Greetings, fellow music enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the wonderful world of Drop B tuning, where the low, rumbling vibrations of those deep, down-tuned strings are sure to make your speakers holler. The Drop B tuning is a standard choice among heavy metal and hardcore music enthusiasts alike for that full-bodied, bone-crushing sound, and it’s not hard to see why. From brutal breakdowns to finger-twisting riffs, our list of songs in Drop B is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. So, tune in, turn up, and let’s get right to it!


“The Bleeding” – Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch takes the cake as a streamlined execution of the Drop B tuning, offering an onslaught of restless riffs and energized vocals that shred through the senses.

With its penchant for all things heavy and its insistence on never letting up, this song is not only a high point for the genre with its heavy power chords, but for the art of guitar shredding itself.

Whether you’re moshing in the pit or headbanging at home, this drop B song is a certified headbanger that will please the metalhead in all of us.

“Unholy Confessions” – Avenged Sevenfold

One brilliant piece in this list of songs in drop B teaches us how to embrace the dichotomy of life and its mysteries.

This track’s intricate riffs, furious drums, and soaring vocals draw us in with their unpredictability.

It’s like constantly receiving hard blows to the head, followed by moments of clarity, as we grapple with the lyrics’ contemplation of good vs. evil, chaos vs. order, and light vs. darkness.

It’s a journey through the labyrinth of the human experience, but with a sound that’s both turbulent and liberating. “Unholy Confessions” makes the top of the list for drop B tuning songs.

“The Devil In I” – Slipknot

This third song is an intense aural experience, with its chilling vocals and intricate rhythms that create a visceral impact.

The nuances of melody and rhythm unfold in surprising ways, pulling the listener in with both burstiness and a sense of ominousness.

The guitar work is particularly impressive in this song, with a heavy and distorted sound from the guitar strings that complements the agitated and frenzied feeling of the music.

Overall, this song is a standout example of the bold creativity that is possible with a Drop B tuning and how creative you can get when you play power chords in thrash metal.

“In Due Time” – Killswitch Engage

This track is a prime example of how low tunings can be used to create a massive wall of sound that hits you like a ton of bricks.

The heavy riffs bounce around in your head, and the intense breakdowns send you into a frenzy. It’s like being caught in a whirlwind of emotions, with moments of calm followed by explosive bursts of energy.

Definitely not one for the faint of heart, but a must-listen for fans of drop B guitar tuning. See the heart-pounding music video below.

“The Sound of Truth” – As I Lay Dying

This selection stands out as a perfect representation of the top-shelf musicianship that goes into producing a drop B tune.

Its intricate, tempo-shifting arrangements grab you by the ears and refuse to let go, building up to a frenetic climax which leaves you absolutely breathless. With its nuanced guitar work and pummeling, syncopated percussion, this track is sure to satisfy even the most discerning aficionados of heavy music.

The aggressive riffs mixed with the drop tuning will be sure to please people who love metal bands with a passion.

“Tears Don’t Fall” – Bullet For My Valentine

This track is one of the best drop B songs and delivers the goods with a flurry of intense riffs and heavy grooves that leave you in awe.

Its relentless energy and intricate electric guitar work are a true showcase of musicianship and creativity. With a drop B tuning that adds an extra layer of grit, it’s a song that hits hard and never lets up.

Fans of the genre will be delighted with this sonic assault that deftly balances technicality and raw aggression.

“Bodies” – Drowning Pool

One of the standout tracks in Drop B is a gritty number with driving rhythms and frenetic energy. The commanding vocals cut to the core, conveying a primal intensity that borders on chaotic. The instrumentation is aggressive yet precise, with a punishing groove that’s hard to resist. It’s a track that demands to be heard loud and reverberates in your bones, making an impact that’s impossible to ignore.

“The Gun Show” – In This Moment

This track crushes it in Drop B tuning. The sinister riffs are punctuated by pounding drums, soaring vocals, and haunting synth. The dynamics are massive, with a breakdown that hits like a freight train, exploding into a wall of distorted guitars over a thundering bassline. The overall effect is like being chased through a dark alley by a pack of rabid wolves, a primal and visceral experience that’ll leave you gasping for air.

“My Curse” – Killswitch Engage

The soaring melodies and intricate guitar riffs in this track are a testament to the technical prowess of modern metal. Spearheaded by the nimble fretwork of laser-focused riffage, the song takes the listener on a journey to the outer limits of sonic possibility. Blistering percussion rolls, thunderous basslines, and searing, guttural vocals complete the full sonic assault, culminating in an experience that’s both challenging and exhilarating. All in all, this is a shining example of what’s possible when musicians push themselves to the brink and go beyond the expected.

“This Calling” – All That Remains

This track is an electrifying example of the somber beauty that can be achieved in Drop B tuning. With its intricate guitar work and powerful lyricism, it reaches deep into the soul, evoking a range of emotions that leave the listener in awe. It’s the perfect embodiment of the experimental spirit that defines modern music, breaking down barriers and creating something truly unique. This is a song that deserves to be played loud and proud, a testament to the limitless possibilities of music in all its forms.

