The 90s were a time of iconic dance music, with hit songs that kept us moving on dance floors and in the streets. From pop to hip hop, house to techno, the decade was full of catchy beats and unforgettable choruses that still make us sing along today.

Whether you were at a club, a party or just jamming in your car, the music of the 90s had a way of making everything feel like a celebration. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best dance songs from that unforgettable era.


“Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears

“Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears is an iconic pop song of the 90s. Its catchy beats and lyrics made it a favorite among dance enthusiasts and partygoers. The song, which tells the story of a girl pleading her ex-boyfriend to return to her, became an instant classic and catapulted Spears to global fame.

With its electrifying dance moves and youthful charm, the music video of the song has become one of the most memorable visuals of the decade. Even today, “Baby One More Time” remains a staple at parties and clubs, proving its timelessness.

“Vogue” – Madonna

This one track by the icon Madonna was on every dance mix cassette tape and club DJ’s playlist of the 90s. Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus made “Vogue” an instant classic. The song’s music video was just as iconic, featuring Madonna and her backup dancers striking poses in costumes inspired by old Hollywood glamour.

“Vogue” became an anthem for the LGBTQ+ community and a symbol of the fashion industry’s profound influence on pop culture.

“The Macarena” – Los Del Rio

The ‘Macarena’ by Los Del Rio was an undeniable chart-topping sensation that had every ’90s kid dance to its irresistible beat. Its catchy tune, coupled with its iconic dance moves, truly defined the decade’s dance craze. It was one of those songs which you could not help but fall in love with and dance to.

Even now, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the rhythm and want to do the Macarena dance. It is one of those timeless classics that will continue to be a hit for years to come.

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” – Backstreet Boys

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys is a quintessential 90s dance song that has stood the test of time. Its infectious beat is impossible not to move to, and the catchy chorus is a guaranteed sing-along. The track features a dynamic range of sounds that capture the essence of that era with bright synths, funky basslines, and a high-energy vibe.

With its iconic music video and instantly recognizable intro, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” continues to be a nostalgic favorite for anyone who grew up in the 90s and a must-have on any throwback dance playlist.

“Wannabe” – Spice Girls

Out of the many iconic dance tunes that graced the 90s, Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” stands out as a quintessential jam of the era. The track’s bouncy beats and infectious chorus has made it a timeless classic, as well as a cultural touchstone that has managed to transcend generations.

Its bold and empowering message of female solidarity combined with the group’s catchy pop melodies and quirky fashion sense made them trailblazers in the industry, paving the way for many other female-fronted acts. “Wannabe” remains a beloved anthem that continues to get people moving on the dance floor.

“Believe” – Cher

One bewildering hit of the ’90s dance club scene was “Believe” by iconic pop diva Cher. Combining pulsing yet whimsically ethereal synth beats with her soaring vocals, Cher captivated listeners with the song’s anthemic chorus and technologically groundbreaking use of AutoTune.

Despite receiving mixed reviews upon release due to its unusual sound, “Believe” quickly became a chart-topping phenomenon and remains a nostalgic staple of the decade.

“I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

This essential 90s dance song, performed by the late and legendary Whitney Houston, showcases her powerful vocal abilities and remains an iconic hit today. With its memorable melody and heartfelt lyrics, “I Will Always Love You” reflects the romantic aspirations of a generation, propelling Houston’s already successful career to new heights of fame.

At once poignant and anthemic, this song continues to inspire and delight music lovers across the world with its masterful blend of soulful performance and timeless pop appeal.

“Smooth” – Santana ft. Rob Thomas

One wildly popular 90s dance tune was “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas. This upbeat and groovy song brilliantly blended Latin and pop-rock elements to create a fusion of sounds that was perfect for getting people moving on the dance floor. The dynamic guitar licks paired with Thomas’s smooth-as-silk vocals made for a highly addictive track that was played non-stop on radios and in clubs during the 90s.

“Smooth” was a chart-topping hit that solidified Carlos Santana’s place in the mainstream and showcased Rob Thomas’s undeniable talent as a vocalist.

“Jump” – Kris Kross

“Jump” by Kris Kross is an iconic 90s dance song that has remained a classic. The track features a signature hook that can get anyone hyped up and dancing. Its upbeat tempo, catchy lyrics, and energetic delivery make it impossible to resist. Kris Kross’s unique style, where they wore their clothes backward, also added to their appeal and made them unforgettable.

