In an era of music dominated by flashy beats and auto-tuned lyrics about fame and fortune, Joey Bada$$ stands out not only for his raw, old-school sound but for his unapologetic lyricism that speaks true to his personal life and the realities of the world around him.

With a discography spanning over a decade, the Brooklyn-born rapper has amassed a loyal following of fans who appreciate his grit, wit, and conscious messages. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best tracks from this rising star in the world of hip-hop.



“Christ Conscious” – Joey Bada$$

“Christ Conscious” showcases Joey Bada$$’s lyrical dexterity with intricate wordplay and metaphors. The track’s aggressive beat and hook, coupled with Joey’s commanding flow, make for a high-energy listening experience.

The song’s underlying themes of self-reliance, empowerment, and spiritual awakening shine through in Joey’s verses, cementing it as one of his most impactful tracks to date.

“No. 99” – Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ showcases his lyrical prowess in “No. 99”. The track from his album “B4.DA.$$” delves into the artist’s feelings about society and government, with lyrics that are thought-provoking and powerful.

The beat, produced by Statik Selektah, is a perfect complement to Joey Bada$$’s flow. This song sets itself apart as a standout track from one of the best hip-hop albums of 2015.

“Devastated” – Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$’s “Devastated” is a triumphant and uplifting anthem that showcases the young artist’s unique blend of introspection and bravado.

The track features bold and layered production that supports Joey’s joyful and expressive delivery. With its memorable hook and impeccable lyricism, “Devastated” is a standout in Joey’s impressive discography.

“Survival Tactics” – Joey Bada$$ ft. Capital STEEZ

One of the most iconic and hard-hitting songs from Joey Badass’ early career, this track featuring the late Capital STEEZ shows off the duo’s masterful lyricism and wordplay over a classic boom-bap beat. With complex rhymes and vivid storytelling, the song explores the challenging realities of growing up in a tough urban environment while also expressing a hopeful vision for the future.

A standout track from an already impressive discography, this cut is a must-listen for any fan of old-school hip-hop or socially conscious lyricism.

“Paper Trail$” – Joey Bada$$

One of Joey Bada$$’s standout tracks, “Paper Trail$” showcases his impeccable lyricism and flow over a soulful beat. The Brooklyn rapper reflects on his come-up and the challenges he’s faced in the music industry while also delivering clever wordplay and insightful social commentary.

BJ the Chicago Kid provides a smooth and soulful hook that adds to the song’s overall vibe. “Paper Trail$” proves that Joey Bada$$ is not only a skilled rapper but also a thoughtful and introspective artist.

“Waves” – Joey Bada$$

The track features a soulful hook by Joey Badass reflects on his past and present experiences while contemplating the ups and downs of life. He touches on the feelings of self-doubt and struggles that come with a sudden rise to fame.

The lyrics showcase his unique storytelling abilities and deep introspection, making it a standout track in his discography.

“Land of the Free” – Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$’s “Land of the Free” is a soaring political track with hard-hitting lyrics. The song highlights the social and political challenges faced by Black Americans, as Joey raps about systemic oppression, police brutality, and institutional racism. The track’s production, featuring a soulful sample and a pulsating beat, adds to the song’s intensity and overall impact.

“Land of the Free” showcases Joey Bada$$’s lyrical prowess as a conscious rapper and cemented his position as a thought-provoking artist.

“Temptation” – Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$’s “Temptation” is a standout track from his critically acclaimed album “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$”. With a smooth and soulful beat produced by 1-900 and Freddie Joachim, Joey takes on themes of temptation and the struggles of staying true to oneself in the face of societal pressures.

The intricate wordplay and storytelling ability showcased in the song highlight Joey Bada$$’s mastery of his craft, making it a must-listen for any fan of intelligent and thought-provoking hip-hop.

“95 Til Infinity” – Joey Bada$$

The penultimate track on the self-released debut album “1999” by Brooklyn born Joey Bada$$, is a prime example of his creative and lyrical prowess. “95 Til Infinity” is a reimagining of the classic Souls of Mischief track, and Joey’s version portrays his love for the ’90s aesthetic, hip-hop culture, and the desire to make it big.

Armed with a thunderous beat, brutal honesty, and a sense of nostalgia, Joey’s delivery is authentic and energetic, with clever wordplay and metaphors scattered throughout. It’s a standout performance that perfectly captures Joey Bada$$’ potential as a trailblazing hip-hop artist.

“Babylon” – Joey Bada$$ ft. Chronixx

“Babylon” is a compelling track in which Joey Bada$$ vent his political frustrations at institutionalized oppression and systemic racism. The Brooklyn rapper showcases his vocal versatility on the reggae-infused banger, as he switches between soothing melodies and rapid-fire flows.

With the help of Chronixx’s soulful hook and the haunting horns, “Babylon” delivers a powerful message of hope and resistance that resonates with anyone who’s experienced discrimination and inequality.

“Like Me” – Joey Bada$$ ft. BJ the Chicago Kid

“Like Me”, featuring BJ the Chicago Kid, is a standout track on Joey Bada$$’s debut album “B4.DA.$$”, showcasing the Brooklyn rapper’s introspective and reflective side. With smooth production and mellow jazz-influenced instrumentals, Joey delivers poignant verses that touch on his inner demons, mental health struggles, and anxiety.

BJ the Chicago Kid’s soulful voice on the chorus provides a perfect complement to Joey’s raw and heartfelt verses, making “Like Me” a powerful and introspective track that stands out in Joey’s discography.

“Hardknock” – Joey Bada$$ ft. CJ Fly

“Hardknock” is a riveting track that showcases Joey Badass’s lyrical prowess and gritty flow. The beat hits hard, invoking a sense of urgency while Joey delivers hard-hitting bars about his struggles growing up in Brooklyn. The track features CJ Fly, who complements Joey’s energy with a seamless delivery.

With its raw and unrelenting vibe, “Hardknock” is a standout track that solidifies Joey’s reputation as one of today’s most skilled emcees.

“Rockabye Baby” – Joey Bada$$ ft. ScHoolboy Q

Joey Bada$$ and ScHoolboy Q teamed up for the hard-hitting “Rockabye Baby,” a standout track from Joey’s album “All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$.” The two rappers trade verses over a soulful sample of “The Edge” by David McCallum, with Joey coming in with political commentary and ScHoolboy Q bringing his signature gritty flow. The result is a powerful and confrontational track that perfectly captures the energy of both artists and is a must-listen for fans of Joey Bada$$ or ScHoolboy Q.