Counting Crows is one of the most iconic rock bands of the 90s, with a sound that effortlessly blends alternative rock with folk, country, and blues influences. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best songs from the band’s catalog.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual listener, this list is sure to provide you with plenty of gems that showcase the band’s signature sound and poetic lyrics. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the best of Counting Crows.


“Mr. Jones” – Counting Crows

Counting Crows’ hit “Mr. Jones” has become an emblematic and immortal track of the 1990s. The jangly and lively guitar hooks combined with Adam Duritz’s raspy vocals come together to create a masterful union of melody and storytelling that invites the listener into the tune’s center.

The bridge’s quick-paced and catchy piano riff builds up to a contagious chorus that captivates audiences even today. Whether as the opening or the encore song of their concerts, “Mr. Jones” is an indispensable part of Counting Crows’ legacy.


“A Long December” – Counting Crows

“A Long December” is one of the most captivating and introspective songs by Counting Crows. The lyrics delve into moments of melancholic reflection and realization of the passing of time. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, with its slow-building progression and Adam Duritz’s raw and emotive vocals.

The song’s poignant and relatable themes strike a chord with listeners and make it a standout in the catalogue of this seminal band.


“Round Here” – Counting Crows

“Round Here” from Counting Crows’ debut studio album “August and Everything After” is one of the most lyrically poignant and musically evocative songs in their repertoire. With Adam Duritz’s reflective and introspective lyrics layered upon a melodic and flowing instrumentation, the song deftly captures the feelings of isolation and disconnection that are all too relatable.

The vivid imagery and intense emotional depth create a captivating listening experience that is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners of any age.


“Colorblind” – Counting Crows

“Colorblind” is a stirring ballad that showcases Adam Duritz’s emotive vocals and poetic lyrics. The slow-burning melody and gentle instrumentation create a haunting atmosphere that is both melancholic and introspective. The song’s themes of loneliness, isolation, and yearning are universal and relatable, making it one of the most memorable tracks in the Counting Crows’ discography.

Duritz’s visceral delivery of lines like “I am ready, I am ready, I am ready” and “I am walking down your street again” is heartrending, making “Colorblind” a standout track in the band’s impressive catalog.


“Omaha” – Counting Crows

“Omaha” is a track off Counting Crows’ debut album “August and Everything After”. The song’s unique style and poetic lyrics showcase lead singer Adam Duritz’s storytelling abilities, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey through the cities of America.

The song’s raw, bursty instrumentation and the haunting melancholic melody work together to create a feeling of emotional complexity, making “Omaha” a standout track on the album. It’s easy to see why it’s considered one of Counting Crows’ best songs.


“Rain King” – Counting Crows

Amidst the many evocative melodies comprising Counting Crows’ extensive discography, there exists a particular song that exudes an enigmatic aura beyond compare. This track, showcased through the wistful vocal stylings of frontman Adam Duritz, transports the listener on a poetic journey of deeply introspective reflections on love, loneliness, and the search for meaning in a seemingly volatile world.

Through its deft interweaving of piano and guitar harmonies, dulcet yet powerfully emotive percussion, and an overall entrancing soundscape, this song stands out as a magnum opus in the band’s repertoire.


“Big Yellow Taxi” – Counting Crows feat. Vanessa Carlton

One song that stands out from the rest in Counting Crows’ discography is the melodious “Big Yellow Taxi”. With a catchy acoustic guitar riff and distinctive piano accompaniment, the band’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s hit of the same name is a standout track. This remake’s energy is high and Vanessa Carlton’s vocals on the hook contribute to the track’s vibrant sound.

The unforgettable candor in Adam Duritz’s lyrics speaks to anyone who has experienced the effects of urbanization and environmentalism. Overall, this song is a testament to Counting Crows’ ability to create enduring, genre-defying songs.


“Anna Begins” – Counting Crows

“Anna Begins” is a poetic ballad that reflects on the complexities of love and relationships. Lead, singer Adam Duritz’s haunting vocals pair perfectly with the song’s melancholic melody, making for a haunting yet beautiful listening experience. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a flawed love affair, exploring themes of longing, regret, and mistakes made.

The track is a stunning example of Counting Crows’ ability to create emotionally charged music that remains timeless even decades later.


“Hanginaround” – Counting Crows

Part of what makes the Counting Crows’ discography so rich is the unique sound of each track. “Hanginaround” is no exception. Its blend of Americana rock and pop punk create a sound that is both infectious and introspective. The driving guitar riffs and upbeat rhythm are slightly deceiving; the lyrics explore the sometimes-painful process of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

“Hanginaround” showcases the palpable energy that the Counting Crows bring to their music, even when the themes they tackle are complex and heavy.


“Sullivan Street” – Counting Crows

Sullivan Street by Counting Crows is an atmospheric track that presents an introspective soundscape within the band’s discography. Lead singer, Adam Duritz, delivers a powerful vocal performance that showcases his storytelling abilities. The band’s use of instrumentation, particularly the piano, creates a moody and melancholic ambiance that can leave listeners in a state of introspection.

The track’s dynamic range provides aural variability that keeps things interesting throughout and highlights some of the band’s best qualities as musicians and songwriters.


“Miami” – Counting Crows

“Miami” is a deeply layered track that weaves together complex vocal harmonies, hauntingly introspective lyrics, and intricate instrumental arrangement to create a truly mesmerizing musical tapestry. Frontman Adam Duritz’s signature enigmatic storytelling shines through, as he explores themes of love, loneliness, and existentialism with striking sincerity and raw emotionality.

The song’s dynamic shifts and melancholic melodies make it a standout track on the band’s celebrated catalog, and a must-listen for anyone looking for a true sonic journey.


“Goodnight Elisabeth” – Counting Crows

“Goodnight Elisabeth” is an emotionally charged song that showcases the Counting Crows’ ability to create a beautifully melancholic atmosphere. The raw, introspective lyrics are paired with the band’s signature blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation, creating a dynamic and captivating sound. The song’s haunting chorus is both memorable and heart-wrenching, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Overall, “Goodnight Elisabeth” is a standout track in the Counting Crows’ repertoire and a true masterpiece of the alternative rock genre.