As we all know, the Weeknd is a master of melancholy. His music is a go-to for when we’re feeling down and need a good cathartic cry. Every album is an emotional journey into the dark depths of love and relationships, and there are some songs that just hit us right in the feels.

Today, we’re diving into the saddest Weeknd songs that will leave you weeping in a puddle on the floor. Buckle up and grab your tissues, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.



“Call Out My Name” – The Weeknd

The opening track of his 2018 EP “My Dear Melancholy,” sets the tone for the emotional journey ahead. “Call Out My Name” is a haunting ballad featuring The Weeknd’s signature falsetto over a minimalistic, yet powerful beat.

The lyrics express his heartache and pain from a recent breakup, leaving listeners with a sense of empathy and melancholy. The song’s somber tone paired with The Weeknd’s haunting vocals makes it a notable addition to his collection of emotional ballads.


“Wasted Times” – The Weeknd

“Wasted Times” is a melancholic ballad that delves into the emotional turmoil of a past relationship and the conflicting feelings of loneliness and resentment that arise after a breakup. The Weeknd’s somber vocals are complemented by a haunting instrumental arrangement, vividly conveying the heartache and sense of regret that permeate the lyrics.

With its poignant introspection and evocative atmosphere, “Wasted Times” exemplifies The Weeknd’s talent for capturing the complexities of love and loss in his music.


“Privilege” – The Weeknd

“Privilege” is an emotionally charged ballad performed by The Weeknd, examining the complex dynamics of a failing relationship. The song is steeped in a sense of melancholy, with the artist’s haunting vocals soaring over sparse piano chords and dreamy synths.

“Privilege” juxtaposes the themes of love and pain, leaving the listener with a sense of wistfulness and a feeling of catharsis that only truly great art can inspire.


“Nothing Without You” – The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s “Nothing Without You” conveys a sense of desolation and loss, teeming with yearning vocals and haunting melodies. The song instills a sense of incompleteness and heartbreak, as though the narrator’s whole world revolves around the love interest.

The haunting background instrumentation and lyrics speak to a deeper emotional strain, suggesting a vulnerability that’s relatable regardless of individual experiences. Listening to this song brings out melancholic emotions that are both cathartic yet overwhelming, ultimately leaving a poignant impression upon the listener.


“Tears In The Rain” – The Weeknd

With ethereal vocals over a haunting, atmospheric soundscape, “Tears In The Rain” explores the pain of a heartbreak and the intense yearning for a previous love. The track features emotive and touching lyrics that convey a sense of despair and vulnerability.

The production’s use of ambient noise and minimalist instrumentation effectively captures the mood of hopelessness, making it a standout track in The Weeknd’s catalogue of melancholic songs.


“Angel” – The Weeknd

“Angel” is a track that embodies melancholy as its core focus, with lyrics that paint vivid imagery of heartache and the struggles of a toxic relationship. The song is well-crafted and emotionally charged, delivering an enthralling and captivating experience that showcases The Weeknd’s artistic and creative prowess.

The slow and steady melody coupled with sorrowful verses creates a hauntingly beautiful ambiance, culminating in a cathartic and unforgettable listening experience that would resonate with listeners going through similar experiences.”


“Prisoner” – The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey

One particular track on The Weeknd’s discography, featuring the ethereal vocals of Lana Del Rey, embodies an overwhelming sense of sadness like no other. The heart-wrenching lyrics and hauntingly beautiful melody of this song tug at the listener’s emotions, evoking a feeling of melancholic despair.

The poignant and soulful collaboration between the two artists paints a bleak picture of heartbreak and lost love, leaving a lasting impression on the listener’s soul. Throughout the track, The Weeknd’s smooth and emotional voice is complemented perfectly by Lana Del Rey’s angelic harmonies, resulting in a delicate yet powerful piece of art.


“Hurt You” – The Weeknd ft. Gesaffelstein

The melancholic and poignant melody of this track is a reflective ode to the turmoil and pain of a troubled love story, served with a touch of industrial and ambient production. The Weeknd’s voice evokes a sense of yearning and futility, while Gesaffelstein’s eerie soundscape complements the somber mood.

The lyrics poignantly capture the despair of feeling helpless and unworthy in a relationship that seems destined to fail, making it a standout track in the roster of Weeknd’s saddest songs.


“I Was Never There” – The Weeknd ft. Gesaffelstein

“I Was Never There” is a melancholic masterpiece from The Weeknd’s album, “My Dear Melancholy”. This somber track delves into themes of heartbreak, betrayal, and regret, with haunting vocals that convey a sense of despair and loneliness. The production is dark and moody, with minimalistic instrumentation that creates a cold and desolate atmosphere.

The lyrics are introspective and raw, showcasing The Weeknd’s talent for crafting emotive songs that capture the pain of lost love. This is one of The Weeknd’s saddest songs, evoking a feeling of hopelessness and emptiness that lingers long after the track ends.


“Try Me” – The Weeknd

“Try Me” is a woeful number about heartbreak and yearning for a lost love that showcases The Weeknd’s impressive vocal range and emotional depth.

The juxtaposition of upbeat production with melancholic lyrics adds a layer of complexity to the song, imparting a sense of raw vulnerability expressed through a catchy melody and swelling chorus. It’s a sad yet beautiful track that lingers long after the final note fades away.


“Reminder” – The Weeknd

Amidst the bleakness of heartbreak and betrayal, “Reminder” stands out as a glimmer of hope. Alas, the same cannot be said for “I Was Never There”, a haunting tale of emotional numbness and overwhelming despair. Its melancholic melody, layered vocals, and introspective lyrics make it one of The Weeknd’s saddest songs, as he mourns the loss of a relationship and confronts the reality of his inner demons.

With a potent mix of vulnerability and rawness, this track showcases The Weeknd’s ability to weave together complex emotions in a compelling way that leaves listeners stunned.