It’s no secret that rock music has a knack for tapping into one’s emotions. And when it comes to depression, rock musicians know a thing or two about expressing it in their lyrics and melodies. From introspective ballads to gritty rock anthems, these musicians have tackled the topic of depression in ways that are both raw and relatable.

Looking for a playlist to get you through those tough times? Check out our list of rock songs about depression. You may just find solace in the music of your favorite artists.



” Numb” – Linkin Park

The opener on Linkin Park’s sophomore album, “Numb,” speaks to the overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair often felt by those struggling with depression. With a driving, angsty guitar riff and powerful vocals, the song captures the frustration of feeling stuck and disconnected from the world around you.

The chorus’ refrain of “I’ve become so numb, I can’t feel you there” is especially poignant, representing the crippling effects that depression can have on one’s ability to form connections with others.


“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” – Green Day

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a profound rock song that speaks of isolation, disillusionment, and the struggles of facing life’s uncertainties. With its melancholic melody and emotional lyrics, the song provides an honest portrayal of the feeling of being lost and alone in a world where everyone else seems to have a purpose. It speaks to the longing to find one’s place in the world and the challenges of overcoming personal demons.

The song’s beauty lies in the fact that it is both depressing and hopeful, perfectly capturing the complexity of the human experience.


“Black” – Pearl Jam

“Black” by Pearl Jam is a poignant rock ballad that tackles the theme of depression in a powerful way. Eddie Vedder’s raw and emotive vocals express feelings of isolation and hopelessness, while the melancholic guitar riffs add to the song’s haunting atmosphere. The lyrics are introspective and relatable, exploring the darkness that can overwhelm a person when they feel lost and alone.

Overall, “Black” is a masterful composition that captures the complexity and depth of emotions that come with depression.


“Hurt” – Johnny Cash

“Hurt” by Johnny Cash is a haunting and emotional ballad about the inner turmoil and pain of depression. With poignant and melancholic lyrics that touch upon themes of self-harm, addiction, and hopelessness, the song speaks to the depths of despair that can accompany depression.

Cash’s gravelly voice adds to the rawness of the song, creating a powerful and moving experience for the listener. The stripped-down instrumentation, featuring only an acoustic guitar and piano, creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that makes the message of the song all the more impactful.


“Everybody Hurts” – R.E.M

This track grapples with the internal turmoil and hopelessness that comes with deep depression. The slow and melancholic melody is haunting, highlighting the soul-crushing emotions the protagonist is going through. The lyrics express frustration, pain, and confusion, and showcase the struggle of trying to carry on in the midst of immense suffering.

Although the melody remains low-key throughout, the song grows more intense as it builds to an emotional climax, ultimately serving as an anthem for those who feel lost and alone in their struggle with depression.


“Fade to Black” – Metallica

This song is an emotionally charged ballad by Metallica that touches on themes of sorrow, hopelessness, and despair. Its fluctuating tempo and haunting guitar riffs create a sense of unease and tension that perfectly complements the lyrics’ poignant and introspective nature.

With its raw and vulnerable lyrics that reflect feelings of depression and suicidal ideation, this track stands out as a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of mental health struggles.


“Mad World” – Gary Jules

“Mad World” by Gary Jules is a haunting rock song that speaks directly to those who feel overwhelmed by depression and the chaos of modern life. The delicate piano arrangement and Jules’ vulnerable and emotive voice convey a sense of profound sadness and despair that’s sure to resonate with anyone struggling with their mental health.

The song’s piercing lyrics paint a bleak picture of a world turned upside down, where everything is falling apart and nothing makes sense. It’s a raw and introspective track that captures the essence of depression with raw honesty and empathy.


“How to Save a Life” – The Fray

“How to Save a Life” by The Fray is a contemplative ballad that exudes melancholic vibes. The lyrics dive deep into the struggles of a person struggling with depression, and the chorus casts an impression of desperation for help and hope for their loved one’s salvation. The pensive piano-driven melody complements the introspective songwriting and instills a somber feeling in the listeners’ hearts.


“Nothing Else Matters” – Metallica

The cutting-edge soundscapes and emotive vocals of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” paint a poignant auditory landscape of inner turmoil and disconnect. The pensive lyricism and raw musical prowess brilliantly articulate the artist’s brief entanglement with depression, evoking a sense of forlorn isolation that speaks to anyone who has weathered stormy emotional seas.

