In the world of rap music, few artists compare to Big Sean. With a steady stream of hits that span over a decade, Big Sean’s music is an insightful reflection of urban culture. Starting from his debut album, the Detroit rapper has shown exceptional creativity and lyrical skill, making him one of the most renowned artists in the music industry.

From his most popular radio hits to his lesser-known gems, Big Sean’s music has the power to uplift, inspire and move listeners. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Big Sean songs.



“Bounce Back” – Big Sean

Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” is a notable track that celebrates personal growth and success. With a pulsating beat and energetic flow, the song’s message encourages listeners to rise above their past failures and strive for greatness.

The lyrics are distinctive, evocatively capturing emotions of confidence and invincibility. Its explosive energy make it one of Big Sean’s most uplifting and popular hits.

“I Don’t F**k with You” – Big Sean ft. E-40

Big Sean’s “I Don’t F**k with You” is a punchy rap hit with a highly infectious beat. The song features guest vocals from E-40 and is famous for its fun and playful lyrics, as well as its high-energy tempo. Fans love this track for its upbeat and lively feel, and it has become one of Big Sean’s signature songs over the years.

“I Don’t F**k with You” exemplifies Big Sean’s unique style of combining intricate wordplay with catchy hooks to create music that is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

“Blessings” – Big Sean ft. Drake, Kanye West

Big Sean’s “Blessings”, featuring Drake and Kanye West, is an opulent track that delivers triumphant lyrics intertwined with a beat that’s as explosive as it is poetic. With each verse, Sean, Drake, and Kanye wax philosophical about their accomplishments and the blessings that have allowed them to rise to the upper echelon of success.

The song features an uplifting melody that perfectly matches the self-congratulatory tone of the lyrics, making it a perfect example of Big Sean’s ability to create engaging and emotional music.

“Beware” – Big Sean ft. Lil Wayne, Jhene Aiko

Big Sean’s harmonic collaboration with Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko, reminds listeners that love can be both a blessing and a curse. “Beware” explores the complexities of romantic relationships with both a smooth and frenetic musicality.

“One Man Can Change the World” – Big Sean ft. Kanye West, John Legend

Big Sean’s “One Man Can Change the World” is a poignant tribute to his grandmother and the power of an individual to make a difference in the world. Delivered with Big Sean’s signature introspective and emotive delivery, the song highlights the importance of perseverance and hard work and reminds us that even in the face of adversity, one person has the ability to inspire and make a lasting impact.

With its resonant message and melodic chorus, “One Man Can Change the World” stands as one of Big Sean’s most affecting and acclaimed works.

“Moves” – Big Sean

“Moves” is a hip-hop track by Big Sean filled with energetic beats and hard-hitting verses that will make you want to move along. The song is all about showcasing his success and talent in the music industry and how it has bought him certain advantages in life. The lyrics are cleverly crafted and flow together well, making the song a memorable addition to Big Sean’s repertoire.

Whether you’re looking for a new pump-up jam or just curious about Big Sean’s music, “Moves” is definitely worth a listen.


“Control” – Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica

“Control” is a standout track from Big Sean’s catalogue as it features an impressive verse from Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. The bold and brazen rap lyrics beautifully combined with the production, creating a unique listening experience.

Big Sean’s energy and lyrics showcased his skills as a formidable rapper while Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica’s verses only added to the song’s greatness. A memorable and noteworthy addition to any music enthusiast’s playlist.

“Paradise” – Big Sean

Big Sean’s “Paradise” is a vibrant and lively single off of his album “Dark Sky Paradise”. The song’s beat is highly contagious with exhilarating synthesizers and energetic percussion. The rapper’s lyrics come through with tremendous energy and reinforce the theme of overcoming challenges and reaching personal goals.

The song reflects Big Sean’s signature style, which incorporates introspection, motivation, and pride. “Paradise” will uplift listeners and make them feel like they can achieve anything, reflecting the optimism and drive that Big Sean channels in all his music.

“My Last” – Big Sean ft. Chris Brown

The track features singer Chris Brown and was released as the lead single from Big Sean’s debut studio album “Finally Famous.” Reflecting on his past relationships, Big Sean raps about wanting to cherish his final moments with a significant other.

With a smooth and melodic beat, “My Last” explores themes of love and loss in a way that anyone who has gone through a similar experience can relate to.

“All Me” – Drake ft. 2 Chainz, Big Sean

“All Me” is a scintillating track from Drake’s 2013 album, “Nothing Was The Same,” featuring the Detroit rapper Big Sean and 2 Chainz. The song signifies a declaration of their supremacy in the hip-hop game, stealing the title, fame, and power they rightfully deserve. The rhymes are polished, agile, and packed with colorful metaphors, amplified by a contagious beat produced by Key Wane.

The track is an anthem of braggadocio that can make you feel like a million bucks, exuding an unapologetic confidence that belongs only to the elite few.

“Mercy” – Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz

“Control” is a fiery, explosive track featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica. The song showcases Big Sean’s ability to hold his own among two other heavy-hitting rappers, with a flow that is both aggressive and complex. Kendrick Lamar delivers a standout verse that caused controversy upon the song’s release, with his bold claims of being the “King of New York” and calling out fellow rappers by name.

