Grimes is the undisputed queen of alternative pop, with her eclectic sound and DIY approach to music production. From her ethereal vocals to her experimental beats, there’s no denying that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best songs in Grimes’ discography.

These tracks showcase her vast range of musical talent, from catchy chart-toppers to haunting ballads that will leave you with chills down your spine. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the world of Grimes’ music.



“Genesis” – Grimes

“Genesis” is an avant-garde and bursty track that perfectly showcases Grimes’ ability to blend various genres and styles. With its intricate electronic beats, dreamy vocals, and haunting lyrics, the song tells a cryptic story of rebirth and transformation.

The impressive production value and catchy melodies make it an ideal introduction to Grimes’ eclectic range of musical influences and artistic vision.

It’s no wonder “Genesis” is often cited as one of Grimes’ best songs, captivating listeners with its surreal and otherworldly sound.


“Oblivion” – Grimes

“Oblivion” is an ethereal track that showcases Grimes’ capability to seamlessly blend genres. It features vocal effects, pop beats, and electronic instrumentals that create a dreamy soundscape. With confessional lyrics about the safety concerns of a female artist, the song paints a vulnerable picture that connects with the listener on an emotional level.

“Oblivion” is a prime example of how Grimes’ artistic expression can transcend conventional boundaries and create a unique listening experience.


“REALiTi” – Grimes

“REALiTi” is a fan favorite from Grimes’ fourth studio album, “Art Angels.” The song is characterized by its bright and lively melody, catchy synth hooks, and dynamic beats. With its upbeat and frenetic pace, “REALiTi” encapsulates Grimes’ signature style of merging pop hooks with experimental sounds.

The song is an irresistible dance track that exemplifies Grimes’ ability to create captivating electronic music that is both accessible and intriguing.


“Kill V. Maim” – Grimes

“Kill V. Maim” is undoubtedly one of Grimes’ best tracks, featuring a high degree of energy, chaos, and a futuristic pop-influenced sound. The song bursts open with a powerhouse chorus and leads up to Grimes’ perplexing and vocally challenging verses.

The lyrics are cryptic, creating a burstiness that plays off the song’s high-octane energy. It’s clear why this track has become such a fan favorite and a pinnacle of Grimes’ discography.


“Flesh without Blood” – Grimes

One of the most intriguing pieces among the best of Grimes is “Flesh without Blood”. This upbeat and vibrant track features an infectiously catchy chorus with soaring vocals. The production is complex, yet layered with a variety of interesting sounds that blend together in an intricate and seamless way. The song is a true showcase of Grimes’ unique style and artistic vision.


“Butterfly” – Grimes

One of the standout tracks in Grimes’ discography is “Butterfly,” a mesmerizing fusion of ethereal vocals and experimental electronic beats. With a unique soundscape that evolves throughout the song, listeners are taken on a sonic journey that’s both exhilarating and cerebral. Grimes’ poetic lyrics add to the track’s overall mystique, creating an otherworldly ambiance that’s both perplexing and full of bursts of emotion.

This track stands out as a testament to the enthralling and unpredictable nature of Grimes’ music, cementing her as a true innovator in the world of modern experimental pop.


“Vanessa” – Grimes

Grimes’ masterful songwriting is on full display in “Vanessa” with her otherworldly vocal performance and pulsing synth-pop beats. The track’s dynamic shifts keep listeners on edge, never knowing what’s around the next corner while Grimes sings abstract lyrics that toe the line between dreamlike and hauntingly visceral.

It’s a standout track on her breakout album “Visions,” and a testament to Grimes’ penchant for crafting intricate and unpredictable songs that leave a lasting impact.


“California” – Grimes

“California” is one of the standout tracks in Grimes’ discography, characterized by its eclectic and euphoric sound. With its infectious beats, playful synths, and ethereal vocals, the song takes the listener on a journey through nostalgia and longing. Grimes effortlessly blends elements of pop, electronic, and indie rock to create a sound that is uniquely hers.

“California” is a testament to Grimes’ versatility as an artist and her ability to craft songs that are both catchy and complex.


“We Appreciate Power” – Grimes ft. HANA

“We Appreciate Power” features a high-energy electronic beat with elements of industrial and heavy metal music. Its lyrics are dense with references to technology, AI and power, which are delivered through Grimes’ signature ethereal vocals and HANA’s harmonies.

The song’s soaring chorus and infectious energy make it a standout on Grimes’ discography and a fan favorite, despite the heavy subject matter. Its unique blend of sounds and themes perfectly embodies Grimes’ experimental approach to music.


“Artangels” – Grimes

“Artangels” is a mesmerizing masterpiece that showcases Grimes’ eclectic style as a singer, songwriter, and producer. The song boasts a unique blend of futuristic synthpop and industrial rock, with punchy kicks and snares that bring intensity to the track. The lyrics are equally compelling, with Grimes’ evocative delivery creating a strong emotional connection with the listener. The chorus is infectious and catchy, leaving you humming the tune long after the song has ended.

Overall, “Artangels” is a standout track in Grimes’ discography that highlights her artistic prowess and creative vision.


“Be a Body” – Grimes

“Be a Body” is a track that seamlessly blends dream-pop with electronic flourishes. Grimes’ hazy vocals make for an ethereal experience while the pulsing beat adds an intense energy to the song. The use of synth creates a surreal atmosphere that is almost otherworldly, as Grimes sings about desires and temptations.

The combination of the instrumentation and Grimes’ unique vocal style make this track stand out as not only one of her best, but one of the best in modern dream-pop.


“Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)” – Grimes

Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U) is a stunning track that showcases Grimes’ ethereal vocals over a glitchy beat. The song features layers of synths that add a dreamy quality to the track, making it an otherworldly experience for the listener.

The lyrics are introspective and emotional, and Grimes’ delivery adds an extra layer of authenticity to the track. It’s a standout piece from her iconic album Art Angels, and a testament to her talent as a musician and lyricist.