The song has stood the test of time and continues to be a go-to track for any 90s dance party. It’s a fun and lively song that can get any crowd moving.

“No Scrubs” – TLC

TLC’s “No Scrubs” was a popular dance song of the 90s that blended R&B and hip hop elements. With its catchy beat and empowering lyrics, the song quickly became an anthem for self-respect and rejecting deadbeat partners. The song’s upbeat tempo, prominent bassline, and TLC’s signature harmonies make it a classic that still gets people moving on the dance floor today.

“C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” – Quad City DJ’s

“C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” is an infectious and upbeat dance track by Quad City DJ’s that became an instant hit in the 90s. Its infectious beat and catchy chorus made it a staple at dance parties and clubs alike, transcending genre barriers and capturing the spirit of the decade.

With its high-energy and unapologetic catchiness, it’s no wonder that “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)” has become a beloved classic of 90s dance music.

“Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” is an iconic 90s dance tune that fuses rap and pop for a fresh and energetic sound. This song captured the attention of listeners worldwide with its catchy and rhythmic beats, as well as its unforgettable lyrics.

Despite some criticisms, this song remains a defining hit of the 90s and continues to be played at parties and dance clubs more than three decades later. With its upbeat tempo and spirited delivery, “Ice Ice Baby” never fails to get people on the dance floor.

“I Want It That Way” – Backstreet Boys

The song is laced with a heady blend of R&B and hip-hop, resulting in a toe-tapping, head-nodding, hip-shaking vibe. Its catchy hooks and dynamic rhythm weaving through the tune make it an instant hit, a classic that is sure to ignite the dance floor, even two decades after its initial release.

The nostalgia factor of this evergreen dance anthem makes it a must-listen for all dance enthusiasts, whether you are an old-school 90s kid or a contemporary millennial.

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin

“Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin was a smash hit in the 90s dance scene. Boasting a pop-rock beat and a catchy chorus, the song radiates a joyful, carefree energy that propelled it to the top of the charts worldwide. Martin’s seductive vocals and dynamic performance further added to its appeal, making it a perennial favorite that still inspires dance floor shenanigans with its irresistible rhythm and carefree lyrics.

“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” – Will Smith

Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” was one of the most iconic dance tracks of the 90s that left audiences feeling groovy and exultant. With its snappy beats, soulful bassline, and electrifying rhythm, this tune was perfect for anyone looking to get their feet tapping on the dance floor.

Its unmitigated burstiness and dizzying perplexity had a way of drawing people in and making them feel alive. It’s hard not to bob your head and sway your hips along with the infectious hook, filling you with excitement and enthusiasm.

“Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)” – Lou Bega

“Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…)” by Lou Bega is an exuberant and infectious 90s dance song that never fails to get people moving. With its upbeat horns and irresistible rhythm, the song celebrates the joys of romantic love while also incorporating elements of mambo and Latin American music.

Lou Bega’s smooth vocals and catchy lyrics add to the song’s appeal, making it a quintessential party anthem and a staple of 90s dance music.

“Waterfalls” – TLC

“TLC’s Waterfalls was a groovy and bouncy song that had a unique blend of R&B, soul, and hip-hop. The lyrics were poignant and delivered a bold message about the consequences of chasing after the wrong things in life. The sultry voice of the lead singer coupled with the infectious chorus made the song a huge hit in the 90s dance scene.

The song’s video was also impressive, showcasing some of the most beautiful natural sites in the world. It was an anthem that had everyone singing along and an excellent example of the best of 90s dance songs.”

“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” – C&C Music Factory

One of the most grooving tracks of the 90s dance scene was “Gonna Make You Sweat,” by C&C Music Factory. With its thumping beats and catchy lyrics, this song became a staple at clubs and parties across America during the decade. The song’s upbeat, high-energy vibe was infectious, making it impossible to resist moving to the rhythm.

Even today, “Gonna Make You Sweat” remains an iconic dance track that continues to captivate fans with its lively beats and catchy lyrics.

“All That She Wants” – Ace of Base

One of the biggest hits of the 90s, “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base is a catchy and upbeat dance track that dominated the airwaves. With its irresistible melody and sing-along chorus, this song quickly became a crowd favorite in clubs and parties across the globe.

The song features a unique blend of pop and reggae elements, making it a standout track in the era of 90s dance music. It’s impossible not to get up and dance when you hear this classic Ace of Base hit.

“Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

“Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, featuring rapper Loleatta Holloway, was a hit in the early 90s. The funky dance beats and catchy chorus make it a crowd-pleaser for any party or dance floor. With its energetic vibe and playful lyrics, it’s a classic example of the upbeat and joyful dance songs that defined the era.

The track also helped launch the acting career of Mark Wahlberg, who used the stage name Marky Mark at the time. Overall, “Good Vibrations” is a funky and fun tune that encapsulates the carefree spirit of the 90s dance scene.

“Unbelievable” – EMF

“Unbelievable” by British group EMF is a high-energy dance track that epitomizes the 90s dance scene. The song’s infectious keyboard riff, explosive drums and frenzied vocals combine to create an angst-fueled and highly memorable dance floor anthem. It’s a perfect encapsulation of the era’s rebellious, hyper-kinetic spirit.

“Finally” – CeCe Peniston

At number 23 we have “Finally” by CeCe Peniston, a classic 90s dance tune with an infectious beat that’s guaranteed to get you moving. The song became an instant hit, showcasing Peniston’s powerful vocals and earning her a place in the dance music hall of fame.

Its catchy chorus and memorable hook make it a beloved and enduring dance anthem, and its message of perseverance and triumph over heartbreak makes it an uplifting addition to any party playlist. So don’t be shy – turn up the volume, hit the dance floor, and let “Finally” be the soundtrack to your night of revelry.

“Show Me Love” – Robin S

The pulsating beats and soulful pipes of “Show Me Love” by Robin S. are sure to make any ’90s dance floor come alive. This classic house anthem, with its hypnotic rhythm and powerful vocals, has become a timeless hit that never fails to get people moving and grooving.

With its infectious energy and uplifting message of love and positivity, “Show Me Love” remains a beloved favorite among dance music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

“What Is Love” – Haddaway

Riding the wave of Eurodance, “What Is Love” by Haddaway rocked dance floors across the world with its signature synth riff and catchy chorus. The song was a quintessential ’90s hit, capturing the essence of the decade’s dance scene. With its uptempo beat and cheerful melody, “What Is Love” remains a timeless anthem that gets people moving even to this day.

“Rhythm Is A Dancer” – Snap!

“Rhythm Is A Dancer” by Snap! is a pulsating dance track that perfectly encapsulates the 90s dance scene. Its dynamic beat and catchy lyrics make it a fan favorite on every dance floor. The song’s electronic instrumentation and infectious rhythm provide an energy that is impossible to ignore.

With a dash of panache and a burst of vivacity, Snap! created a true dance classic that will keep you moving all night long.

“Tubthumping” – Chumbawamba

Tubthumping is a high-energy anthem that invigorates its listeners with a burst of enthusiasm and liveliness. With its buoyant beat and catchy chorus, the song captures the spirit of the ’90s dance era. Its lyrics, which center around perseverance and overcoming adversity, have resonated with people for decades, making it a classic that has continued to inspire people to keep pushing forward.

This jubilant track’s upbeat rhythm and dynamic harmonies make it a must-listen for anyone looking for a dose of positivity and energy.

“Barbie Girl” – Aqua

“Barbie Girl” by Aqua was a controversial 90s dance hit that had a bursty, upbeat sound with playful lyrics that caused perplexity among listeners.

The song’s sardonic and satirical tone, along with its catchy hook, made it an anthem of sorts for the preteen set and sparked a flurry of debate about its appropriateness for young listeners. Despite its polarizing effect, “Barbie Girl” remains a quintessential and memorable track of the decade.

“Men In Black” – Will Smith

“Men In Black” by Will Smith is one of the most iconic 90s dance songs that still gets people moving today. It showcases Will Smith’s signature flow over a funky beat with electronic embellishments that create a perfect dance-floor vibe.

The energy and catchiness of the song are infectious, making it impossible for anyone not to groove to it. It’s no wonder that “Men In Black” remains a staple at parties and events, bringing an electric atmosphere wherever it is played.

“I’m Too Sexy” – Right Said Fred

“Too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my car, too sexy for my love, too sexy for my party.” With a burst of energy and a colorful vocabulary, Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy” was a 90s dance hit that got everyone moving on the dance floor.

Its upbeat tempo and playful lyrics made it a popular party anthem, with its catchiness standing the test of time, resonating with dance enthusiasts up to this day.

“Another Night” – Real McCoy

“Another Night” by Real McCoy is an upbeat and energetic dance track that was a staple in the 90s dance scene. Its pulsing beat and catchy chorus make it irresistible to dance to, while its funky synth melodies and electronic sound give it a futuristic edge that truly captures the essence of the decade.

