Chase Atlantic have become a staple in the alternative music scene, known for their unique blend of alternative rock, pop, and dark R&B. Their sound has captivated audiences with each album release, leaving fans in awe of their musical prowess. With a discography spanning multiple genres, picking the best songs from the band’s catalog can be a daunting task.

However, we have distilled Chase Atlantic’s extensive library down to their must-listen tracks. Embrace yourself because this list will push you on a wild and unforgettable musical journey that will make you a lifelong Chase Atlantic fan.



“Friends” – Chase Atlantic

“Friends” is a dark and moody track that showcases the Melbourne-based trio’s range of genre-bending talents. With its brooding melodies, pulsing beat, and introspective lyrics, it’s a standout on the band’s debut album.

The way that Chase Atlantic combines elements of hip hop, rock, and pop into a cohesive and unique sound is truly impressive and “Friends” captures their signature style perfectly. It’s no wonder why this track is a fan-favorite and one of the best songs in their discography.


“Swim” – Chase Atlantic

“Swim” is an electrifying track from Chase Atlantic that showcases their bold and daring sound. With its tight production, mesmerizing vocals, and driving beats, this song is a perfect example of the band’s ability to create an immersive musical experience.

From the catchy hooks to the soaring chorus, “Swim” is a dynamic and engaging song that will leave listeners wanting more.


“Lust” – Chase Atlantic

“Lust” is a captivating track from Chase Atlantic’s repertoire that beautifully showcases their distinct sound. With an ethereal quality, the atmospheric production and haunting vocals portray a seductive pull towards indulgence and pleasure.

The lyrics, though mysterious, seem to tease out an unbridled desire, painting a distinct imagery of a dark and tempting world. It is a standout song that truly captures the essence of Chase Atlantic’s unique style.


“Okay” – Chase Atlantic

“Okay” from Chase Atlantic’s self-titled album is an infectious track that balances edgy instrumentals with smooth melodies. With a driving beat and honest lyrics about a relationship that’s past its prime, “Okay” showcases the band’s ability to craft pop hooks with a dark, moody twist. The song’s raw emotion and catchy chorus make it a standout track on an already impressive album.


“Numb to the Feeling” – Chase Atlantic

“Numb to the Feeling” is a hypnotic and enigmatic track, showcasing Chase Atlantic’s signature blend of alternative R&B and pop-infused rock. The moody beat and soaring vocals reflect the overwhelming numbness that comes with heartbreak and emotional exhaustion.

The lyrics are introspective and poignant, offering a raw reflection of one’s own emotional state when dealing with a tumultuous relationship. This song proves why Chase Atlantic is one of the most captivating bands of the modern era.


“Cassie” – Chase Atlantic

One of the most intriguing tracks from Chase Atlantic’s discography is undoubtedly “Cassie”. The song showcases the band’s artistic versatility and ability to create a complex, multi-layered sonic universe that captivates the listener from beginning to end. With its ethereal melodies, haunting vocals, and brooding lyrics, “Cassie” stands out as a true masterpiece, a sonic gem that takes the listener on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of love and human connection.

With its dreamy, otherworldly vibe, “Cassie” is definitely a highlight of Chase Atlantic’s impressive body of work.


“The Walls” – Chase Atlantic

With ethereal synths, driving basslines, and moody melodies, “The Walls” boasts a brooding and introspective atmosphere that builds and billows, capturing Chase Atlantic’s signature dark pop sound. Laden with ambient textures, the track surrenders to soaring choruses that echo the emotional weight of the lyrics.

Through its vivid imagery, “The Walls” evokes a sense of sorrow and catharsis, offering a captivating glimpse into the band’s sonic and emotional depth.


“Heaven and Back” – Chase Atlantic

One of the standout tracks from Chase Atlantic’s discography, “Heaven and Back” showcases the group’s ability to craft moody and atmospheric soundscapes. The brooding production, anchored by sparse guitar riffs and a driving bassline, creates a haunting backdrop for lead singer Mitchel Cave’s introspective lyrics.

With its combination of raw emotion and sonic intimacy, “Heaven and Back” is a prime example of Chase Atlantic’s unique brand of genre-bending alt-pop.


“Triggered” – Chase Atlantic

“Triggered” is a standout track in Chase Atlantic’s discography, showcasing their ability to combine hauntingly beautiful melodies with raw and emotional lyrics. The song touches on themes of self-doubt and depression, with the lead singer’s poignant vocals perfectly capturing the feeling of being triggered by past traumas.

The production is equally impressive, with distorted synths and trap-inspired drums adding to the song’s intense and unsettling atmosphere. Overall, “Triggered” is a stunning showcase of Chase Atlantic’s talent and artistry.


“Into It” – Chase Atlantic

“Into It” is a captivating song with a hypnotic beat that pulls you into its seductive world. The rich vocals deliver the sultry lyrics with a smooth and mysterious quality that leaves you wanting more. There is a sense of danger and vulnerability in the music that makes it both alluring and haunting.

The song showcases Chase Atlantic’s ability to create a mesmerizing sound that captures the listener’s attention. It’s a must-listen for fans of the band and a great introduction for those who are new to their music.


“Her” – Chase Atlantic

Although the band’s third album, Phases, was known for its experimentation, “Her” remains a favorite amongst fans for its intoxicating blend of haunting synths, catchy choruses, and atmospheric vocals. The track exudes an ethereal, almost otherworldly energy, while still retaining the band’s signature poetic lyricism.

It’s a testament to Chase Atlantic’s ability to combine disparate elements into a cohesive, immersive experience.


“23” – Chase Atlantic

“23” is a seductive, sultry track from Chase Atlantic that showcases the band’s ability to blend R&B grooves with alt-rock sensibilities. With its smooth vocals, hypnotic beats, and bold lyrical imagery, the song transports listeners to a world of late-night temptations and unbridled passion.

The complex rhythms and slick production add to the intrigue, making “23” a standout track on an already impressive album.