With royal connotations and a mysterious allure, the color purple has inspired countless musicians to incorporate it in their work. From classic rock to contemporary rap, the color’s enigmatic appeal has been the subject of countless songs. With its ability to represent creativity, spirituality, and rebellion, purple has become a symbol of both individuality and community.

This article explores the many songs with purple in their titles and the different ways artists have used this vibrant and versatile color as a source of inspiration.



“Purple Rain” – Prince

One of the most iconic songs of all time, this masterpiece from the late, great Prince boasts a soulful, melancholic sound that truly captures the essence of purple. The wailing guitar solos, plaintive vocals, and haunting synths come together in a swirling vortex of emotion that transports the listener to a realm of pure purple haze.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the Prince or just discovering his music for the first time, this song is sure to leave a lasting impression that will stay with you long after the last note has faded into the ether.


“Purple Haze” – Jimi Hendrix

One of the most iconic guitar solos in rock history can be found in this song, which features Jimi Hendrix’s otherworldly playing and piercing lyrics about a state of confusion due to being overwhelmed by the color purple.

The track showcases Hendrix’s unique blend of blues, rock, and psychedelic sounds, and his influence on music to this day is undeniable. Whether or not you associate the color purple with a state of disorientation, this song is sure to leave an impression.


“Purple Pills” – D12

The color purple leads our curiosity towards “Purple Pills” by D12, an enigmatic mix of hip hop and rap presenting a sprawling ode to addiction, drugs, and its effects. The lyrical content of the track is a paradoxical burst of shock and humor, juxtaposing bleak imagery with an almost playful sound.

The song has a unique ability to transmute the vague delusions of drug use into captivating wordplay, leaving the listener ruminating on the complex themes.


“Purple Lamborghini” – Skrillex & Rick Ross

The dynamic duo of Skrillex and Rick Ross brings electrifying energy to “Purple Lamborghini,” an infectious and pulsing track filled with ominous choruses and heavy drops.

With Ross’s big-hearted bravado and Skrillex’s signature sound, “Purple Lamborghini” is a gripping and exhilarating ride that amps up the intensity and refuses to let go. The track’s production is an epic blend of EDM and hip-hop, instantly recognizable and unforgettable.


“Purple Mountains” – Scott Cossu

One of the most enigmatic songs on this list is “Purple Mountains” by Scott Cossu. The track features a burst of perplexing imagery that centers around the color purple. Poetically alluding, the song balances between the serious and the absurd, painting a complex portrait of a dystopian America.

All in all, “Purple Mountains” is a classic piece of indie songwriting that stands tall with its cryptic symbolism and emotive energy.


“Purple Swag” – A$AP Rocky

“Purple Swag” by A$AP Rocky is a popular hip-hop track known for its unique, yet unconventional lyricism. The effortless flow of the rapper’s verses is complemented by the catchy, synth-laden beat. The song’s ambiguous use of the word “swag” adds an intriguing layer of perplexity to an already-unique track.

Overall, “Purple Swag” showcases A$AP Rocky’s distinctive style and reinforces his status as a boundary-pushing artist in the hip-hop sphere.


“Purple Yellow Red and Blue” – Portugal. The Man

This electrifying track by Portugal. The Man is a symphony of colors. Purple Yellow Red and Blue is an abstract anthem about the beauty and chaos of life – a colorful ode that paints a vivid picture of life’s ebbs and flows.

With a dynamic arrangement of guitars, bass, drums, and dazzling harmonies, this song is a vibrant celebration of the kaleidoscopic nature of existence. Vibrant and soul-stirring, it’s a dazzling showcase of the band’s audacious musicianship and surrealistic poetry.


“Purple Heart” – Sabaton

“Purple Heart” by Sabaton is a notable entry in the world of war metal. Its vivid and evocative lyrics describe the harsh realities of combat and the bravery of soldiers in the heat of battle.

With thunderous drums and soaring riffs, this track captures the intensity, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who wear the Purple Heart. Sabaton’s epic and bombastic sound makes “Purple Heart” a fitting tribute to those who have fought and died for their country.



“Purple Skies” – Young JC

“Purple Skies” by Young JC exudes an aura of cosmic fascination with its trap beats and dreamy melodies. The track takes listeners on a journey through the artist’s impeccable lyrical style, reflecting on his experiences with love and heartbreak.

The track’s enigmatic themes are complemented with a psychedelic soundscape, resembling the shades of purple found in sunsets and transcendent states of mind. Young JC’s narrative creates a tapestry of emotions, enlivened by the eclectic arrangement that makes “Purple Skies” an intricate piece of artistry.


“Purple People Eater” – Sheb Wooley

One noteworthy addition to the list, especially for those inclined towards novelty music, is a tune about a peculiar creature that seems to exude the color purple. Although its lyrics are whimsical, the song exhibits an impressive vocal range and a catchy melody that can easily get stuck in anyone’s head.

Fans of classic jazz and blues might pick up on its references to some classic big band hits. Overall, this song is an interesting spin on the color purple and a definite must-listen for quirky music enthusiasts.


“Purple House” – Prince

In the mystical realm of music, Prince’s “Purple House” stands tall as a testament to his extraordinary artistry. This timeless anthem, with its groove-laden beats and soulful melodies, invites us into a sonic sanctuary where creativity knows no bounds. Steeped in historical significance and cultural impact, the song emanates the essence of Prince’s musical genius.

With every note, we embark on a journey through his idiosyncratic world, where vibrant hues of passion and innovation blend harmoniously. Step into “Purple House” and let Prince’s musical wizardry envelop your senses in an electrifying embrace.

“Purple Butterfly” – Meiko

“Purple Butterfly” by Meiko is a mellow, dreamlike track that evokes a sense of wistful nostalgia and a longing for the sweet, carefree days of youth. The vocals are soft and ethereal, like the delicate fluttering of butterfly wings, and the instrumentation is simple yet effective, contributing to the overall dreamy ambiance of the song.

Whether you’re reminiscing about past loves or simply in need of a gentle escape from the chaos of the world, “Purple Butterfly” offers a tranquil place to rest your mind.


“Purple Toupee” – They Might Be Giants

Purple Toupee is a cryptic song by the avant-garde band, They Might Be Giants. The lyrics describe a show where a purple toupee is the star until it gets upstaged by a new act. The song is amorphous, with a disjointed melody and puzzling tones. Its biting sarcasm and convoluted storyline create a kaleidoscope of emotional states that can leave one perplexed yet enamored.

With its unconstrained form and vivid imagery, the song encapsulates TMBG’s unique sound and ingenuity.