Disney movies have always been a go-to for many of us in search of an escape, a fantastical world where anything is possible. However, within these films, lies a deeper and often heart-wrenching message. Disney has mastered the art of making us feel a flurry of emotions all at once, and what better way to take our feels on a ride, than through music?

The following are some of the most memorable, but brutally sad songs from Disney movies that can still make our hearts sting just as much today.



“Reflection” – Christina Aguilera

“Reflection” is a melancholic yet empowering ballad that delves deep into the human experience of feeling lost and unsure of oneself. Christina Aguilera’s powerful vocals effortlessly capture the song’s melancholic essence, while the relatable lyrics and soulful instrumental arrangement tug at the heartstrings.

The poignancy of this track can be felt on multiple levels, making it a perfect addition to any curated list of Disney’s most emotionally-charged songs.


“When She Loved Me” – Sarah McLachlan

One of the most poignant and wistful tracks in the Disney repertoire is an understated number performed by Sarah McLachlan for the ‘Toy Story 2’ soundtrack. ‘When She Loved Me’ details the bittersweet tale of an abandoned toy, Jessie, reminiscing about the girl she loved and the life they shared together.

The song is both haunting and heart-wrenching, tugging at the listener’s emotions with its melancholic melody and introspective lyrics. Even amidst the animated whimsy and cheeriness of Disney’s catalog, this tune stands out as a touching and emotionally resonant piece of music.


“Baby Mine” – Betty Noyes

The melancholic melody of “Baby Mine” has the ability to evoke sentiments of nostalgia and sadness, making it a prime candidate for Disney’s roster of tear-jerking ballads. Betty Noyes’ wistful vocals and the tender imagery of Dumbo’s mother soothing and cradling her beloved baby elevate the song’s emotional resonance to great heights.

The poignant lullaby’s message about the unbreakable bond between mother and child only adds to the profound impact that “Baby Mine” has on listeners, making it a bittersweet yet beautiful entry in Disney’s musical repertoire.


“God Help the Outcasts” – Bette Midler

Bette Midler’s heart-wrenching “God Help the Outcasts” from Disney’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is a poignant ballad about the disenfranchised and their struggles. With a sorrowful melody and Midler’s emotive vocals, the song speaks to anyone who has felt isolated or rejected. It’s a plea for compassion and empathy in a world where those qualities can be hard to come by.

The emotive lyrics and melancholic, soaring chorus make “God Help the Outcasts” one of Disney’s most touching tunes, and a favorite among those who love their songs heavy with bittersweet nostalgia.


“So This is Love” – Ilene Woods and Mike Douglas

“So This is Love” from Disney’s Cinderella is a beautiful and enchanting song, but may not be the typical choice for a list of sad Disney songs. However, when viewed through a different lens, the lyrics can elicit feelings of melancholy and longing. The song captures the moment when Cinderella and Prince Charming first meet and dance together, but their time together is fleeting.

The bittersweet quality of the song exemplifies the fleeting happiness that Cinderella experiences before she is forced to return to her life of servitude and hardship. Ultimately, the song depicts the fleeting nature of love, and how it can leave one feeling empty and alone.


“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” – Lily James

This enchanting piece, featuring the melodious vocal performance of Lily James, is known to bring tears to even the driest of eyes. Its emotive lyrics and evocative melody make it one of the most heart-wrenching songs in Disney’s vast repertoire. The fragility in James’ voice carries the weight of the song’s message as she laments the hardships faced by Cinderella.

Without a doubt, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” is a hauntingly beautiful reminder that even the sweetest dreams can be born from the most profound sorrow.


“Circle of Life” – Carmen Twillie and Lebo M

One of the most touching songs from the Disney universe, this number captures the solemnity and grandiosity of the African land. Lebo M’s commanding vocals and the harmonies of Carmen Twillie give the song a primal energy that is simply breathtaking.

“Circle of Life” is a powerful ode to the continuity of life, but also a sobering reminder that death is natural and inevitable. While it’s not necessarily a “sad” song per se, the weight of its lyrics and the haunting melody can make it a somber and emotional listen.


“Colors of the Wind” – Judy Kuhn

“Colors of the Wind” is a somber yet introspective ballad that explores the idea of embracing diversity and living in harmony with nature. Sung with delicacy and finesse by Judy Kuhn, the song touches upon themes of displacement, empathy, and social injustice through its poignant lyrics and emotive melody.

Its hauntingly beautiful composition and atmospheric soundscapes invite the listener to reflect upon the deeper meaning of the words and feel the emotional weight of the message. It is a hauntingly poignant song that leaves a lasting impact on the heart and soul.


“Just Around the Riverbend” – Judy Kuhn

This tune is recognized among the Disney aficionados as one of the saddest songs from their canon. It follows a young native American princess as she steers towards her destinies. The sorrowful tone and touching lyrics of the song make it a heartrending ballad that will leave listeners feeling emotional.