Its high energy and infectious rhythm are sure to get anyone moving and grooving on the dancefloor, making it a classic among 90s dance songs that will never go out of style.

“MMMBop” – Hanson

We’ve got a real earworm with this one. “MMMBop” by Hanson was one of the biggest pop hits of the 90s, featuring catchy hooks, tight harmonies, and sugary-sweet choruses that had everyone singing along.

Despite its bubblegum exterior, the song held a deeper message about the fleeting nature of relationships and the importance of cherishing the moments we have with loved ones. It’s a true testament to the power of pop music to simultaneously entertain and enlighten.

“Black or White” – Michael Jackson

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson is a 90s dance song that was a commercial hit and cultural phenomenon. It has a high degree of perplexity, meaning it is difficult to understand and is open to multiple interpretations. Burstiness can be seen in the dynamic shifts in the song, which move from intense singing to mellow instrumental sections.

The sophisticated vocabulary used in the lyrics appeals to a wide range of listeners and the song’s message about racial unity and harmony resonated with many during the time of its release.

“Jump Around” – House of Pain

“Jump Around” is an explosive hip-hop track by house of Pain that was released in 1992. With an unforgettable mix of frenzied beats, aggressive vocals, and a relentless bassline, the song is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and influential anthems of the 90s dance scene.

From pumping up rowdy clubs to featuring in countless movies and TV shows, “Jump Around” has become an enduring symbol of the decade’s explosive energy and youthful rebellion that continues to captivate and excite audiences today.

“Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

“Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer is a classic 90s dance song that still gets people moving today. With its catchy beat, funky bassline, and Hammer’s smooth rapping style combining rap and dance, “Can’t Touch This” became an instant hit and epitomized the 90s dance scene.

Its iconic music video showcasing Hammer’s signature dance moves and parachute pants became a cultural icon in its own right, cementing MC Hammer’s place as a 90s dance legend.

“I Like to Move It” – Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman

” I Like to Move It” by Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman is a propulsive dance track that combines elements of dancehall, reggae, and house music. Its infectious beat, catchy hook, and energizing lyrics make it a classic 90s dance anthem that still gets people moving.

The smooth, soulful vocals of The Mad Stuntman and the pulsing synth and drum arrangements create a sound that is both exciting and hypnotic, syncing perfectly with the kinetic energy of the dancefloor. It’s a song that ignites the crowd and brings the party to life.

“Two Princes” – Spin Doctors

“Two Princes” by Spin Doctors is an upbeat guitar-driven classic from the 90s dance music era. The song’s infectious melody and funky rhythm make it a popular choice for parties and dancefloors even today. With soulful vocals and catchy hooks, “Two Princes” is a quintessential example of the feel-good vibe that defined 90s music.

Its playful lyrics and infectious hooks will have you singing and dancing along in no time, making it a must-play tune for any 90s throwback playlist.

“What’s Up?” – 4 Non Blondes

“Two Princes” by Spin Doctors is an upbeat classic with lively guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that make you want to dance. Its funky melody and infectious chorus make it a timeless hit and an essential piece of any 90s dance playlist.

The song was written by lead singer Chris Barron and featured on the band’s 1991 album “Pocket Full of Kryptonite,” which catapulted them to mainstream success and turned them into one of the most iconic bands of the 90s.

“Informer” – Snow

As we take a stroll down memory lane through the catchy disco beats of the 90s dance songs, we cannot possibly miss out on the smooth and infectious melodies of “Informer” by Snow. The Jamaican artist’s distinctive voice echoes through the rhythm, infusing the track with reggae undertones.

The lyrics, bridging Jamaican patois and English, add a unique touch to the already captivating song. Its quirky and playful nature coupled with its contagious beat made it a hit among club-goers of the 90s.

“Informer” is the perfect addition to your nostalgic playlist, guaranteed to bring back memories of dance floors and good vibes.

“It’s My Life” – Dr. Alban

“It’s My Life” by Dr. Alban is a lively, upbeat track that will take you back to the carefree days of the 90s when dancing the night away was the norm. With its catchy rhythm, pulsating beat, and energetic vocals, this song is a quintessential example of the era’s dance music.

Let it transport you to a time when your only worry was picking the right outfit for a night out with friends. Get ready to feel the infectious energy of this classic dance hit and groove to the beat like it’s 1995 all over again.

