Lorde, the iconic Grammy-winning artist, has been a prominent figure in the music industry since her debut in 2013. From her spellbinding vocals and innovative production, to her raw and poetic lyrics, Lorde’s music has captivated listeners worldwide. Her discography portrays an array of emotions and themes, from teenage angst and party anthems to meditations on growing up and the complexities of love.

With her distinct voice and style, Lorde has established herself as a commanding force in the pop world, and this list highlights some of her best songs that have proven her enduring artistic relevance.



“Royals” – Lorde

One of Lorde’s most prominent tracks, “Royals,” is a testament to her artistic style and lyrical prowess. Released as the lead single from her debut album “Pure Heroine,” the song has a minimalist production style and examines the misplaced cultural values of consumerism and wealth.

With a haunting melody and clever wordplay, Lorde’s “Royals” quickly became an anthem for those disenchanted by the flashy pop-star lifestyle that was dominating the airwaves. It’s no surprise that the song garnered so much attention and critical acclaim, further establishing Lorde as a unique and important voice in the music industry.

“Green Light” – Lorde

“Green Light” is a track that marks a departure from Lorde’s previous sound and cements her as a versatile musician. It’s a jubilant and electrifying track that speaks of the highs and lows of young love. Its lyrics are a tapestry of conflicting emotions, balancing hope and anguish, as Lorde sings about the struggles of moving on from a failed relationship.

The song’s infectious hook and energetic production make it impossible not to dance or sing along to. Overall, “Green Light” showcases Lorde’s artistic evolution and solidifies her as one of the most exciting pop artists of our time.

“Liability” – Lorde

“Liability” is a poignant track from Lorde’s sophomore album, “Melodrama”. The song features the young artist reflecting on her own flaws and insecurities, with the realization that they contribute to the challenges in her personal relationships.

With introspective lyrics accompanied by a simple piano melody and mournful melodies, “Liability” showcases Lorde’s unique ability to convey complex emotions with unflinching honesty and vulnerability. A standout track on an already impressive album, “Liability” showcases Lorde’s versatility as an artist.

“Team” – Lorde

“Team” is a standout track from Lorde’s debut album, “Pure Heroine,” showcasing the Kiwi singer’s unique perspective on youth culture and society. The song’s chorus, “We live in cities you’ll never see on screen,” emphasizes the idea of finding beauty and worth in the mundane and ordinary aspects of life.

With its catchy, anthemic melody and poignant lyrics, “Team” is an essential component of Lorde’s impressive discography.

“Tennis Court” – Lorde

Released in 2013 as a single from her debut album, this track showcases Lorde’s unique blend of sonic ingenuity and evocative lyricism. The hypnotic beat and minimalist production perfectly compliment her poetic verses, creating an otherworldly ambiance that lingers long after the last note fades away.

Introspective and haunting, this song cements Lorde’s status as a true pop visionary and earned her a place among the most influential artists of her generation.

“Perfect Places” – Lorde

Lorde’s “Perfect Places” is a mature reflection on the highs and lows of young adulthood, set to an irresistible beat. There’s a sense of longing and unease in the lyrics, as Lorde grapples with the search for meaning and the inability to find it in fleeting moments of joy.

The chorus is an anthem for the restless and the dreamers, with Lorde’s voice soaring over a pulsing electronic backdrop that begs for dancing. It’s a bittersweet celebration of the imperfection of life and the beauty of trying to find the “perfect places”.

“Buzzcut Season” – Lorde

“Buzzcut Season” is a haunting, enigmatic tune that captures the essence of Lorde’s signature sound. The track is characterized by its moody instrumentation, introspective lyrics, and evocative vocal performance. Lorde’s imagery and metaphors paint a vivid portrait of a dystopian world, adding to the song’s sense of otherworldly intrigue.

Despite its atmospheric mystique, “Buzzcut Season” remains a highly relatable song about the joys and sorrows of growing up, making it a highlight of Lorde’s discography.

“Homemade Dynamite” – Lorde

Lorde’s “Homemade Dynamite” is a tour de force that takes the listener on a wild ride of explosive energy and emotion. With its pounding beats and melodic hooks, the song captures the essence of youthful rebellion and the thrill of taking risks. The lyrics are full of clever wordplay and vivid imagery, painting a picture of a night out that’s both exhilarating and dangerous.

It’s a song that celebrates the chaos and unpredictability of youth, and showcases Lorde’s talent for crafting anthemic pop hits with a dark and edgy edge.

“Ribs” – Lorde

“Ribs” is a standout track from Lorde’s acclaimed debut album “Pure Heroine”. The song is a haunting meditation on the fleeting nature of youth, with the singer lamenting the inevitability of growing older and leaving behind the carefree days of adolescence.

The sparse, atmospheric instrumentation and Lorde’s ghostly vocal delivery combine to create a sense of both melancholy and wonder, resulting in a truly memorable musical experience. Even among a catalogue of great songs, “Ribs” stands out as a highlight of Lorde’s career so far.

“Supercut” – Lorde

“Supercut” is an electrifying track from Lorde’s “Melodrama” album. It blends pop and indie styles superbly with some high-energy beats that complement her melancholic lyrics. The track’s raw intensity and vulnerability are unambiguous, as she reminisces about past relationships.

Lorde’s haunting and mesmerizing vocals will captivate listeners from the first note to the last. This song showcases not only her exceptional songwriting skills but also her ability to evoke emotions from listeners in ways that are both unexpected and powerful.

“The Louvre” – Lorde

“The Louvre” is a standout track from Lorde’s critically acclaimed album “Melodrama”. The song is a dynamic, driving anthem that showcases Lorde’s signature lyrical prowess and captivating vocal range. With soaring choruses and an infectious beat, “The Louvre” is a testament to Lorde’s artistry and her ability to capture complex emotions with raw authenticity.

The song’s lyrics are a mix of romantic yearning and self-assurance, making it one of the most memorable tracks from the album. Whether you’re a die-hard Lorde fan or a casual listener, “The Louvre” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates innovative pop music.

“Writer in the Dark” – Lorde

“Writer in the Dark” is a raw and emotional track that showcases Lorde’s ability to craft a deeply personal narrative through her lyrics. The song is built around a haunting piano melody that amplifies the heartfelt and vulnerable nature of the lyrics. Lorde’s vocals are particularly powerful, ranging from soft whispers to soaring wails that underline the intensity of the emotions behind the song.

“Writer in the Dark” is a standout track that proves Lorde’s songwriting ability is as impressive as her vocal talent.