The ground-breaking musical talent behind the hit “Lion King,” wrote this masterpiece that went on to be nominated for an Academy Award. However, the writing and composition remain a testimony to this day of his excellence.

“Hakuna Matata” – Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, and Joseph Williams

“Hakuna Matata” might be a popular Disney song, but it’s “He Lives in You” that tugs at the heartstrings. Featured in “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride,” the song captures the essence of sadness as Simba remembers and mourns for his father, Mufasa. With soaring vocals and touching lyrics, “He Lives in You” is sure to bring a tear to anyone’s eye.


“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” – Donny Osmond

This track embodies a poignant mood, evoking strong feelings of human struggle and resilience. The intricate lyrics and driving rhythm highlight the essential themes of persistence and progression, punctuated by soaring harmonies and commanding vocals. The overall atmosphere of this song is bittersweet, conveying a sense of both loss and triumph.

It’s a testament to the complex nature of personal growth and overcoming adversity – a sentiment that is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced difficult times in their life.


“You’ll Be in My Heart” – Phil Collins

“You’ll Be in My Heart” is a beautiful and emotionally charged ballad that speaks to the deep love between a parent and child. Phil Collins’ powerful voice coupled with the poignant melody creates a melancholic and introspective vibe.

The song’s lyrics convey a message of hope and reassurance that we will always be surrounded by the enduring love of those who have passed on. It’s a reminder of the special bond that exists between a parent and child and the profound impact they have on each other’s lives.


“Remember Me” – Miguel feat. Natalia Lafourcade

“Remember Me” from the movie Coco is a poignant and powerful tune that embodies the bittersweet nature of love and loss. Sung in both Spanish and English, the song’s emotional resonance cuts deep as it explores the themes of memory and legacy. Its tender and melancholic melodies are sure to tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has ever experienced grief and longing.

Ultimately, “Remember Me” is a testament to the enduring nature of love and the importance of keeping loved ones close, even after they are gone.”


“Un Poco Loco” – Anthony Gonzalez and Gael Garcia Bernal

This Disney tune is a poignant piece from the movie “Coco,” which tells the tale of a young musician chasing his dreams and striving to unite with his ancestors. The song “Un Poco Loco” is a catchy, upbeat number that disguises the depth of the character’s emotions as he grapples with truth and identity.

In the context of sad Disney songs, “Un Poco Loco” serves to highlight the bittersweet nature of the narrative, underscoring the complexity of the human experience and the pain that often accompanies self-discovery.


“When You Wish Upon a Star” – Cliff Edwards

This Disney classic from the 1940s brings a new definition to the word “sad.” The simplistic nature of the song’s melody and lyrics hide a deeper meaning that can only be felt by those who have experienced true heartache. It captures the longing for a wish to come true, something that is all too relatable.

In the film, it provides a glimmer of hope for the protagonist, but for those who have loved and lost, it serves as a poignant reminder of what once was. It is a tearjerker that resonates with those who know the pain of dreams that have slipped through their fingers.


“Beauty and the Beast” – Angela Lansbury

“Beauty and the Beast” is a heart-wrenching ballad that’s all about overcoming hardship and finding beauty where it’s least expected. With poetic lyrics and a soaring melody, it tells the story of two characters who are misunderstood and ostracized by society.

As we listen to the song, we can’t help but feel a sense of empathy for Belle and the Beast, who are both searching for a sense of belonging. Although it’s a powerful and poignant song, it ultimately leaves us with a sense of hope and wonder.


“Let It Go” – Idina Menzel

This Disney song is an emotional ballad that portrays a sense of isolation and the burden of concealing one’s true identity. Through the power of the protagonist’s vocals, the listener is taken on an emotional journey of self-discovery, and the message of letting go of fear and societal expectations become a significant theme.

Despite its upbeat tempo, the underlying lyrics of the song evoke a sense of sadness and resonate with those who may feel lost or misunderstood.


“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” – Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn, and Katie Lopez

This Disney song is an emotionally tender reference to a significant moment between two sisters, one of which has recently become more distant. The song is performed early in the movie during a pivotal scene where the sisters need each other the most, but one sister is too lost in her grief to see it.

This heartfelt ballad beautifully conveys the pain of separation and the power of sibling love, delivering a definite tear-jerking moment without fail.


“How Far I’ll Go” – Auli’i Cravalho

“How Far I’ll Go” is a poignant song that tugs at the heartstrings of listeners with its soaring vocals and emotional lyrics. Auli’i Cravalho delivers a gut-wrenching performance that captures the struggles and dreams of Moana, the film’s heroine.

With words that explore themes of ambition, identity, and courage, “How Far I’ll Go” speaks directly to anyone who has ever felt uncertain about their place in the world. Through its moving melody and heartfelt delivery, this song embodies the bittersweet longing that lies at the heart of so many Disney musical numbers.