In life, we cross paths with many people who claim to be our friends, but sadly not all of them have our best interests at heart. They are the ones who gossip behind our backs, steal our thunder, and often wear a mask of deceit. When the true colors of these individuals are exposed, we are left with a sense of betrayal that can be difficult to overcome.

This article delves into the world of songs about fake friends and how they have resonated with listeners who have experienced this hurtful phenomenon.

“Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” is an intriguing up-tempo track that highlights the feeling of betrayal and deception brought about by fake friends. Swift’s powerful and emotive vocals coupled with a captivating music video, make the song a staple for anyone who has had to deal with a falling-out between close allies.

The song’s aggressive and confrontational nature gives off an air of defiance, urging listeners to protect their integrity and call out untrustworthy associates. Its lyrics and delivery make it a must-listen for anyone searching for anthems that speak to the pain of betrayal.

“F.F.F.” – Bebe Rexha ft. G-Eazy

This song by Bebe Rexha touches on the topic of superficiality and disloyalty in friendships. The lyrics voice Rexha’s frustration with alleged ‘friends’ who are only around when it is advantageous for them, and disappear when they are no longer needed.

G-Eazy adds a verse that equally condemns the fakery of these ‘friends’, and the repercussions of their backstabbing behavior. Rexha’s melody, with its catchy rhythms and resonant beats, provides a perfect backdrop that belies the meaningfulness of the lyrics. This song is a reminder to weed out the fake friends from one’s life.

“No New Friends” – Drake ft. Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

In this emotional song, the artist opens up about the betrayal and disloyalty of the people around them. With an introspective and heartfelt approach, the artist delves into the complex emotions of feeling used and manipulated by those who claimed to be friends. The lyrics depict a sense of loneliness and a longing for genuine connections, making it a relatable tune for anyone who has been hurt by fake friends.

“Friends” – Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie

In the highly anticipated song by Marshmello and Anne-Marie, they take on a common theme of “friends” with a subtle twist. Instead of the typical “ride or die” mentality, they outspokenly criticize those who are only seeking personal gain through their companionship.

The song is a charged anthem that crescendos into the chorus, highlighting their message of getting rid of fake friends. The duo cleverly weaves in relatable lines, such as “Why you looking at me like you don’t know me? / Why you looking at me like I live in a fantasy?” to add a touch of melancholy to their charged message.

“I Don’t F**k With You” – Big Sean ft. E-40

“Two-Faced” by Catfish and the Bottlemen describes the uncertainty and instability of a fake friend who cannot be trusted. The lyrics deliver a sense of betrayal and disappointment when realizing that someone who is supposed to be a comrade is actually garbed with lies and pretense. The band’s dynamic guitar riffs and melodic vocals serve as a reminder that such relationships seldom add meaning to one’s life and can ultimately lead to pain and regret.

“Smile” – Lily Allen

Lily Allen’s “Smile” is a deceivingly upbeat pop song that strays from its surface-level cheeriness by delving into themes of fake friends and betrayal. The tune addresses an unfaithful ex-lover and fake friends who “talk behind your back, so you know that they’re all completely full of crap.” With its jazzy piano and an infectiously catchy chorus, this song is an excellent example of how a bouncy tune can pack a powerful message while staying on the surface.

“Bury a Friend” – Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s haunting “Bury a Friend” is a chilling portrayal of the terror that can come from betrayal by a supposed ally. The young artist’s uniquely creative and enigmatic approach to the track adds an intense air of mystery to the lyrics that perfectly illustrate the sense of unease that fake friends can create in their wake. Eilish’s moody and atmospheric production on “Bury a Friend” takes the listener on a journey of distrust and uncertainty that culminates in a truly fitting finale.