If you’ve ever cruised down an endless Florida highway with the wind in your hair and the Atlantic Ocean in your rearview mirror, you know the state isn’t just a place—it’s a vibe. And what better way to celebrate the Sunshine State than with some songs about Florida?

From the sun-kissed beaches of Miami to the haunting beauty of the Everglades, Florida has inspired musicians across generations and genres to put their love, criticism, and observations to music.

Whether you’re a local, a snowbird, or someone who dreams of palm trees while shivering up north, these songs about Florida are a sonic postcard, sending warm greetings on every note. So without further ado, here are the best songs about Florida.




1. “The Florida Song” – Ricky Sylvia

Album: The Florida Song
Date Released: 2017
You know that feeling when the first rays of sunshine hit your face? That’s “The Florida Song” by Ricky Sylvia. Simple yet deeply rooted in the state’s essence, this tune embodies the carefree lifestyle that Florida is so often associated with. It’s as laid-back as an afternoon on the Gulf Coast.

Ricky Sylvia brings us warm weather with one of the most iconic songs about Florida.


2. “The Perfect Florida Song” – Don Grooms

Album: Unknown
Date Released: May 1995
Don Grooms brings a poetic lens to the Sunshine State with “The Perfect Florida Song.” It’s the musical equivalent of a boat ride through the Keys, complete with vivid imagery and the sense of searching for something indefinable—maybe it’s paradise, maybe it’s home.


3. “Florida Blues” – Cruel Youth

Album: +30mg
Date Released: September 2016
There’s a darker side to paradise, and Cruel Youth’s “Florida Blues” doesn’t shy away from it. The song offers an alternative narrative, touching on the struggles that often lurk behind the state’s sunny façade. A refreshing take that’s as complex as Florida itself.

“Off the Florida Keys” is just one of the lyrics from the Beach Boys that makes this a timeless classic in songs about Florida.


4. “Kokomo” – The Beach Boys

Album: Still Cruisin’
Date Released: August 1989
Alright, we gotta level here—the song’s title may be “Kokomo,” but it’s basically a love letter to Florida’s idyllic island lifestyle.

Who can resist the allure of that catchy chorus from the Beach Boys? With its tropical instrumentation, the song paints a vivid portrait of Florida’s dreamy landscapes.


5. “Hilton Floridays” – Jimmy Buffett

Album: Floridays
Date Released: June 1986
No list of Florida songs would be complete without a Jimmy Buffett appearance. “Hilton Floridays” is a journey into the quintessential Floridian experience—margaritas, sunsets, and, of course, Buffett’s signature chill vibe. It’s an escape wrapped up in a melody.

When discussing the best songs about Florida – Jimmy Buffett is clearly one of the top contenders for providing iconic songs.


6. “Mainline Florida” – Eric Clapton

Album: 461 Ocean Boulevard
Date Released: July 1974
Slide into Eric Clapton’s blues-rock rhythm with “Mainline Florida.” The song reverberates with the soulful charm of the state, drawing a line between southern roots and coastal vibes.

It’s like a road trip encapsulated in an Eric Clapton song, driving you straight into the heart of Florida’s diverse cultural blend.


7. “Florida Man” – Blue Öyster Cult

Album: The Symbol Remains
Date Released: October 2020
Ah, the enigma that is the Florida Man—captured in the bluesy rock stylings of Blue Öyster Cult. The song dances around the trope with both irony and seriousness, illustrating the bizarre headlines and legends that make Florida so unique.

This isn’t just a song; it’s a modern-day folklore tale set to music.


8. “Florida Time” – Bob Seger

Album: Smokin’ O.P.’s
Date Released: August 1972
With “Florida Time,” Bob Seger cranks up the nostalgia like a vintage car radio. This tune brings to life the slower pace and simpler pleasures of life in Florida.

It’s like an old photograph turned into lyrics and melody—a sentimental journey back to Florida’s yesteryears.


9. “Move to Miami” – Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

Album: Single
Date Released: May 2018
This is where Latin flair meets Florida heat. “Move to Miami” by Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull is an uptempo dance track that embodies the multicultural vibe and pulsating nightlife of Miami.

If this song doesn’t get your feet tapping and heart yearning for a night out in Florida’s most vibrant city, nothing will.


10. “Florida Rain” – Matt Bauer

Album: Wasps and White Roses
Date Released: April 2008
Matt Bauer takes a soft, introspective approach with “Florida Rain.” This acoustic gem delves into the serenity and melancholy that can come from a Florida downpour.

It’s a song that allows you space to breathe, ponder, and feel—even amidst the frenetic pace of life and is considered to be one of the best Florida songs.


11. “Florida Kilos” – Lana Del Rey

Album: Ultraviolence
Date Released: June 2014
Talk about a sultry take on the Sunshine State! Lana Del Rey’s “Florida Kilos” paints a hauntingly beautiful portrait that’s more about Florida’s edgy underbelly than its beaches.

With dreamy vocals and a dash of rebellious spirit, this song celebrates Florida’s complexities—it goes all in.


12. “Seminole Wind” – John Anderson

Album: Seminole Wind
Date Released: February 1992
John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind” is like a campfire story set to music. It dives deep into the state’s Native American history and the natural beauty of the Everglades.

