Breaking up with someone is not an easy thing to do. However, there is a growing trend of “ghosting,” where a person abruptly cuts off communication and disappears altogether without giving the other person any closure. The experience can leave one feeling bewildered, heartbroken, and completely at sea.

But just like any other experience, music can offer solace, with its power to verbalize and give voice to the unspoken emotions. In this article, we’ll examine the best songs about ghosting that perfectly capture the bittersweet feeling of unrequited love and abandonment.



“Someone You Loved” – Lewis Capaldi

The melody delivered by Scottish singer-songwriter, Lewis Capaldi, is an emotional-filled masterpiece that narrates the pain of being left behind in a love relationship. The reminiscing lyrics about being haunted by the “someone you loved” may bring a mixture of vulnerability, nostalgia, and frustration.

Capaldi shows off his vocal range, which adds more depth to the gloomy romantic story told through the music. It’s a perfect choice to add to a playlist for those moments where you may feel ghosted or abandoned by a loved one.

“Ghostin” – Ariana Grande

One song in the list explores the aftermath of an unexplained disappearance without any formal communication. It reflects on the haunting experience and the agonizing pain left behind.

Using heart-wrenching lyricism, the melody blends well with the haunting piano in the background to create a somber ambiance, reflecting the feeling of being stuck on the same day over and over again.

It’s a tear-jerking composition that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

“Dancing With Our Hands Tied” – Taylor Swift

This particular song is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever had a special person suddenly disappear from their life with no explanation. In it, the artist paints a vivid portrait of the dizzying confusion and heartbreak that can come from being ghosted. The lyrics cleverly use the symbolism of dancing together with hands tied to illustrate the feeling of being helpless and unable to understand why someone would leave without a word.

Through poignant imagery and a powerful vocal performance, the song captures the emotional turmoil of being left behind after a promising start to a relationship.

“The One That Got Away” – Katy Perry

This contemporary pop song that many may identify with details the pain of being left behind and forgotten by someone who was once very significant. It expresses the frustration that can come with being ghosted – when someone suddenly cuts off all communication without explanation, leaving you feeling confused and hurt.

Despite its upbeat melody, the song’s lyrics paint a bleak picture of love lost, echoing the emotions and experience of many who suffer the same plight.

“All Too Well” – Taylor Swift

“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift is a haunting melody about a lover who left without a trace. The lyrics paint a picture of a broken heart struggling to make sense of the sudden disappearance, with Swift’s soulful vocals capturing the raw emotions of the experience.

The song’s slow and melancholy tone makes it the perfect ode to the pain and confusion that comes with being ghosted.

“Stay” – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

“Stay” by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko is a song about the pain of being ghosted. The song speaks to the feeling of being left behind, and the loneliness that comes with it. The lyrics are melancholic and the music is slow and haunting, creating an atmosphere of sadness and longing.

The chorus emphasizes the idea of wanting to stay together even though it’s too late, and it’s clear that Rihanna is singing from personal

“I’m Not The Only One” – Sam Smith

“I’m Not The Only One” by Sam Smith is a perplexing and emotive ballad which perfectly captures the burstiness of feelings when someone is ghosted. The lyrics detail a situation where the protagonist is on the receiving end of infidelity, the feelings of betrayal, and the toxic atmosphere created by the relationship.

Smith’s emotive tone perfectly encapsulates the feelings of someone who has been discarded. The song is an excellent representation of the quietly intense emotional turmoil felt by many in similar situations.

“Better Man” – Little Big Town

This tune is one for the books if you’ve ever been left hanging with unanswered questions. “Better Man” talks to the feeling of being ghosted by a person that was supposed to stay in your life. The lyrics tell the story of the confusion and desperation of wanting someone back, even when you know it’s not the right decision.

With its haunting melody and relatable lyrics, this song is the perfect addition to any playlist about being left in the dark.


“Goodbye” – Kristinia DeBarge

“Goodbye” by Kristinia DeBarge is a track that illuminates the pain of someone left with no explanations after their personal parting. Its lyrics show the confusion and disappointment of being left without a trace, leaving no clarity or justification.

The melody bursts with emotion as the artist croons about the lack of closure, making it a haunting and dramatic song that encompasses the turmoil felt when being ghosted.

“Gone” – N’SYNC

The tune describes the turbulence a person experiences when someone abruptly disappears from their life. A blend of bewilderment and sorrow sets in, making it hard for the person to move on. The song uses a unique fusion of solemnity and spacious tones to convey the art of conveying the looming absence of a partner.

“The Heart Wants What It Wants” – Selena Gomez

While compiling a list of tracks that encapsulates the feeling of being ghosted, I cannot exclude Selena Gomez’s melancholy number. “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is a despairing ballad that candidly voices the heartache of a one-sided love affair.

According to Gomez, the song was written about an on-and-off relationship she had with Justin Bieber. The somber lyrics and the poignant undertone of the song will surely resonate with anyone who has ever been ghosted by someone they genuinely cared for.

“Need You Now” – Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” features a haunting sound and melancholic lyrics describing the aftermath of a failed relationship, with the protagonist longing for the one who’s gone.

The song speaks to the feeling of emptiness and desperation one experiences when alone in the middle of the night and unable to reconnect with their former significant other. It poignantly captures the despair of those who have been ghosted, searching for answers and a sense of closure that may or may not come.

“I Will Remember You” – Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” speaks to the emotional complexity of being ghosted as her haunting vocals and the wistful melody captures the feeling of loss and abandonment.

With lyrics such as “I’m so tired but I can’t sleep / Standing on the edge of something much too deep,” McLachlan portrays the insecurity and confusion that comes with being left behind without any closure or explanation. The emotions conveyed in the song will resonate with anyone who has been left to deal with the aftermath of ghosting.

“Say Something” – A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera

This song contains a profound cacophony and an explosive fascination with vacuity, which encapsulates the never-ending cycle of abandonment and confusion that comes with ghosting. The artist’s silvery voice transcends the melody, evoking a visceral feeling of hurt and betrayal while still leaving a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

It is a resounding masterpiece that leaves an indelible impression on anyone who has experienced the agony of being left in the dark.

“Leave (Get Out)” – JoJo

This track by the pop singer with a unique name reflects the emotions of confusion and heartbreak following a sudden disappearance. The lyrics of the song are a conversation between two individuals who were once close but now one of them has vanished with no explanation.

With organ-like hum and haunting harmonies, the melody fully encapsulates the feeling of confusion and longing that follows such abandonment without justification.

“Forget You” – CeeLo Green

This track relays the story of someone who has been left behind by their romantic partner with no explanation. They are hurt and confused as to why their lover has vanished.

The protagonist expresses their feelings of anger and frustration towards their ex-partner’s actions, and questions why they were treated in such a manner despite their intentions to love and support. The lyrics depict the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with being ghosted by someone you care about deeply.

“Without Me” – Halsey

“Without Me” by Halsey is an emotive pop ballad that tackles the complexities of a fractured relationship. The lyrics resonates with anyone who has been ignored and left behind without any explanation. Using soaring melodies and layered electronic production,

Halsey illustrates the hurt of being “ghosted” by someone you deeply care about, a feeling that is intensified by the song’s candid and introspective lyrics. Overall, the song is a compelling exploration of how it feels to be left in the dark, singing the blues, alone and perplexed.