Looking to spice up your karaoke playlist? Channel your inner princess or hero with these classic Disney songs that are perfect for belting out at the top of your lungs. Whether you’re looking for a charming ballad, an upbeat tune or a powerful anthem, there’s something for everyone on this list.

From the timeless classics to the modern-day hits, these songs are sure to get the crowd singing along and reminiscing about their favorite Disney movies. Get ready to bring the magic of Disney to your next karaoke night!



“Let It Go” – Idina Menzel

This tune is a chart-topper that has become a favorite among karaoke enthusiasts. It showcases an emotional and powerful vocal performance that is equally charming and stirring.

The song is a soaring ballad that instills a sense of empowerment and liberation among listeners. With a distinctive melody and captivating lyrics, this track has become a staple in the world of karaoke, allowing countless individuals to channel their inner superstar and perform with confidence and skill.

“A Whole New World” – Brad Kane and Lea Salonga

This Disney classic is an absolute karaoke anthem that will take you on a musical journey to a whole new world. With soaring melodies and charming lyrics, this timeless ballad captures the essence of dreamy romance and adventure.

The duet offers a great opportunity for harmonizing and theatrical singing, especially when you hit those high notes and belt out the chorus. It’s a crowd-pleaser for anyone looking to show off their vocal range and bring some magic to their karaoke night.


“Hakuna Matata” – Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, and Joseph Williams

One of the iconic hits in the Disney pantheon, this jam needs no introduction. With its upbeat and carefree melody, it’s sure to get anyone up and grooving. The charmingly witty lyrics whisk you away to a stress-free world where you can let your worries disappear.

Deliver a rollicking performance with this song at the karaoke bar and watch your audience jive along to the lyrics. It’s simply impossible to resist the infectious energy of this Disney karaoke classic.


“Part of Your World” – Jodi Benson

“Part of Your World” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is an absolute must-try for any karaoke enthusiast. This stunning ballad, sung by Ariel, is a perfect karaoke choice for those who want to showcase their singing skills.

With its slow and melancholic tune, this song is perfect for expressing emotions, and the lyrics will make you feel as if you are living in a fairytale world. The message of the song is all about curiosity and desire, urging the audience to take risks and embrace their true selves.

Get ready to feel like a mermaid or merman as you bring out your inner Ariel and sing your heart out with “Part of Your World.”


“Circle of Life” – Carmen Twillie and Lebo M

“Circular journey of existence” is a superbly astonishing song to sing during any karaoke night. Its introspective lyrics and captivating African-inspired melody will leave your audience mesmerized. The use of Swahili lyrics in the chorus adds an exotic touch that sets it apart from other Disney songs.

You’ll feel like you’re soaring as you belt out the powerful lyrics. It’s not just a karaoke classic, but a timeless masterpiece.


“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” – Donny Osmond

This awesome Disney song is guaranteed to bring the ’90s kid out of anyone that grew up with the movie “Mulan”. It’s an empowering tune with an intense beat that’s perfect for belting out at karaoke. Plus, it’s a great choice for those who want to show off their vocal range, as it requires a mix of soft and strong notes.

Don’t be afraid to get into character and pretend you’re part of the Chinese army during the song’s epic training montage!


“Beauty and the Beast” – Angela Lansbury

If you really wanna slay at karaoke night, “Beauty and the Beast” is the ultimate Disney power ballad. With its sweeping melody and poignant lyrics, you’ll have everyone in the bar belting out the chorus with you.

Whether you’re hitting all the high notes like Angela Lansbury or putting your own unique spin on the song, this timeless classic never fails to captivate an audience. So grab the mic, let your inner Belle shine, and prepare to leave your mark on the karaoke world.


“Colors of the Wind” – Judy Kuhn

Judy Kuhn’s “Colors of the Wind” is a ballad that has long been a karaoke favorite. The romantic melody is perfect for singing alongside a partner or solo, and the lyrics are easy to remember.

The song’s enchanting harmonies and delightful orchestration make it easy to get lost in the music and fully embrace the performance. “Colors of the Wind” is a must-sing song that captures the heart and imagination of any aspiring karaoke artist.


“Can You Feel the Love Tonight” – Joseph Williams and Sally Dworsky

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Joseph Williams and Sally Dworsky is undoubtedly one of the best Disney songs that you can sing during karaoke night. The song has a captivating melody that would allow you to show off your vocal range and a charmingly romantic message that would keep your audience engaged.

Whether a tenor or baritone, attempting this song would be a surefire way to test your karaoke skills and send an enchanting message to your crush. Trust me; this song speaks volumes to all the hopeless romantics out there.


“Reflection” – Lea Salonga

“Reflection” is a melodic ballad that exhibits raw emotion and vulnerability. Sung by the angelic voice of Lea Salonga, this song from Mulan speaks to the inner struggles and self-doubt that many of us face. It’s a perfect song choice for those who want to showcase their vocal range and display their impassioned side.

The nuanced lyrics and powerful chorus make “Reflection” a standout karaoke option for any Disney lover.


“The Bare Necessities” – Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman

” The Bare Necessities” is an absolute bop for karaoke, with its upbeat melody and irresistible charm. It’s a great pick for young adults looking for a playful pick-me-up. Don’t forget to bring your A-game on the vocals, though – the jazzy harmonies will definitely keep you on your toes!


“When You Wish Upon a Star” – Cliff Edwards

“When You Wish Upon a Star” is an iconic Disney classic that is a popular choice for karaoke performances. The ethereal melody and enchanting lyrics evoke a sense of wonder and nostalgia.

The song’s message of hope and yearning for dreams to come true resonates with audiences of all ages. Its timeless charm makes it a perfect pick for people seeking to make a lasting impression at karaoke gatherings.


“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” – Randy Newman

This track is the perfect addition to any Disney-themed karaoke night, with its upbeat and catchy melody that will get even the shyest of singers tapping their feet. The playful lyrics, coupled with Randy Newman’s signature folksy sound, make for a fun and lighthearted performance that’s sure to leave the crowd wanting more

So if you’re looking to inject some playful energy into your next karaoke sesh, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is definitely worth adding to your playlist.


“Under the Sea” – Samuel E. Wright

With its catchy beat and upbeat lyrics, “Under the Sea” from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is an ultimate karaoke banger. The jazzy tune is a delightful choice that gets everyone off their feet. Its infectious tune echoes the lively Caribbean vibe, and anyone can easily sing along with the chorus.

The song’s universally known hooks have a certain throwback vibe that evokes joy and nostalgia. Overall, “Under the Sea” guarantees an effortless sing-along experience and is undeniably one of the best Disney songs to perform at karaoke.


“Someday My Prince Will Come” – Adriana Caselotti

This Disney classic is a crowd-pleaser for all ages. The song’s hopeful lyrics and wistful tune will have karaoke-goers belting out the tune in no time. The protagonist’s longing for her prince charming is relatable, and the song’s nostalgia factor for many makes it a great choice for bringing out the inner child in even the most reluctant singer.

“Someday My Prince Will Come” is surely a go-to karaoke pick for those looking to relive their childhood or simply bring some Disney magic to their night out.