In the world of modern rap and hip-hop, Brockhampton has carved out a unique niche for themselves through their hard-hitting sound and razor-sharp lyricism. Hailing from Texas, this group of talented musicians has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and their hit tunes have become anthems for fans all around the world.

With countless tracks to choose from, it can be a tough call to determine which ones are the very best, but we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of the top Brockhampton tracks that are guaranteed to get your head nodding.




Broackhampton’s “Boogie” is a perplexingly engaging track that begins with a burst of energy. The song finds its footing on a head-bobbing beat overlaid with a relentlessly rapid-fire flow by the group’s members.

With a chorus that can only be described as anthemic, “Boogie” is a fiery showcase of the group’s unmatched creativity, distinct energy, and undeniable star power. It’s a track that proves Brockhampton’s intelligent and dense lyricism can also be equal parts playful and powerful.



From the exultant chorus that issues forth with almost manic abandon to the delicate acoustic backdrop that surrounds its verses, “Sweet” is an endlessly compelling track that showcases Brockhampton’s penchant for dynamic tonal and structural shifts. The lyrics, too, are a barrage of memorable lines that move from wistful introspection to rousing, affirmational statements of identity and purpose.

An uproarious trombone section adds an extra layer of boisterous energy to the song’s already propulsive composition, making for an experience that is at once joyously cathartic and deeply meaningful.



BROCKHAMPTON’s “Gold” is a standout track that demonstrates their ability to blend various genres and styles effortlessly. The production is glossy and sleek, with a pulsating beat that keeps the energy high throughout the song. The lyrics are introspective and honest, tackling themes of fame, success, and ambition with a maturity beyond the group’s years. “Gold” strikes a perfect balance between vulnerability and bravado, resulting in a track that is both catchy and impactful.

It’s no surprise that “Gold” remains a fan favorite and one of BROCKHAMPTON’s most celebrated tracks.


“Bleach” – Brockhampton

As one of the standout tracks from Brockhampton’s ambitious “Saturation” trilogy, this track is a masterful blend of clever rhymes, memorable hooks, and infectiously catchy production. With its addictive chorus and sharp lyrics, “Bleach” showcases the group’s uncanny ability to seamlessly blend their diverse musical influences into a cohesive and highly unique sound.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the group or a newcomer looking to discover their impressive discography, this track is an essential listen that’s sure to leave you feeling exhilarated and energized.



One standout track from Brockhampton’s extensive discography is the energetic “GUMMY”. Bursting with relentless energy, the song features driving drums, bold brass accents, and a frenetic vocal delivery from the group members. Despite the upbeat production, the lyrics tackle serious topics such as addiction and the pressures of fame with a high degree of perplexity that rewards repeated listens.

Overall, “GUMMY” showcases Brockhampton at their most explosive and inventive, cementing its place as one of their best songs to date.



“Junky”, from BROCKHAMPTON’s “Saturation II”, is a hard-hitting track with lyrics that are both raw and poignant. The song explores the themes of addiction, mental health, and self-destruction through the personal experiences of the group’s members.

“Junky” showcases BROCKHAMPTON’s ability to deliver a powerful message while still maintaining their distinct avant-garde sound. The layered production, intricate beats, and intense vocal delivery make this track a standout on an already impressive album.



“FACE” is one of Brockhampton’s most vulnerable tracks, exploring themes of trauma, insecurity, and uncertainty in a way that’s both raw and relatable. Featuring standout verses from members Kevin Abstract and Ameer Vann, the song doesn’t hold back in its emotional intensity and introspection.

It’s a testament to the group’s ability to blend catchy hooks with deep, personal honesty, making for a powerful and memorable track.



“Star” is a standout track from the all-American boyband’s Saturation trilogy. The infectious beat and layered production lay the foundation for Kevin Abstract’s introspective verses, which touch on themes of longing, self-doubt, and lost love. The chorus, delivered by Merlyn Wood, is an explosive rush of energy that is impossible to resist.

Paired with a breathtaking music video that captures the group’s unique style and energy, “Star” stands as a shining example of BROCKHAMPTON’s ability to seamlessly blend introspection and raw energy.



“1999 Wildfire” is a standout track from BROCKHAMPTON’s highly acclaimed “Iridescence” album. With its atmospheric production and introspective lyrics, the song explores themes of self-discovery and the struggles of overcoming personal demons. Vocal performances from members Kevin Abstract and Joba add emotional intensity to the track, while the group’s signature diversity and experimentation keep the listener engaged from start to finish.

“1999 Wildfire” is a prime example of BROCKHAMPTON’s unique ability to blend genres and push the boundaries of contemporary hip-hop.



“San Marcos” is a standout track from Brockhampton’s “Iridescence” album. With its ethereal melody and introspective lyrics, the song represents a departure from the group’s typical high-energy style. Throughout the track, the artists explore their insecurities and anxieties while contemplating the fleeting nature of time.

It’s a beautiful and haunting composition that showcases Brockhampton’s versatility as musicians and songwriters.



“No Halo” is a standout track from Brockhampton’s impressive discography. The song features a steady, melancholic production that lays the foundation for introspective verses from the group’s vocalists. Its lyrics touch on the complexities of fame and friendships, with each member offering poignant insights on the cost of success.

The track is a testament to Brockhampton’s ability to tackle heavy themes with vulnerability and nuance, making it a must-listen for anyone eager to explore the group’s emotional range.



“Zipper” is a dynamic and explosive track by Brockhampton, characterized by its vibrant and jolting beat, intricate production, and unmatched energy. The track features the group’s signature blend of hip-hop and pop influences, with infectious hooks and clever wordplay laced throughout.

Its lively and unpredictable soundscape is a perfect reflection of Brockhampton’s idiosyncratic and innovative approach to modern music, making it a standout among their impressive discography.