If you’re looking to connect with the roots of Florida, let this country tune be your guide—it’s as authentic as a backroads diner.


13. “Ocean Avenue” – Yellowcard

Album: Ocean Avenue
Date Released: July 2003
Craving a hit of teenage nostalgia? Look no further than Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue.” This pop-punk anthem captures the essence of youthful summers in Florida, complete with beachside romance and the struggle of growing up.

It’s the musical equivalent of a sunburn you don’t mind getting.


14. “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” – Kenny Chesney ft. Jimmy Buffett

Album: License to Chill
Date Released: July 2004
This introspective song is a bittersweet cocktail of reflection and reality. Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett join forces to sing about one of Florida’s most formidable natural phenomena—hurricanes.

While the topic is heavy, the vibe remains laid-back, capturing that unique Florida resilience with a hint of tropical escapism.


15. “Miami 2017” – Billy Joel

Album: Turnstiles
Date Released: May 1976
Billy Joel takes us on a futuristic ride with “Miami 2017,” imagining a Miami forever changed by calamity. It’s like a cinematic score for Florida’s potential future, cautionary yet tinged with hope.

It tells us that even when the sun sets on this current chapter, another will rise.


16. “Florida” – Modest Mouse

Album: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Date Released: March 2007
Modest Mouse takes us on a sonic rollercoaster with “Florida.” The song mixes the indie spirit with lyrics that prompt deeper thought, capturing the paradoxical nature of the Sunshine State.

One part breezy, one part intense—it’s a tune that makes you ponder while you bob your head.


17. “Chokoloskee Song Florida Everglades” – J. Brian King

Album: Unknown
Date Released: Unknown
J. Brian King’s “Chokoloskee Song Florida Everglades” is a love letter to one of Florida’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

It’s like paddling through the mangroves; you’re not just listening—you’re experiencing Florida’s wild side. This tune offers a beautiful pause to appreciate the state’s untamed beauty.


18. “Florida” – Patty Griffin

Album: Children Running Through
Date Released: February 2007
Patty Griffin offers an evocative and lyrical glimpse into the Florida soul. The song is a beautiful tapestry of emotions, much like the diverse tapestry of Floridian culture and geography.

It’s as intimate as a quiet evening on a porch, watching fireflies dance.


19. “Gainesville” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Album: An American Treasure
Date Released: September 2018
With “Gainesville,” the late, great Tom Petty gives us a nostalgic trip back to his hometown.

It’s a resonant, sentimental track that celebrates both the location and the sense of community that can be found there. Listen to this, and you’ll feel like you’ve made a lifelong friend in Florida.


20. “Swimming in Miami” – Owl City

Album: Of June
Date Released: February 2007
Owl City’s “Swimming in Miami” is a refreshing dip into Florida’s electronic pop scene. It captures the whimsy and wonder of a late-night swim under the Miami lights. This is not just a song; it’s an invitation to embrace Florida’s more magical moments.

So, whether you’re a Florida native or a wanderlusting soul, these songs offer a taste of what makes this state a place of endless fascination.


21. “Deep Down in Florida” – Muddy Waters

Album: Hard Again
Date Released: January 1977
Muddy Waters delivers some bona fide blues with “Deep Down in Florida.” This song is like a long drive down the backroads of the state, where the air is thick with humidity and history.

It’s the Florida beyond the tourist brochures—the raw, unfiltered soul of the South.


22. “Florida Blues” – Ricky Skaggs

Album: Comin’ Home to Stay
Date Released: 1988
A banjo, a fiddle, and Ricky Skaggs—that’s all you need for a legit bluegrass experience. “Florida Blues” celebrates the state with a foot-stomping beat that gets right under your skin.

You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a wooden porch, sipping sweet tea and soaking up the sun.


23. “The Everglades” – Waylon Jennings

Album: Waylon Sings Ol’ Harlan
Date Released: 1967
Waylon Jennings’ “The Everglades” is a nod to Florida’s iconic wetlands. Through its storytelling and Jennings’ deep voice, the song captures the allure and mystery of this natural treasure. It’s like a boat trip through the swamp, complete with the soundtrack of nature’s own choir.

From swampy blues to indie rock, this song has us traveling through all the hidden nooks and crannies of the Sunshine State.


24. “Tallahassee Lassie” – Freddy Cannon

Album: The Explosive Freddy Cannon
Date Released: 1959
Turn up the volume because “Tallahassee Lassie” is a vintage rock music classic, and it’s headed straight for your dancing shoes.

Freddy Cannon puts the pedal to the metal in this 1959 classic, a frenetic ode to a girl from Florida’s capital. With its fast tempo and infectious energy, the song captures the rebellious spirit of a younger Florida—one that still lives on in the small cafes and vintage shops of Tallahassee today.


25. “Key Largo” – Bertie Higgins

Album: Just Another Day in Paradise
Date Released: 1982
“Key Largo” is like a sea breeze that’s rolled right off the Atlantic. With its soft rock tempo and dreamy lyrics, Bertie Higgins crafts a musical postcard that transports you straight to the laid-back luxury of the Keys.

Imagine yourself sailing along the crystal-clear waters, the sun melting into the ocean, and the sky painting itself in hues of orange and pink—that’s the vibe this song delivers.