In a society that values the riches and glamour, it’s no surprise that rap songs about money are perennially popular. These tunes talk about the power that comes with wealth and the splendor that comes with living the life of luxury.

Whether it’s through the lens of struggle, success, or addiction, these songs highlight the various motivations behind the quest for more money.

From classic, old-school rap songs to contemporary hits, the genre is wide-ranging, spanning different themes and styles. With their catchy beats and clever wordplay, these tunes speak to the universal desire for a better life.

Let’s explore some of the best rap songs about money, starting with some recognizable hip-hop classics.


“Money Longer” by Lil Uzi Vert is a popular rap song that exemplifies the modern cultural lust for wealth and opulence through an upbeat tune and versatile lyrics. The track contains multiple references to money and the materialistic value it holds, while also touching on themes of fame, fortune, and success.

With its energetic flow and catchy chorus, “Money Longer” mirrors the youthful desires of the generation and cements Lil Uzi Vert’s status as a leading voice in contemporary rap music.



“Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G. is a rap anthem that explores the complexities of wealth. Featuring insightful verses from the late great Biggie Smalls, the song delves into the idea that increasing wealth often comes with escalating issues.

With its unforgettable chorus and profound lyricism, “Mo Money Mo Problems” serves as a reminder that money, while offering opportunities, also brings about its own set of challenges, adding depth to the conversation around wealth in rap music. Watch the official music video below.



Kendrick Lamar’s introspective “Money Trees” delves into his life growing up in Compton and the struggles of achieving financial stability. Lamar’s lyricism showcases his unique perspective on money and the conditions that have led to his success, while reflecting on the sacrifices that he and those around him have made to get to where they are.

Through powerful imagery and storytelling, “Money Trees” gives listeners a glimpse of the harsh reality of living in disadvantaged communities and the desire for a better life.

This song’s catchy vocals and beats made it a classic in the hip-hop world.


One of the standout tracks on Lil Uzi Vert’s debut mixtape, the now-iconic “Money Longer” is an ode to the power and influence of financial success.

With trap-infused production and a catchy hook, Uzi raps about his rise to the top and the material wealth that accompanies it and the addition from Lil Wayne brings it over the top.

Though the song’s lyrics are straightforward, there’s a sense of playful arrogance and confidence in Uzi’s delivery that elevates it above other songs in the genre. It’s a perfect representation of the modern rap obsession with money and a testament to Lil Wayne and Uzi’s undeniable talent as a rapper.


Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” is a classic rap anthem featuring clever metaphors and wordplay that touch on his successes and his wealth. Lil Wayne, in his own unique style, paints a vivid picture of the high life, with references to luxury brands, grandeur, and opulence.

His slick delivery and storytelling prowess are hard to ignore, making this track a must-listen for any rap fan.

It’s an exemplary showcase of the rapper’s skills, and it serves as a potent reminder of why he’s one of the most respected figures in the game.



Tyga’s “Cash Money” is an anthem celebrating financial success in true hip-hop style. This track is a high-energy ode to the luxury lifestyle that comes with wealth, drawing on Tyga’s personal experiences in the music industry.

With his characteristic flow, Tyga weaves a tale of riches, fast cars, and opulence, reflecting the rapper’s unabashed celebration of prosperity.

Tyga’s lyrical prowess and unique sound make “Cash Money” an engaging listen. His references to the lavish and extravagant lifestyle bring to life the universal desire for financial success, making the song a staple in the money-focused rap genre.

A head-bobbing beat and catchy hook further solidify its place as a vibrant rap anthem about the allure of wealth.



“No Lie” by 2 Chainz, featuring Drake, is an unabashed celebration of financial success. This catchy tune delves into the benefits and pitfalls of fame and fortune, with both rappers dropping verses about their lavish lifestyles.

With its hypnotic beat and their trademark flows, the track encapsulates the magnetism of the money-laden rap genre. The dual perspectives of 2 Chainz and Drake add depth, giving listeners a nuanced look at the complexities of wealth. This song, with its irresistible hook and stellar performances, is a must-add for any playlist highlighting rap songs about money.



