the KIDZ BOP group.

So, who owns KIDZ BOP?

Today, KIDZ BOP Enterprises LLC is a significant part of the Concord Music Group, a vast musical empire that hosts various labels, including Fearless and STAX Records.

Concord’s music leaders have seamlessly carried forward the legacy of the American children’s music group known as KIDZ BOP, ensuring the brand remains fresh, vibrant, and loved.

That brings us to the current President of Kidz Bop – Sasha Junk.



Who is Kidz Bop CEO?

While there is not an “official” CEO of Kidz Bop – the leadership comes to the president of the music group, Sasha Junk.

Sasha Junk is the dynamic president of KIDZ BOP, a position she’s held with finesse for over 13 years. Her journey at the helm of this successful music brand has been a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and business growth.

Sasha’s tenure at KIDZ BOP has been marked by significant milestones.

She was instrumental in launching the brand’s touring division and cultivating a vital partnership with Live Nation, a leader in live entertainment.

Her leadership also guided the popular music group through a significant industry transition – the shift from Kidz Bop CDs to streaming, a move that not only reshaped the music industry but opened up new avenues for the brand.

Junk has spearheaded major brand alliances and has been able to sign deals with popular brands like Subway, Dollar Car Rental, and Mattel.

In addition to her role as president, Sasha serves as an influential figure for the KIDZ BOP kids. She is often involved in nurturing their talent, overseeing their education, and ensuring they find the balance between their rising stardom and regular childhood.

Sasha’s vision for KIDZ BOP is not only about producing chart-topping music but also about creating a supportive and enriching environment for young artists.



The Legal Notes – Navigating the Music Law Maze

Ever wonder why KIDZ BOP isn’t in a constant legal battle over its covers? Well, as long as they’re ticking off all the right boxes when it comes to paying mechanicals and publishing (aka royalties), they’re good to groove.

Thanks to their solid reputation and excellent relationships with publishers, KIDZ BOP keeps the tunes coming without a hiccup.


The KIDZ BOP Crew – The Talent Behind the Tracks

The magic of the group is brought to life by the talented young performers who are handpicked through a national KIDZ BOP casting call.

These performers, as young as 12 and as old as 14, are the heart and soul of KIDZ BOP. They’re not just performers but ambassadors of the brand, inspiring the target audience of five to nine-year-olds with their musical prowess.


Celebrity Alumni – Where are they now?

Did you know? Some of the KIDZ BOP alum have made quite a name for themselves. Zendaya, Ross Lynch, and Becky G – all of them started their journey with KIDZ BOP! However, not every KIDZ BOP artist chooses to continue in the limelight. Some prefer to step off the stage and enjoy the simple pleasures of being a kid, which Sasha Junk finds just as rewarding.


Education and KIDZ BOP – Striking the Right Balance

Wondering how these young stars manage school along with their skyrocketing careers? Well, it’s all about balance. The musical group’s crew is provided with an excellent education through a team of dedicated teachers who accompany them on tours, video shoots, and recording sessions. Maintaining good grades is a must for these performers, proving that they are not just stars on stage but also in academics.


Popularity and Success – The KIDZ BOP Phenomenon

The popularity within the KIDZ BOP brand is quite the sensation!

With over 34 million subscribers on its SiriusXM channel and a consistent spot on Billboard’s Kids Artists chart for over a decade, their success has outlived many music industry trends. The reason? It’s fun, catchy, and has a universal appeal.


Going Beyond Songs with KIDZ BOP Music Videos

KIDZ BOP videos are a colorful and energetic extension of their music, providing a visual treat that complements their catchy tunes.

These music videos are often as popular as the songs themselves, appealing to kids and parents alike with their fun choreography and family-friendly themes.

Featuring the talented KIDZ BOP kids, these videos bring the music to life with vibrant performances and dynamic storytelling.

Each video is a mini-adventure, sometimes transporting viewers to fantastical worlds, other times giving a behind-the-scenes peek into the life of a KIDZ BOP artist.

The videos also play a significant role in the brand’s digital presence, amassing millions of views on its Youtube channel.

They showcase the talent and personality of the KIDZ BOP kids, making them relatable and aspirational figures for their young viewers.

In essence, KIDZ BOP videos are much more than music set to moving pictures. They are an integral part of the KIDZ BOP experience, combining visual artistry with musical talent to create engaging content for their young audience.


Concord Music Group – the Music Company Behind the Artist

The brains behind the KIDZ BOP phenomenon are none other than Concord Music Group, the multi-million dollar company that works with music-related content.

They are the music brand that has an ensemble of talented young artists making the magic happen.

With over 74 albums released since 2001, this kid-powered hit machine shows no signs of slowing down. So, the next time you hear a KIDZ BOP cover, remember, it’s not just a song.

It’s a symphony of talent, hard work, and a whole lot of fun.