Juice Wrld was a hip-hop artist with a unique style who had a tumultuous career cut tragically short earlier this year. However, his contribution to the world of music is still felt and appreciated by many. His soulful and introspective lyrics, combined with memorable melodies, resonated with his audience to make him one of the most popular musicians of his time.

In this article, we’ll explore some of Juice Wrld’s most beloved hits and see what made them so special to listeners worldwide.



“Lucid Dreams” – Juice WRLD

One of Juice WRLD’s most well-known and iconic tracks, “Lucid Dreams,” showcases not only his dynamic and emotionally charged vocal style but also his ability to craft lyrics that connect with his listeners at a deeply personal level.

With its ethereal, dreamlike production and poignant lyrics dissecting heartbreak and lost love, it’s no surprise that “Lucid Dreams” has become an anthem for a generation of fans.

“All Girls Are the Same” – Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD’s musical brilliance shines through in “All Girls Are the Same”, with a mix of poignant lyrics and a memorable beat that refuses to leave your head. The track’s introspective tone strikes a chord with listeners and helped to elevate Juice WRLD to superstar status.

“Robbery” – Juice WRLD

“Robbery” by Juice WRLD authentically embodies the essence of his music, featuring raw and emotional lyrics that resonates with his core audience. The track has a unique blend of tempo and beats that showcases Juice WRLD’s signature sound.

The song reflects his talent and versatility as an artist, with its perfect combination of catchy hooks and addictive melodies. “Robbery” is a true testament to Juice WRLD’s skill as a songwriter and one of his most popular tracks to date.

“Bandit” – Juice WRLD & NBA YoungBoy

“Bandit” is a must-listen collaboration between Juice WRLD and NBA YoungBoy. The track exhibits the prolific nature of Juice WRLD’s songwriting, with clever lyrics, memorable melodies, and ear-catching instrumentals.

Since its release, “Bandit” has become a fan favorite, displaying Juice WRLD’s ability to connect with his listeners and showcase his expressive musical talents.

“Legends” – Juice WRLD

“Legends” is a melancholic, piano-driven tribute to the late rappers, XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, who passed away in 2018. The song showcases Juice WRLD’s ability to evoke raw emotions through his music. Its introspective lyrics and haunting melody resonate with audiences, making it one of Juice WRLD’s most beloved and impactful songs to date.

“Armed and Dangerous” – Juice WRLD

“Armed and Dangerous”, an enigmatic yet catchy track, appears in the top 10 of Juice WRLD’s most popular songs. Its lyrical complexity, introspective tone, and ear-catching hook make it a fan favorite. The song leans into Juice WRLD’s signature blend of introspective lyrics, pained vocals, and trap-influenced beats to create a unique blend of genres that resonates with audiences.

It’s clear that “Armed and Dangerous” is a testament to Juice WRLD’s ability to tell stories of pain, love, and growth through his music.

“Wishing Well” – Juice WRLD

One of the most popular tracks from Juice WRLD’s discography, “Wishing Well” features an attractive blend of emotional lyrics and a hard-hitting beat.

The song showcases Juice WRLD’s ability to evoke feelings of hopelessness and despair with his words, set against a backdrop of melancholic melodies that perfectly capture the mood of the track. “Wishing Well” is a poignant reminder of Juice WRLD’s talent and a testament to his enduring legacy.

“Lean Wit Me” – Juice WRLD

Juice Wrld’s melancholic yet catchy track “Lean Wit Me” reflects on the struggles of addiction and the societal pressures faced by young people. The dense layers of production underscores Juice Wrld’s confessional lyrics as he sings about battling demons while balancing relationships and fame.

“Lean With Me” invites the listener into Juice Wrld’s inner world and showcases his skillful blending of emo, rap, and pop genres.

“Fast” – Juice WRLD

“Fast” is a thought-provoking and confessional track that presents a candid view of Juice WRLD’s life and influences. With thoughtful and introspective lyricism delivered over hazy beats, the song presents an intriguing snapshot of the young artist’s psyche and his relationship with the fast-paced lifestyle of a successful artist.

The track is a standout from Juice WRLD’s discography, and showcases his ability to balance raw vulnerability with slick production.

“Empty” – Juice WRLD

The final track on Juice WRLD’s album “Death Race for Love”, “Empty” is a poignant and introspective song that reflects on the artist’s struggles with addiction and the difficult emotions that come with it.

The haunting melody and powerful lyrics capture the loneliness and despair that can come with fame and fortune, making it a standout track among Juice WRLD’s impressive discography.