Through a career spanning over two decades, Jadakiss has established himself as one of the most skillful and consistent rappers in the game. With his raw and gritty voice, razor-sharp wit, and undeniable flow, Jadakiss has produced a plethora of hits that are still celebrated by fans and critics alike.

His music often speaks on the harsh realities of life in the streets, and his delivery is always powerful, captivating, and unapologetic. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into some of Jadakiss’ most memorable songs to explore what makes him a true legend of hip-hop.



“Why” – Jadakiss

Jadakiss’s track “Why” is a standout single that features a deeply introspective look at the problems of society and the questions left unanswered. The song carries a brooding intensity that captures the feeling of being lost in a world that is difficult to make sense of.

With its haunting production and thought-provoking lyrics, “Why” establishes Jadakiss as one of the most gifted and perceptive voices in the world of hip-hop.

“We Gonna Make It” – Jadakiss ft. Styles P

“We Gonna Make It” is undoubtedly a standout track that showcases Jadakiss’ lyrical prowess. The production brings a certain soulful grit to the fore that complements Jadakiss’ raw and rugged flow. The rhymes are hard-hitting, with each bar showcasing the New York rapper’s impeccable wordplay.

The track features Styles P, who adds his own distinctive touch to the proceedings with his gritty delivery. Overall, “We Gonna Make It” is a quintessential Jadakiss track, serving as a testament to his skills as a rapper and as an artist.

“Knock Yourself Out” – Jadakiss

One of Jadakiss’ most iconic tracks is an explosive banger that showcases the rapper’s bravado and lyrical prowess. With sharp rhymes laid over a haunting beat, the track creates a sense of urgency that makes it impossible to sit still.

Fans of Jadakiss will appreciate the raw energy of this song and its ability to get them pumped up and ready to face anything that comes their way. Overall, it’s a must-listen for anyone looking to explore the best of Jadakiss’ repertoire.

“By Your Side” – Jadakiss ft. Ne-Yo

“By Your Side” is a standout track in Jadakiss’ discography. The smooth R&B vocals by Ne-Yo complement Jadakiss’ gritty lyricism, resulting in a poignant exploration of love and loyalty. The production offers a mellow, synth-driven instrumental that perfectly sets the tone for the introspective and emotive verses.

Overall, “By Your Side” proves to be a dynamic track that showcases Jadakiss’ capabilities to convey a range of emotions through his artistry.

“All For The Love” – Jadakiss

With the esteemed career of Jadakiss, it’s no surprise “All For The Love” made the list. This iconic song showcases Jadakiss’ signature bars and flow over a classic beat. The track highlights his love for hip-hop and dedication to the art form that has launched him to the top of the rap game. It’s a must-listen for any true Jadakiss fan or hip-hop enthusiast.

“Kiss Of Death” – Jadakiss ft. Styles P

“Kiss of Death” featuring Styles P is a quintessential Jadakiss track that celebrates the duo’s unique lyrical agility and synergy. The song’s unrelenting beat creates a powerful backdrop for Jadakiss’s intricate rhymes and Styles P’s bars, as they deliver punchline after punchline with impeccable timing.

The track is a testament to Jadakiss’s versatility as both a solo artist and a member of the Lox, and it underscores his commitment to crafting innovative, engaging hip-hop that challenges and excites listeners.

“None Of Y’all Betta” – Jadakiss

“None Of Y’all Betta” is a fire track off Jadakiss’ second studio album, “Kiss Of Death.” The gritty beat matches Jadakiss’ raw lyrics perfectly as he tells all his competitors to step aside. This joint showcases Jadakiss’ immaculate flow, skillful wordplay, and clever punchlines that true hip-hop fans will undoubtedly appreciate.

Listening to this record is enough to make anyone feel like a boss, with all the confidence and attitude that comes with it.

“U Make Me Wanna” – Jadakiss ft. Mariah Carey

“U Make Me Wanna” by Jadakiss featuring Mariah Carey is a killer collaboration that takes us back to the golden era of hip-hop and R&B. This track is pure fire, blending Jadakiss’ gritty rap style with Mariah’s soulful vocals. It’s a perfect example of how two musical powerhouses can come together and create something magical. The song’s infectious beats and catchy hooks make it impossible to resist grooving along.

“U Make Me Wanna” showcases Jadakiss’ lyrical prowess and Mariah’s incredible range, reminding us why they are true legends in the game. It’s a must-listen for any fan of quality music.

“Can’t Stop Me” – Jadakiss ft. Ayanna Irish

Among Jadakiss’s top songs is “U Make Me Wanna,” featuring Mariah Carey. The track showcases the rapper’s emotive and introspective side, as he raps about a tumultuous relationship with a woman. The two artists’ voices blend seamlessly over a dreamy beat, delivering a bittersweet masterpiece that catches listeners off guard with its raw vulnerability.

Despite being perceived by some as an unusual collaboration, “U Make Me Wanna” proves that real hip-hop extends beyond narrow genre boundaries by fusing rap and soul with a stunning artistic vision.

“Checkmate” – Jadakiss

“Checkmate” is a prominent inclusion in Jadakiss’s repertoire, standing out as a fierce and confrontational track that showcases his unique lyricism and flow. The dynamic beat and pounding rhythm serve as the perfect backdrop for Jadakiss’s clever wordplay and poignant commentary on the state of the rap game.

With its unrelenting energy and masterful execution, “Checkmate” is undoubtedly one of Jadakiss’s greatest hits, cementing his legacy as one of the most talented wordsmiths in hip-hop history.

“The Champ Is Here” – Jadakiss ft. DJ Drama

“The Champ Is Here” is undoubtedly one of Jadakiss’ most compelling tracks, characterised by a sharp, crackling beat that hits hard throughout the entirety of the song. Jadakiss’ lyrics in this track are bursty and perplexing, showcasing his ability to deliver witty and clever wordplay with ease.

Additionally, the DJ Drama feature on this track truly elevates it to another level, while also providing a cohesive and engaging listening experience. All in all, “The Champ Is Here” is undoubtedly a top Jadakiss song that showcases his talent and acclaimed status within the rap industry.