In the world of music, there are so many genres and songs to choose from, from upbeat and cheerful tracks to heart-wrenching ballads.

In this article, we will explore some of the most depressing songs ever written, the ones that will make you grab a pint of ice cream and cry your heart out.

Whether you’re going through a breakup, feeling lost, or just in need of a good emotional release, these songs are sure to hit you right in the feels. Get ready to dive into the depths of despair with these soul-crushing tunes.



“Everybody Hurts” – R.E.M

This track by R.E.M. is a perfect blend of profoundly moving music and sorrowful lyrics. “Everybody Hurts” is a compelling reminder to people that everyone goes through periods of intense sadness and isolation, and we all need to know how to cope with those emotions.

The song starts with a soft, calming introduction before building to a cathartic, stirring finale. It’s a well-crafted piece that has touched hearts and made eyes well up for decades now – a powerful tune that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


“Hurt” – Johnny Cash

“Hurt” is a melancholic song that touches upon mental turmoil, addiction, and regrets. Johnny Cash’s baritone voice coupled with his powerful delivery makes for a deeply poignant listening experience.

The song’s heartrending and semi-autobiographical lyrics coupled with the raw and stripped-back instrumentation adds to its emotional punch. In summary, “Hurt” is a haunting and thought-provoking opus about the pain of existence and the weight of our choices.


“Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” is a heart-wrenching ballad about the loss of his four-year-old son, who tragically fell to his death from a high-rise apartment window. The song’s melancholic melody and sorrowful lyrics reflect the depth of Clapton’s pain, as he grapples with the overwhelming sadness of losing a child.

The song’s emotional impact and raw vulnerability make it one of the most poignant and affecting songs in Clapton’s career, and a powerful reminder of the fragility of life.


“Nothing Compares 2 U” – Sinead O’Connor

“Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor is emotionally charged, with hauntingly beautiful lyrics that touch on heartbreak and loneliness. O’Connor’s raw and vulnerable vocals convey a deep sense of pain and longing, making it one of the most melancholic and depressing songs ever written.

The minimalist production and stripped-down instrumentation draw focus to the naked, raw emotion of the track, producing an eerie and breathtaking effect on the listener.”


“Yesterday” – The Beatles

This track embodies the bittersweet essence of nostalgia, serving as a haunting reminder of what once was. The achingly beautiful melody of “Yesterday” lays the foundation for McCartney’s poignant lyrics, which speak to the universal experience of love and loss. With its plaintive, emotive tone, this song is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears it.


“All I Want” – Kodaline

Kodaline’s “All I Want” is a heart-wrenching ballad that speaks to the longing for something that appears unattainable. The delicate piano arrangement and beautiful vocals complement the profound lyrics that confront the emptiness and isolation that can come with unrequited love.

The song’s haunting tone, combined with desperate pleas and raw vulnerability, makes it an emotionally charged experience that resonates long after the last note fades. It’s a reminder that sometimes the greatest expression of vulnerability, as painful as it may be, can ultimately be the catalyst to healing.


“How to Save a Life” – The Fray

“The Fray’s How to Save a Life” is a deeply poignant and melancholic ballad that wrestles with themes of loss, despair, and regret. The heart-wrenching lyrics delve into the complex struggles of addiction and the agony of watching someone you love suffer. The song’s soaring chorus and raw emotion capture the desperation and sadness felt by those searching for ways to “fix” a person or situation beyond redemption.

Overall, a haunting and unforgettable track that sears itself into the listener’s soul with its powerful message and raw intensity.


“The Sound of Silence” – Simon & Garfunkel

“The Sound of Silence” is a poignant and haunting ballad about the alienation and loneliness that can arise from a lack of communication. With words like “restless dreams” and “narrow streets,” the song creates a sense of darkness and despair that expresses the deep-seated emotional pain of the human experience.

Using subdued tones and minor key melodies, Simon & Garfunkel’s rendition of this classic tune evokes an ominous atmosphere, immersing listeners in a sense of profound melancholy and introspection.


“Mad World” – Gary Jules

“Mad World” by Gary Jules is a perennially popular and deeply melancholic tune that captures the despair and existential angst common among those grappling with depression. The song’s brooding, sparse arrangement and haunting melody amplify the sense of hopelessness embodied in the lyrics.

While the tune’s downbeat vibe may be discouraging, its raw honesty and cathartic message make it a powerful expression of the struggle to find meaning and hope in a world that can sometimes feel cold and alienating.


“Skinny Love” – Bon Iver

“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver is a poignant and somber ballad that encapsulates the feeling of unrequited love with its melancholic and introspective lyrics. The sparse instrumentation of the song only serves to emphasize the raw emotional intensity of the track, making it an ideal addition to any playlist centered around profound feelings of heartbreak and isolation.”


“The A Team” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” is a poignant track that delves into the harrowing world of drug addiction and prostitution. The song’s hauntingly beautiful melody and Sheeran’s evocative lyrics about a “crumbling” woman whose dreams are shattered by a life of vice and degradation leave an indelible impression on the listener.

