Grief, pain, heartbreak. All human emotions that we try to avoid but cannot escape from, no matter how hard we try. And yet, it is in these moments of profound sadness that we often find solace in music. Few artists have captured the essence of emotional turmoil better than XXXTentacion, whose lyrics and melodies cut deep.

His music is poetry of the darkest kind, an unflinching look at the human condition. Join us as we explore some of XXXTentacion’s saddest songs, an emotional journey that is not for the faint of heart.



“Sad!” – XXXTentacion

“Sad!” is a captivating and emotionally-charged track from the late rapper XXXTentacion. The lyrics speak of a heartbroken and deeply saddened individual who is grappling with the pain of loss, loneliness, and despair.

The song draws you in with its haunting melody, raw vulnerability, and powerful delivery, leaving you feeling a deep sense of empathy and understanding for the artist’s struggle. It’s a poignant reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is a glimmer of hope and beauty to be found in our shared humanity.


“Changes” – XXXTentacion

“Changes,” a heart-wrenching ballad by XXXTentacion, captures the feelings of confusion and heartbreak that often come with loss and relationships. The serene instrumental and subdued vocals add to its melancholic atmosphere, providing listeners with hauntingly vivid images of emptiness and despair.

“Changes” represents some of the most profound and personal work of XXXTentacion’s career, marked by an enduring commitment to vulnerability and emotional depth.

Its touching lyrics and empathetic delivery continue to connect with fans who share the artist’s struggles with mental health and self-expression.


“Jocelyn Flores” – XXXTentacion

“Jocelyn Flores” portrays XXXTentacion’s deep pain and sorrow following the suicide of his friend, Jocelyn Flores. The somber melody of the song, coupled with the melancholic lyrics and the raw emotion in X’s voice, makes for a truly heart-wrenching experience that highlights the fragility of mental health.

Despite its heavy themes, the song’s popularity speaks to the universal nature of grief and mourning.


“Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” – XXXTentacion

One of the most heart-wrenching tracks in XXXTentacion’s discography is a haunting piece titled “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares”. Through his lyrics, X masterfully brings his listeners into his world of anguish as he laments over a romantic relationship gone awry.

The song features a brooding production that’s underscored by X’s signature raw vocal delivery. Its introspective lyrics and emotive sound make it a standout track in a career marked by emotional depth.


“The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)” – XXXTentacion

“The Remedy for a Broken Heart (Why Am I So in Love)” is a poignant and heartrending track from the late XXXTentacion. The song’s lyrical content flows seamlessly with the melancholic melody, capturing the young artist’s emotional depth and raw vulnerability.

Exploring themes of heartbreak, regret, and longing, XXXTentacion delivers a stirring performance that resonates deeply with his audience. It is a true testament to his songwriting prowess and ability to connect with fans on a profound level through his music.


“I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” – XXXTentacion

“I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore” showcases XXXTentacion’s emotionally raw and vulnerable side. The haunting melody combined with his anguished lyrics paint a bleak and desolate picture of heartbreak and pain. The sparse production allows the solemn vocals to take center stage, delivering a visceral and heart-wrenching experience.

The track showcases the depth and range of XXXTentacion’s artistry and solidifies his place as one of the most talented and innovative artists of his generation.


“Alone, Part 3” – XXXTentacion

“Alone, Part 3” is a poignant and introspective song marked by its haunting piano melody and melancholic tone. XXXTentacion’s emotional vocals and introspective lyrics explore themes of isolation, heartbreak, and inner turmoil, leaving the listener with an unmistakable sense of sadness and vulnerability.

The song is a powerful example of the late rapper’s ability to evoke raw emotions through his music and is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of loneliness.


“before I close my eyes” – XXXTentacion

“before I close my eyes” was one of XXXTentacion’s most emotional tracks, grappling with themes of death, legacy, and acceptance.

With hauntingly beautiful instrumentals and a raw, introspective vocal performance, the song is a poignant finale to the late rapper’s discography and a stirring reminder of the fleeting nature of life.


“NUMB” – XXXTentacion

“NUMB” is a poignant and introspective song in which XXXTentacion confronts his feelings of numbness and detachment from the world around him. With atmospheric production that evokes a sense of emptiness and isolation, X pours his heart out in raw lyrics that capture the pain and disillusionment of his generation.

Drawing on themes of depression, addiction, and existential crisis, “NUMB” is a moving and deeply personal track that showcases the emotional depth and sensitivity of XXXTentacion’s music.


“Moonlight” – XXXTentacion

“Moonlight” is a poignant track that showcases XXXTentacion’s softer side. The song is a contemplative and melancholic tribute to lost love, as the artist reflects on his past mistakes and struggles with letting go. With its dreamy production and tender vocals,

“Moonlight” captures the emotional depth and introspection that was a hallmark of XXXTentacion’s music, making it a must-listen for fans seeking to connect with the late artist’s more vulnerable side.


“Carry On” – XXXTentacion

“Carry On” is a heartbreaking ballad that explores feelings of loss, pain, and grief. With its emotive lyrics and subdued instrumentals, the song serves as a powerful testament to the complexities of human emotion. Through his heartfelt delivery and poignant words, X captures the sense of despair and turmoil that can often accompany moments of tragedy or heartbreak.

Overall, “Carry On” stands as a touching tribute to those who have been lost and a reminder to keep fighting even when things seem impossible.


“Whoa (Mind in Awe)” – XXXTentacion

“Whoa (Mind in Awe)” is a captivating and intricate production that reflects XXXTentacion’s unique style. Featuring mesmerizing guitar riffs interwoven with his piercing vocals, he delves deep into vulnerable emotions of love and heartbreak. The lyrics convey a sense of hope and longing as he struggles to distance himself from a painful past.

With its dynamic shifts and exploratory sound architecture, this track pushes the boundaries of contemporary music and showcases X’s raw talent.