“All Star” – Smash Mouth

“All Star” is an upbeat rock song by American band Smash Mouth. It features a catchy melody with an energetic and bursty beat that is perfect for dancing. Originally released in 1999, the song quickly became a chart-topping hit and a staple of the 90s dance scene.

Its memorable opening guitar riff and sing-along chorus have made it a popular anthem for sports events and party playlists alike. “All Star” remains a beloved classic of the era, celebrated for its infectious optimism and feel-good vibes.

“One Week” – Barenaked Ladies

Astounding auditory artistry! Barenaked Ladies takes us on a rhythmic rollercoaster ride with their upbeat, fast-paced tune “One Week”. Known for its catchiness and witty lyrics, this gem encapsulates the energy and fun of the lively 90s dance scene.

With a fusion of genres ranging from pop to rap, this dynamic number is sure to get even the most reluctant of dancers tapping their feet and nodding their heads. Don’t miss out on this iconic representation of 90s dance music!

“Macarena Christmas” – Los Del Rio

“Macarena Christmas” is a festive remix of the worldwide hit “Macarena” by Los Del Rio. It features a fun and upbeat melody with the catchy “Macarena” chorus that can get anyone in the holiday spirit.

The song combines Latin beats with cheerful jingle bells, making it a perfect addition to any dance party playlist during the holiday season. The lyrics are easy to sing along to and get stuck in your head long after the party is over.

“Ironic” – Alanis Morissette

“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?” Alanis Morissette’s iconic hit from the ’90s was a staple on dance floors everywhere. With its blend of personal musings and catchy rhythms, “Ironic” became a must-play at parties and clubs. Its popularity was helped by its unique music video and the relatable lyrics that spoke to a generation of angst-filled youths.

Even those who couldn’t quite grasp the concept of irony had no problem belting out the chorus and swaying to the beat. This song was the epitome of ’90s dance songs- fresh, fun and unforgettable.

“You Get What You Give” – New Radicals

This track is a timeless classic that’s sure to get you in a dancing mood. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics make it a perfect choice for any dance party. The song, performed by the New Radicals, features a mix of rock and pop elements with a touch of funk, making it an intriguing blend of genres.

It exudes energy and vitality, and it’s impossible not to get swept up in the excitement when you hear it. It’s no wonder why this track has remained a fan favorite over the years and is still a go-to song for anyone looking to get up and dance.

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” – Shania Twain

“Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” is a fun and lively dance-pop track from Shania Twain’s 1997 album “Come On Over”. Twain, who is known for her upbeat and empowering lyrics, sings about embracing her femininity and having a good time. The song features catchy hooks, bouncy rhythms, and Twain’s powerful vocals that make it an infectious dance floor favorite.

With its playful spirit and catchy melody, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” is a perfect representation of the lively and energetic 90s dance songs that continue to be popular today.

“Smooth Operator” – Sade

Smooth Operator by Sade is a soulful and sultry 90s dance tune with a groovy beat that makes you want to move. Sade’s smooth, rich vocals are captivating, and the jazzy instrumentals make for a sophisticated dance-floor experience. The song’s theme of a confident and alluring woman adds to the allure and appeal of the track. You can’t help but be drawn in by the smoothness of this operator.

“Killing Me Softly” – Fugees

“Killing Me Softly” was a critically acclaimed hit in the 90s, written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel with vocals by Fugees. This soulful and melodic song was an instant classic in the era of 90s dance songs.

Its beats and rhythms were mesmerizing, as Fugees took this song and gave it a unique twist with their own personal style. The intent of the song was to create a melancholic mood, which it succeeded in doing, leaving listeners yearning for more.

“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” – Aerosmith

“I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith was a prominent 90s dance song that saw much acclaim. Featuring a powerful lead vocal performance from Steven Tyler and an epic orchestral arrangement, the song topped the charts and won critical accolades.

Its soaring chorus, heartwarming lyrics, and impressive production make it a timeless classic that continues to captivate listeners today. Its emotional depth and infectious rhythm will keep you dancing and singing along for years to come.

“Kiss From A Rose” – Seal

“Kiss From A Rose” by Seal from the 90s dance music era is a haunting ballad layered with captivating strings and flawless vocals. The melancholic lyrics of the song are gracefully intertwined with the exuberant rhythm. The chorus evokes a sense of euphoria and ecstasy that is alluring to any listener.

The song’s majestic quality has made it an enduring classic in its genre, and its popularity continues to resonate with audiences to this day.