This emotionally charged ballad is a potent reminder of the harsh realities and bitter hardships that many people face every day, and it is sure to bring tears to even the most stoic of listeners.


“In the Arms of an Angel” – Sarah McLachlan

The somber yet ethereal “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan caps off any playlist of depressing songs. The pensive piano chords and haunting vocals create a sense of raw emotion and loss that evokes questions of the meaning of life and the finality of death.

Without a doubt, this song can lead listeners to an introspective and melancholic mood, making it a poignant yet challenging experience to listen to, especially during moments of emotional vulnerability.

“The Drugs Don’t Work” – The Verve

“The Drugs Don’t Work” by The Verve is a melancholic ballad that captures the sadness and despair of life’s futility. With Richard Ashcroft’s poignant and soulful vocals, the song laments the inevitability of death and the inability of drugs to cure the pain of loss.

The track’s haunting melody and emotive lyrics are a potent reminder of the fragility and transience of human existence, leaving a profound impact on the listener’s psyche and stirring a deep-seated sense of sorrow and pathos.”


“Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” – The Korgis

This track is a real mood-killer. It’s heavy and emotional, with a slow, wistful melody that’ll have you feeling all sorts of down. The lyrics are about the things we learn, the things we forget, and the things we wish we could hold onto forever. It’s a beautiful song, sure, but it’ll leave you feeling gutted by the end.

It’s the kind of tune that you put on when you want to just sit in your room and think about all the things you’ve lost and all the things you wish you still had.


“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

This ballad, one of Whitney Houston’s all-time classics, is a haunting tribute to true love and the everlasting power of devotion. The opening piano riff sets the tone for a mesmerizing vocal performance that reaches new heights of emotive expression. With its heart-rending lyrics and sorrowful melody, this song is a true masterpiece of lamentation and nostalgia.

Perfect for those quiet moments when you just need to let yourself feel, “I Will Always Love You” is a powerful reminder that even though love withers and fades, the memories will never die.


“Nothing Else Matters” – Metallica

It’s hard to put words to the way “Nothing Else Matters” makes me feel. The melancholic melody coupled with the pensive lyrics are truly gut-wrenching. It’s a powerful expression of the feeling of being trapped in a relationship that is falling apart and feeling powerless to fix it.

The song explores themes of loneliness, vulnerability, and pain. “Nothing Else Matters” is a hauntingly beautiful piece that speaks to the human experience of heartbreak with utter sincerity.


“With or Without You” – U2

The artistically melancholic piece “Nothing Else Matters” from Metallica is practically an anthem among individuals enduring painful moments of shattered relationships, unforeseen exits, and other struggles beneath life’s immeasurable heaviness.

The song’s tender, poetic balladry muses on the universal human yearning for genuine connections and a sense of belonging, creating an emotionally ambiguous viewpoint that both limns the mournful depths of existential ecstasy and imagines the possibility of finding meaning in life’s throes.

Its somber, introspective tune and beautiful lyrics are a manifestation of the human spirit amidst tragedy.


“The Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice

“The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice is a hauntingly beautiful acoustic ballad that delves deep into the human emotion of heartbreak and the ensuing sorrow that can be experienced in its wake. Rice’s soulful and poignant delivery, coupled with his eloquent lyrics and subtle use of instrumentation, creates an incredibly moving piece of music that will leave listeners in a state of melancholy introspection.”


“Fix You” – Coldplay

So… like, “Fix You” by Coldplay is, like, a total mess of emotions, ya know? With those dreamy vocals and touching lyrics, it’s super hard not to feel like you’re gonna cry. The song is all about being there for someone even when they’re falling apart and, like, that’s just such a heavy concept to wrap your head around.

The build-up to the climactic chorus is an emotional rollercoaster and the message is pretty dang sad, but in a sorta uplifting way? Anyway, “Fix You” is a song that’ll definitely have you in your feels, man.


“Someone Like You” – Adele

“Someone Like You” is quite the melancholic melody that evokes a host of emotions. The song is a well-written ballad with an eerie piano sound and Adele’s soulful voice that pierces through the soul. One can easily resonate with the lyrics which talk about the realization of the impossibility of a past love.

It is a heartfelt and deeply emotional tune that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.


“Stay” – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

The harrowing lyrics of “Stay” by Rihanna, featuring Mikky Ekko, describe the inner turmoil of someone desperately pleading for their partner not to leave. It’s hard not to feel moved by the soulful delivery and emotive instrumentation of the track, especially when considering the context of the lyrics.

The raw and emotional vocal performance amplifies the heartbreak conveyed by the lyrics, creating an overall somber and melancholy tone. This song has the power to strike a chord and leave the listener feeling downhearted.


“When You’re Gone” – Avril Lavigne

The punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne presents a melancholic ballad, “When You’re Gone,” from her 2007 album, “The Best Damn Thing.” The song laments the emptiness one feels when their significant other is absent from their life, expressing the pain of love and separation with simple, yet powerful lyrics accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano.

Lavigne’s signature gritty yet emotional voice evokes a sense of vulnerability and heartache, making it a quintessential tear-jerking tune for anyone who has experienced the pain of loss.