Delivering a searing anthem for disenchanted souls, this heartrending masterpiece is the quintessential rock ballad about depression that is sure to leave a lasting impact on any listener.


“Fake Plastic Trees” – Radiohead

“Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead is a hauntingly beautiful rock song that tackles themes of disillusionment and the perils of false communal ideals. Thom Yorke’s emotive, lilting vocals and the stripped-back arrangement create a sense of raw vulnerability and expressiveness that capture the essence of depression.

The melancholic lyrics that underline the crushing weight of consumerism and the loss of authenticity are layered over surging guitar flourishes, resulting in a cathartic and inspiring listening experience that speaks directly to the heart of those struggling with depression.


“The A Team” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” is a poignant rock ballad about drug addiction and prostitution. The song’s title comes from a reference to the UK’s “A team” of pre-planned medical treatment, highlighting the song’s themes of social inequality and drug addiction as a coping mechanism for depression.

The song’s melancholic sound and Sheeran’s vulnerable vocal delivery make it a powerful evocation of the depths of depression. Its raw emotional expression and social commentary combine to make it an exceptional addition to any collection of rock songs about depression.


“Creep” – Radiohead

“Creep” by Radiohead speaks to the feelings of inadequacy and isolation that characterize depression. The song’s atmospheric instrumentation and haunting vocals convey a sense of desperation and loneliness that resonates with listeners. Lead singer Thom Yorke’s emotive delivery of lyrics like “I don’t belong here” captures the sense of being out of place in one’s own life that often accompanies depression.

“Creep” is a raw and honest depiction of the struggles many individuals face with mental health, making it a fitting addition to any list of rock songs about depression.


“Breaking the Habit” – Linkin Park

“Breaking the Habit” explores the struggles of depression and addiction through its intense lyrics and emotional melody. The song’s strong guitar riffs and powerful drum beats heighten the poignant impact of its lyrics. By delving into the complexities of addiction and depression, the song creates a vivid portrait of the challenges faced by individuals struggling with mental health issues.

Its powerful rhythms and evocative lyrics make it a powerful and moving addition to any rock playlist focused on themes of depression and self-discovery.


“Losing My Religion” – R.E.M

“Losing My Religion” remains one of R.E.M.’s most well-known and beloved songs, often cited as a classic of the alternative rock genre. Its introspective lyrics, distinctive musical arrangement, and emotional delivery continue to resonate with audiences decades after its release.


“Say You Love Me” – Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac’s emotional ballad ‘Say You Love Me’ touches on the feeling of not being fully appreciated or loved, leading to a sense of depression. The song’s powerful and melancholic melody, combined with Stevie Nicks’ soulful vocals, creates an introspective and mournful tone that resonates with many listeners.


“The Drugs Don’t Work” – The Verve

“The Drugs Don’t Work” by The Verve is a chilling and sorrowful track that acknowledges the futility in numbing oneself through substance abuse while dealing with depression. Lead singer Richard Ashcroft embodies the emotional strain of clinging to something – anything – in order to alleviate suffering.

The song’s painful honesty and somber melody make it a truly gut-wrenching experience, capturing the poignant reality of how struggling with depression can turn even the most trusted solutions into a fruitless endeavor.


“In My Life” – The Beatles

“In My Life” is a song by the English rock band The Beatles, released on their 1965 album “Rubber Soul.” The song was written primarily by John Lennon, with contributions from Paul McCartney. “In My Life” is a reflective and nostalgic song that explores themes of love, memories, and the passage of time.

Lennon wrote the lyrics based on his personal experiences and relationships, creating a heartfelt and introspective piece that has become one of The Beatles’ most beloved and enduring songs.


“Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton

“Tears in Heaven” is a poignant ballad by Eric Clapton that addresses the artist’s grief and depression following the loss of his young son. The song explores the complex emotions of guilt, sadness, and longing that come with such a tragedy. With its emotional lyrics and simple yet moving guitar melodies, “Tears in Heaven” has become an iconic anthem of grief and healing for rock music fans around the world.


“Under the Bridge” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Under the Bridge” is an emotionally potent song about overcoming emotional pain and feelings of isolation. The Red Hot Chili Peppers deliver powerful lyrics that evoke feelings of sadness and loneliness while also offering hope in the face of these emotions.

