Indubitably one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary hip-hop, Trippie Redd has carved out a unique lane for himself in the midst of a crowded field. With a sound that defies easy categorization and a willingness to experiment with a wide range of styles and genres, Trippie has amassed an impressive catalogue of work over the years.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best songs in his discography, offering a deep dive into the eclectic world of this maverick artist.



“Love Scars” – Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd unleashes an emotional ballad in “Love Scars” that showcases his versatility as an artist. The Ohio-born rapper expresses his vulnerability through poetic lyrics atop a mellow beat that transitions into a trap banger.

With its catchy hook and clever wordplay, “Love Scars” exemplifies Trippie Redd’s signature blend of melodic singing and aggressive rapping.


“Dark Knight Dummo” – Trippie Redd ft. Travis Scott

Dark Knight Dummo is a standout track by Trippie Redd featuring Travis Scott. It showcases the fluidity of Trippie’s style and lyrical prowess, with both rappers going in hard over an eerie trap-influenced beat. The production style of the track is heavily influenced by video game elements. The way Trippie raps about love and life contrasts Scott’s darker tone and lyrics about getting on top.

The song is unpredictable, constantly shifting in energy, and keeps the listener engaged throughout the entirety of the track. It is undeniably one of the best songs in Trippie Redd’s discography.


“Topanga” – Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s “Topanga” is a significant entry on any “Best Trippie Redd Songs” list thanks to its wavy beat and introspective yet catchy lyrics. With a perfectly executed blend of melody and rhyme, the song showcases Trippie’s ability to project authentic emotion to the listener, creating a lasting emotional connection between the two. ”

Topanga” is an ideal representation of Trippie Redd’s talent for crafting bangers that resonate with fans on a deep level.


“Taking a Walk” – Trippie Redd

One standout in the coveted repertoire that is Trippie Redd’s music is a track that showcases his lyrical dexterity and emotive quality – it’s a song where he takes us along on a real journey. The artist’s intonation rises and falls with each line, in such a captivating way that it’s easy to get lost in his storytelling.

It’s a masterful blend of introspection and braggadocio, with a beat that puts you on edge and keeps you there. This cut undoubtedly deserves its place among the best.


“6 Kiss” – Trippie Redd ft. Juice WRLD & YNW Melly

Trippie Redd’s collaborative masterpiece with Juice WRLD and YNW Melly embodies the rapper’s unapologetic and raw style. The song enchants its listeners with a burst of moods and textures, going from melancholy to high-energy in a matter of seconds.

Trippie Redd’s and Juice WRLD’s harmonious chorus elevates the track’s overall sonic experience, making it an unforgettable testimony to the artists’ creative talents. “6 Kiss” showcases Trippie Redd’s magnetic personality while exemplifying his ability to innovate within his genre.


“Poles1469” – Trippie Redd ft. 6ix9ine

One of the standout tracks from Trippie Redd’s discography is his collaboration with fellow controversial artist 6ix9ine on “Poles1469.” The song features an upbeat trap beat paired with aggressive lyrics and dynamic flows from both artists.

Despite the controversy surrounding 6ix9ine, “Poles1469” remains a favorite among fans and showcases Trippie Redd’s ability to work well with other artists. The track also features a catchy hook sure to get stuck in your head.


“Can You Rap Like Me?” – Trippie Redd ft. Chris King

“Can You Rap Like Me?” features an audacious production, with its robust beats and hypnotic melody, providing an ideal canvas for Trippie Redd to showcase his lyrical dexterity.

His rhymes are tightly packed, with sharp wordplay and a speedy delivery, keeping listeners on their toes throughout the song. The featured artist, Chris King, also offers a stunning verse, adding to the overall potency of this fast-paced track.


“Bust Down” – Trippie Redd ft. Juice WRLD & YNW Melly

Trippie Redd’s “Bust Down” featuring Juice WRLD and YNW Melly, off his sophomore album “A Love Letter To You 4”, delivers boisterous beats and commanding vocals that permeate through the speakers. The track blends smooth melodies with hard-hitting bars that tackle themes of materialism, luxury, and fame.

With its dynamic structure and energy, “Bust Down” stands out as one of the best offerings from Trippie Redd’s discography; a must-listen for any fan of contemporary rap music.


“A Love Letter to You” – Trippie Redd ft. Juice WRLD

The penultimate track on this list showcases Trippie Redd’s knack for creating hauntingly beautiful melodies. “A Love Letter to You” captivates the listener with its introspective lyrics that relate to the complexities of relationships, blending perfectly with its romantic instrumental.

The symbiosis present throughout the track allows for Trippie Redd to tell a similarly captivating story, with a distinct and enchanting vocal performance. It’s an emotional number and worthy of its position on this countdown.


“How You Feel” – Trippie Redd

With his unique style and introspective lyrics, Trippie Redd’s “A Love Letter to You” stands out as one of his top songs. The track explores his complex relationships and emotions, with Trippie’s signature rawness and vulnerability on full display.

Ranging from melodic verses to hard-hitting choruses, “A Love Letter to You” showcases Trippie’s artistic range and proves why he’s become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.