As human beings, we have all experienced the crushing weight of sadness at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we need an outlet to let our emotions run wild and free; an outlet that understands us – and that’s where Mitski comes in.

The indie singer-songwriter has a gift for making music that hits us right at our core, pulling at all the strings that connect us to our deepest, darkest emotions. Here are the saddest Mitski songs that will make your heart ache and leave you feeling raw and vulnerable.



“Last Words of a Shooting Star” – Mitski

This Mitski track captures the melancholic introspection that often accompanies endings – whether it’s the end of a relationship, a time in your life, or something else entirely. The sparse instrumentation lends an air of loneliness to the already forlorn lyrics.

It’s a song that can make you feel simultaneously lost and found, as if you’re wandering through a dark forest full of unexpected truths and discoveries.

“Class of 2013” – Mitski

One of the most poignant tracks in Mitski’s discography, this composition encapsulates a crushing sense of loneliness and longing. The lyrical content explores the aftermath of a failed romance, with Mitski’s vocals conveying a powerful sense of emotional turmoil and despair.

The music itself is hauntingly beautiful, with a melancholic melody that lingers long after the track has finished. Overall, this is a deeply affecting piece of music that showcases Mitski’s talents as a songwriter and performer.

“A Loving Feeling” – Mitski

One Mitski song that could arouse ample emotional response from listeners is a contemplative composition that embodies the state of mournful introspection. Whirlwinds of hesitation, self-reflection, and recollection paint a vivid imagery of yearning, self-doubt, and heartbreak.

Each stroke of the melancholic melody reveals a newfound complexity and depth, mirroring the torment and anguish of a restless soul that has yet to come to terms with a despairing reality.

“First Love / Late Spring” – Mitski

The melancholic essence present in Mitski’s music is rooted in her ability to express emotions of despair and heartache in a way that feels relatable. Amid the range of wistful tracks, “First Love / Late Spring” manages to stand out, depicting both the ebullience and fragility of first love.

Mitski’s vocal delivery enhances this duality while demonstrating her dexterity as a songwriter. Her command of melody and honest lyricism embody the beauty within sadness.

“I Bet on Losing Dogs” – Mitski

Track number five evokes an indescribable level of melancholy, a slow and somber ballad that explores the fleeting nature of love and companionship. Mitski’s haunting vocals float atop a minimalistic piano accompaniment, punctuated by the occasional burst of distorted guitar.

This song leaves the listener with a deep sense of longing and regret, a bittersweet tribute to the transient nature of human relationships.

“Drunk Walk Home” – Mitski

A somber melancholiness washes over the heart-wrenching “Drunk Walk Home”. Accompanied by twangy guitar riffs and pounding drums, Mitski’s anguished voice paints a vivid picture of someone stumbling home in a drunken stupor, all while grappling with feelings of rejection and despair. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song that captures the raw emotion of heartbreak with piercing clarity.

“I Will” – Mitski

The seventh track from Mitski’s discography has an alluring quality that makes the listener question their own emotions. The lingering themes of loss and love create a sense of uncertainty that can be hard to shake. The track conjures a confusing blend of sadness and beauty, that tugs at the heartstrings while leaving a lasting impression.

“Washing Machine Heart” – Mitski

The eighth track on Mitski’s album grabs hold of the listener’s emotions immediately with its pulsating rhythms and introspective lyrics.  The melancholic yet catchy melody perfectly captures Mitski’s raw emotional state, with the lyrics delving deep into the feelings of heartbreak, loss, and longing. The authenticity and vulnerability of the song will hit listeners right in the feels.

“Once More to See You” – Mitski

A pensive, haunting track, “Once More to See You” delivers a bittersweet emotional payload that’s impossible to ignore. Mitski’s skillful vocal performance is matched by an equally skillful use of instrumentation, weaving together layers of sound that give the song a hypnotic quality.

Though its meaning may remain elusive on first listen, for those who take the time to unpack its complex themes and emotions, “Once More to See You” is a true masterpiece of melancholy.

“Nobody” – Mitski

The final track on Mitski’s album “Be the Cowboy” is a culmination of the themes of loneliness and bittersweet nostalgia that run through much of her work. The ethereal synth backing creates a sense of otherworldliness, contrasting with the very real pain expressed in the lyrics.

The simple melody and haunting refrain of “I don’t want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else” make “Nobody” a heartrending exploration of unrequited longing and the fear of being alone.