“The Air That I Breathe” – All That Remains

This track is nothing short of absolute brilliance, with its darkly evocative riffs and intense, guttural vocals. The complex song structure creates a sense of chaos that somehow manages to be both unpredictable and mesmerizing. It’s a true masterpiece of the genre, showcasing the raw talent and creative vision of the artist. Whether you’re a diehard fan of drop B tuning or just looking for an epic new jam, this song is an absolute must-listen.

“The Flood” – Of Mice & Men

This standout track from Of Mice & Men showcases their signature blend of metalcore and post-hardcore with a drop B tuning that delivers a punchy, aggressive riff that’s sure to get your blood pumping. The song features intricate guitar work and a blistering breakdown that hits like a ton of bricks. It’s a prime example of the band’s unique style, and a must-listen for any fan of heavy music.

“My Own Summer (Shove It)” – Deftones

The Deftones’ track featuring a deep guitar tuning, evokes raw emotion with melodic swerves and an explosive chorus. The non-linear structure creates a dizzying climax that consists of a frantic drumline and visceral vocals from Chino Moreno. Its skillful use of silence draws attention to each note, making each one more impactful. The song’s jagged sound and intense delivery gives it an edgy quality that’s sure to leave the listener captivated.

“The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart” – Suicide Silence

This track by an American metalcore band ignites a rebellious energy, fueled by aggressive drum patterns and devastating breakdowns. The band’s ability to blend haunting melodies with fierce grunts gives the song a striking contrast. The overall sound is propelled by an immersive atmosphere steeped in foreboding, and the aggression is juxtaposed with a lyrical message of hope, evincing a rare vulnerability. The song impresses a sense of dynamism that inspires you to action.

“Anthem of the Lonely” – Nine Lashes

This particular melody in Drop B is a true exponent of the genre’s delectable oddities, as it showcases the unique delivery and experimentation in the genre’s capabilities. It’s filled with eccentricities, manifesting a burst of unorthodox compositions that sets it apart from everything else in the list; making it an exhilarating ride that shakes up the senses with its fractious and vibrant motion. Get ready to experience a dynamic craft that’s both intricate and expressive, pulling you in with its bewitching vibrancy.

“I Will Fail You” – Demon Hunter

This particular track stands out amongst the rest with its enigmatic vibe and sporadic bursts of energy. The clever use of unexpected time signatures and the eclectic mix of instrumentation creates a sense of dissonance that’s impossible to ignore. The guitar riffs are punchy and intricate, while the growling vocals add a layer of intensity that’s hard to match. It’s the perfect song for anyone looking to really sink their teeth into something complex and unpredictable.

“The Abandoned” – Memphis May Fire

This melodious composition in Drop B tuning is a reflection of the post-hardcore genre that is gaining popularity in today’s music scene. The track boasts a complex arrangement of instrumentation and subdued drum beats juxtaposed against intense vocal deliveries. The captivating lyrics speak of the looming sense of abandonment and isolation that grips our generation, making it a relatable and thought-provoking piece.

“Naysayer” – Architects

This next track is one to really sink your teeth into. It’s got a serious low end that rumbles and shakes the foundation of your soul. The guitars are thick and chunky, providing a wall of sound that hits hard and doesn’t let up. The vocals are aggressive, pushing and pulling with raw emotion that’s palpable. This is heavy music at its finest, and it shows that sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make an impact.


“You Only Live Once” – Suicide Silence

The fiery, intense energy of this track is palpable from start to finish, drawing listeners in with its raw emotion and rich soundscapes. With its strong guitars and thundering basslines, this drop B tune brings a dynamic texture that bursts with power and complexity. It’s a true showcase of the innovative spirit and unbridled creativity that this genre is known and loved for, and a must-listen for any enthusiasts looking for a fresh take on their favorite sound.

“The End of Heartache” – Killswitch Engage

Track number 21 on the list is a certified headbanger in drop B tuning. The heart-wrenching vocals, fiery riffs, and driving beats will absolutely blow your mind. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself moshing in your living room – this is one track that demands to be turned up to 11. Expect to be swept away by the raw emotion and energy, with a level of musical dexterity that’s truly impressive. So buckle up and prepare to be thoroughly rocked by this masterpiece of modern metal.

“A Bid Farewell” – Killswitch Engage

This particular track is an excellent example of a signature style that can often be found in songs played in drop B. The tone is gritty yet melodic, with crisp riffs and intricate arrangements that keep your ears glued to the speakers. The soaring chorus is hard-hitting yet emotive, hitting all the right notes to create a memorable hook that’ll have you humming for days. Overall, it’s an expertly crafted song that showcases the raw power and energy of rock music played in drop B.