Within the rap genre, there are numerous tracks discussing the almighty dollar. One tune that speaks directly to this topic is a collaboration between Drake and Rick Ross. “Money in the Grave” offers an introspective look at the trappings of great wealth, with clever lyrics touching on topics such as loyalty and the pursuit of success.

The song’s powerful beat and smooth delivery make it one that is sure to resonate with rap fans who seek inspiration from those who have achieved financial abundance.


“Sum 2 Prove” by Lil Baby is a powerful rap track where the artist opens up about his struggles and journey to financial success. The song offers a genuine perspective on his pursuit of wealth, marking it as an indicator of his personal growth and perseverance.

Lil Baby has a distinctive flow and compelling storytelling style that keep the listener engaged, making “Sum 2 Prove” a notable addition to the pantheon of rap songs about money.



“Money” by Cardi B is a chart-topping rap hit about the power and importance of financial success. With punchy beats and confident lyrics, the song touches on Cardi B’s own rise to fame and fortune.

She emphasizes the value of hard work to achieve financial stability and demonstrates the luxurious lifestyle that comes with financial success.

Although brash and sometimes controversial, the song showcases the rapper’s undeniable talent and ability to dominate the industry with her bold messages and infectious beats.

This will always be known as one of the most memorable songs when it comes to hip hop money hits.


In a refreshing spin on the typical rap song about money, Lil Dicky’s “$ave Dat Money” takes the theme of wealth and flips it on its head.

This track features Lil Dicky, Fetty Wap, and Rich Homie Quan, three unique voices in the industry, teaming up to deliver a song about financial prudence and saving money, contrary to the usual rap themes of lavish spending and conspicuous consumption.

Lil Dicky leads the track with clever rhymes about frugality, while Fetty Wap’s catchy hook and Rich Homie Quan’s verse add depth to the money-saving theme. The song’s playful yet insightful approach to personal finance is accompanied by a beat that’ll have you bobbing your head.


“Money and the Power” – Kid Ink

“Money and the Power” by Kid Ink is a riveting ode to the pursuit of wealth told through the eyes of a hustling artist. The lyrics are cleverly crafted and describe the aspirations of someone who is chasing success and the luxuries it can bring. The smooth beat and Kid Ink’s slick flow make it a head-bobbing track that speaks to the materialistic aspirations of many people.


“Gold Digger” by Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx is an iconic rap song that humorously explores the themes of money and opportunistic relationships. Kanye’s clever lyrics, combined with Foxx’s soulful hooks, tell the story of a man taken advantage of for his wealth.

This track uses a catchy beat and an engaging narrative to convey the pitfalls of financial success, making “Gold Digger” an unforgettable tune in the repertoire of rap songs about money.


“Money Machine” – 100 gecs

The genre-bending duo, 100 gecs, delivered the mind-bending track “Money Machine” – a manic and experimental rap/electronic tune that incorporates spastic beats, warped synths, and off-kilter vocal samples.

The song partially revolves around money, as the lyrics comment on the seduction and power of wealth and status. The frenetic soundscape mirrors the idea that money creates a whirlwind of chaos and insanity. “Money Machine” is a wild ride that defies categorization and demands multiple listens to fully uncover its fleeting and volatile essence.


In “About The Money”, T.I. teams up with Young Thug to deliver a captivating track about the pursuit of wealth and the power it brings.

With their distinct flows, T.I.’s mature perspective balances the youthful energy from Young Thug as they rap about their experiences and ambitions related to wealth. The song’s infectious beat coupled with their dynamic exchange makes “About The Money” a memorable piece in the collection of rap songs focusing on financial aspirations.



Ludacris and Pharrell Williams teamed up to create an earworm with their track about money, “Money Maker”. Ludacris’ smooth and confident flow underscores the message of flaunting cash, while Pharrell’s silky production combines with a catchy chorus to keep the listener hooked. All in all, “Money Maker” is a celebratory and infectious ode to the power of wealth.



“Money Power Respect” is a potent anthem by The L.O.X., featuring hip-hop heavyweights DMX, Lil’ Kim, and Jay-Z. The artists unpack the pursuit of money and the power and respect that come along with it.