In addition, Jay Electronica’s verse impresses with its vivid imagery and thought-provoking lines. Overall, “Control” is a high-energy track that highlights the impressive skills of all three rappers involved.

“Dance (A$$)” – Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj

The undeniably catchy “Dance (A$$)” featuring Nicki Minaj was a major hit for Big Sean, with its playful chorus and memorable beat. This track is sure to make even the most reserved listener bounce to the rhythm as Big Sean and Nicki Minaj trade verses about their mutual appreciation for a certain body part. Its bold and upbeat nature has made it a party favorite and a signature track in Big Sean’s discography.

“Guap” – Big Sean

“Guap” was a big hit on Big Sean’s sophomore album “Hall of Fame.” But “Research” – featuring Ariana Grande on vocals – was a standout track on his third effort “Dark Sky Paradise.” It was a slower, more R&B-influenced tune that showcased Big Sean’s introspective side as he rapped about his feelings of being undervalued and the significance of personal growth in the industry.

Grande’s soulful voice compliments the track perfectly, creating a sense of musical chemistry between the two artists. It’s no surprise that “Research” is still a fan-favorite and considered one of Big Sean’s best songs to-date.

“Play No Games” – Big Sean ft. Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign

“Play No Games”, a track featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign from Big Sean’s third album “Dark Sky Paradise”, is a perfect blend of R&B and rap. The smooth-flowing hook by Chris Brown is accompanied by Big Sean’s playful yet lyrical verses, leaving the listener bouncing to the catchy beat.

The track showcases Big Sean’s ability to bring something fresh and unique to the table in terms of sound and style within the rap genre.

“Research” – Big Sean ft. Ariana Grande

Big Sean’s collaboration with Ariana Grande in “Research” showcases the rapper’s ability to mix his signature trap-style beat with pop-centric melodies. The song explores themes of mistrust and insecurity in relationships, with Big Sean questioning his significant other’s loyalty and motives while Ariana’s catchy hooks add a playful contrast.

The track’s production is clean yet dynamic, with a punchy bassline and effective use of synths and drums, making it a standout track in Big Sean’s discography.

“10 2 10” – Big Sean

“10 2 10” by Big Sean discusses the role of money in his life and the challenges it brings. The song displays Big Sean’s ability to switch between fast-paced and slow-paced rapping. The lyrics reflect on his journey to success and the negative impacts of fame.

Through its unique cadence and introspective lyrics, “10 2 10” is an exceptional example of Big Sean’s introspective yet energetic style, and how his songs are not just about celebrating materialistic success but also reflecting on its darker side.

“Ashley” – Big Sean ft. Miguel

“Deep,” a popular track by Big Sean, is a lyrical masterpiece that showcases his unique style of delivering captivating analogies and metaphors. The song explores the depths of one’s emotional state and the intricacies of relationships.

With a beat that fluctuates between smooth and intense, “Deep” keeps listeners hooked till the very end. This song is a testament to Big Sean’s prowess as a rapper and his ability to move audiences with his words that penetrate deep into the soul, making one reflect on life’s complexities.

“Fire” – Big Sean

“Fire” by Big Sean is an electrifying track that will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance. With its contagious beats, lively rhythms, and fiery lyrics, this song is sure to set your heart ablaze.

The high-octane energy of this track can instantly elevate your mood and make you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s the perfect anthem for those looking to pump up their spirit and chase after their dreams with a fiery passion.

“High” – Big Sean ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang

“High” by Big Sean featuring Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang is an upbeat and lively rap song. The trio delivers a fast-paced, high-energy performance as they rap about their extravagant lifestyle, experiences with drugs, and the pursuit of success.

The song features a catchy hook and a thumping beat, making it a popular party anthem. If you’re looking for a groovy tune to get you pumped up, “High” is the track for you.

“Mula” – Big Sean ft. French Montana

This tune is an unpredictable and high-energy collaboration between Big Sean and French Montana. The lyrics feature a carefree and triumphant vibe, with both rappers flexing their wealth and success over a booming trap beat. The track showcases Big Sean’s versatility as a lyricist and adds a fun dimension to his discography, making it a fan favorite.

With its catchy chorus and braggadocious verses, “Mula” is a definite earworm that will have you bopping along in no time.

“Deep” – Big Sean ft. Lil Wayne

“Deep” is an intricate sonic tapestry, intricately woven by Big Sean’s lyrical prowess. The track’s melancholic tone is the perfect bedrock for Sean’s introspective rhymes about loss and longing. The way he spits about his eventual victory over defeat is inspiring, like a force field of hope.

Kanye’s masterful instrumental is a perfect complement to Sean’s emotional catharsis, featuring beautifully eerie vocal samples and dynamic drums that convey a sense of otherworldliness and urgency. Overall, “Deep” is a powerful and poignant piece of art that showcases Big Sean’s limitless talent.

“Supa Dupa Lemonade” – Big Sean ft. Tyga

Big Sean’s banger “Supa Dupa Lemonade” featuring Tyga showcases his versatility. With its catchy chorus and booming bass, this track reflects the Detroit rapper’s signature sound.

The lyrics are packed with swag and braggadocio, as Sean’s flow glides effortlessly over the beat. Tyga’s verse adds another layer of energy and grit, making this song a must-hear for fans of Big Sean’s music.