The track’s haunting melodies and poignant lyrics explore the depths of depression, while ultimately inspiring listeners to find strength in vulnerability and to embrace the journey toward healing. “Under the Bridge” is a standout example of the potency of rock music as a tool for healing and growth.


“The River” – Bruce Springsteen

“The River” by Bruce Springsteen is a somber rock ballad about the struggle with depression and the pain of the passage of time. The lyrics speak of a man’s regrets and lost dreams as he contemplates his life on the banks of the river.

The melancholy melody and Springsteen’s raw vocals beautifully convey a sense of despair and emptiness that will surely resonate with anyone who has battled with the darkness of depression.


“Sober” – Tool

“Sober” by Tool is an enigmatic track that explores the anguish and turmoil of addiction and depression. With its haunting melodies and intricate rhythmic patterns, the song captures the sense of helplessness and resignation that can accompany feelings of loneliness and despair. The lyrics are cryptic and poetic, full of vivid imagery and metaphors that speak to the pains of the human condition.

Overall, “Sober” is a powerful and thought-provoking contribution to the canon of rock songs that confront the complex realities of mental illness and emotional pain.


“The One I Love” – R.E.M

R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” is a rock song that seems at first glance to be a love song, but according to the band members, the lyrics are about using people for personal gain and not actually caring for them. The song’s deep and emotional lyrics express feelings of sadness and deception, highlighting the dark side of relationships.

The powerful beat and melody give the song a haunting quality, making it an excellent choice for a playlist featuring rock songs about depression.


“Glycerine” – Bush

“Glycerine” by British rock band Bush is one of the quintessential 90s grunge rock ballads that perfectly encapsulates the feelings of depression and despair. Lead singer Gavin Rossdale’s distinctive voice delivers the melancholic lyrics, whose meaning is open to interpretation and creates a certain vagueness and ambiguity that fits perfectly with the discordance of the song’s guitar riffs”.

The somber melody and downtrodden atmosphere of the song make it a timeless and impactful representation of rock songs about depression”.


“Landslide” – Fleetwood Mac

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac is a poignant rock song that perfectly captures the complex emotions associated with depression. The haunting melody, combined with Stevie Nicks’ soulful vocals, creates a sense of melancholy introspection that is both confounding and exhilarating. The lyrics speak to the cyclical nature of life, the constant upheavals that we must endure, and the ways in which we continue to grow and change through it all.

In its essence, “Landslide” is a song about the tumultuous journey of self-discovery, and the struggles we all face along the way.


“November Rain” – Guns N’ Roses

“Guns N’ Roses” deeply evokes the emotions of depression with their masterpiece “November Rain.” The intense and powerful ballad tells a story of heartbreak, loneliness, and despair that is both haunting and unforgettable. Its soaring guitar solos and powerful lyrics capture the sense of confusion, isolation, and hopelessness that often accompanies depression.

This rock classic resonates with listeners who are struggling and looking for a way to express their sadness, while finding solace in the beauty of the music.


“Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd

The evocative and sentimental “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd slowly works its way into each listener’s emotional core. With soulful vocals and raw guitar riffs, the song is a poignant and mournful plea for connection. It captures the feelings of isolation and longing that are often experienced by those dealing with depression.

Floyd’s iconic lyrics and melancholy melodies provide a stirring soundtrack for those seeking comfort and solace during difficult times.


“Black Hole Sun” – Soundgarden

“Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden is a haunting rock ballad that delves into the depths of depression. With its enigmatic lyrics filled with vivid imagery and its intense guitar riffs, the song perfectly captures the feeling of being trapped in a dark, lonely place. It’s a beautiful yet melancholic track that showcases the band’s impressive musical prowess while also touching on the intricacies of mental health issues.

“Something in the Way” – Nirvana

The final entry on the list is a track by Nirvana, called “Something in the Way.” This hauntingly beautiful track is an embodiment of the feelings of hopelessness and despair that come with depression. With its somber and haunting melody, the song takes the listener on a journey into the depths of depression, highlighting the feelings of isolation and loss that can accompany it.

Through the use of raw, visceral lyrics and a bare-bones musical approach, “Something in the Way” is a powerful ode to the struggles faced by those dealing with depression.