Each verse offers a different perspective on the financial hustle, creating a comprehensive picture of what it means to strive for wealth in the rap industry. This classic collaboration is a staple in the rap genre’s dialogue about money and its influence.


Jay Rock’s “Win” is a triumphant anthem celebrating the spoils of hard-earned success and financial independence. He brings an energetic flow and uses money as a metaphor to express triumph over adversities he faced growing up in the streets of Watts, Los Angeles.

It’s a testament to resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of success.

The catchphrase “Win, win, win, win” underscores the victory that comes with financial achievement, making this track a significant contribution to the world of money-focused rap music.



“I’m So Paid” by Akon featuring Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy is a definitive rap anthem that celebrates the fruits of financial success.

Each artist brings their own flavor, sharing tales of their wealth and the luxury it affords. With Akon’s catchy hook, Lil Wayne’s clever wordplay, and Young Jeezy’s raw narrative, “I’m So Paid” is a testament to the rap industry’s acknowledgment of money’s influential power and the allure of the high life that comes with it.



Leikeli47’s “Money” is a trailblazer in the hip hop industry. This song’s unique and funky beat combined with impressive rhyming skills make it one of the most engaging rap songs about money to date. Leikeli47 uses her verses to talk about everything from the hustle to the glitz and glamour of the rap lifestyle.

The song’s lyrics are imbued with passionate exclamation and intricate metaphor, creating a surreal and dreamlike experience that exalts the idea of money to a level beyond the everyday. Overall, “Money” is a true work of art in the rap genre that’s sure to delight both long-time fans and newcomers seeking new flavors of the culture.


Other Popular Songs About Money

There are many other rap songs about money that could be included on the list – but we only have so much space and time. Here are a couple of notable mentions about making money that are no classified as rap songs or hip-hop.



Pink Floyd’s “Money” is an iconic song that is often mentioned in discussions about music that tackles the theme of capitalism. The track features a fittingly upbeat tempo and strong instrumentation, although the lyrics themselves are rather critical of the concept of money and its true value to society.

The song can be seen as a commentary on the dangers of pursuing wealth and material possessions at the expense of deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling aspects of life. Overall, Pink Floyd’s “Money” is a standout track in its exploration of one of the central themes of modern-day rap music culture.



“Money” by Michael Jackson is a funk-infused R&B classic that still resonates today. The King of Pop’s silky smooth vocals glide effortlessly over a propulsive bassline and funky horns as he sings about the corrupting influence of greed and a desire for material wealth. While not a standard rap song, “Money” is still an iconic track about the perils of obsession with money and a message that still rings true in today’s society.



The Swedish pop group ABBA’s hit song “Money, Money, Money” may come as a surprising addition to a rap-centric list of songs about money, yet its themes of chasing financial stability, along with its upbeat melody, make it a timeless classic. The catchy chorus and lively instrumentation ensure that “Money” remains an enduring anthem of the pursuit of wealth, a perception that many rap artists share. Despite its pop origins, ABBA’s “Money” deserves recognition as a wholly appropriate tune about earning and spending riches.



The enigmatic and lavish nature of stardom is explored in this timeless classic from the legendary Beatles. Cleverly titled and eloquently composed, this track exemplifies the psychological impact of money and its ability to transform individuals and their associated lifestyles, making it a vital inclusion in any discussion of rap songs about finance. The memorable riff and haunting lyrics serve as a reminder of the allure and pitfalls of wealth, elevating the track beyond mere musical entertainment into a masterclass in social commentary.



“Money” by David Guetta ft. Chris Willis is a hip-hop electronic fusion track that packs a punch with its pulsating beats and catchy hook. The song touches on the lavish lifestyle that comes with wealth and success, as the lyrics highlight the extravagant expenses and indulgences that money can buy. With its infectious energy and dynamic instrumentation, this track is a must-listen for anyone looking for a high-octane rap song about money.



“Money” by Pink Sweat$ is a luxurious track exploring the many ways that money transforms the lives of the wealthy and successful. The singer’s honeyed vocals add a layer of sweetness to the lyrics, creating a sense of yearning for a life of opulence and financial freedom. With its smooth melody and catchy chorus, “Money” is the perfect anthem for anyone looking to achieve the American Dream through hard work and perseverance.