Few pop stars today can match the incredible vocal range, raw emotion, and versatility of Rihanna. The Barbadian singer has gifted us with some of the most beautiful, soulful, and heart-wrenching slow songs in recent memory. Her ability to convey intimacy, vulnerability, and passion with her voice is unparalleled.

Whether you’re in the mood for a tender ballad or a melancholy reflection on love and loss, there’s a Rihanna slow song that will speak directly to your heart. In this article, we’ll explore the best slow songs by the incomparable Rihanna.


“Love on the Brain” – Rihanna

Rihanna’s mellifluous vocals and meaningful lyrics are on full display in this introspective slow tune, highlighting her soulful rendition of love’s complexities. The song’s effortless tempo, in combination with its wailing keyboard and smooth percussion, makes for a captivating listen that explores the pains and intricacies of long-term commitment.

The song’s restrained yet powerful message is a showcase of Rihanna’s ability to create slow ballads that pack an emotional punch.


“Stay” – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko

One of Rihanna’s most popular slow songs, this soulful ballad showcases the singer’s vulnerability. The stripped-down arrangement allows for Mikky Ekko’s harmonies to shine, creating a haunting and emotional duet. Rihanna’s raspy, raw vocals perfectly capture the longing and desperation conveyed in the lyrics, making “Stay” a standout track in her repertoire.


“Close to You” – Rihanna

One of Rihanna’s more mellow tracks, this slow-burning ballad showcases her vocal range as she sings about longing for the one she loves. The stripped-down production puts the emphasis on her emotive lyrics and soulful delivery, making for a poignant and heartfelt performance.

With its introspective tone and poignant melody, this track is a standout in Rihanna’s more contemplative catalog.


“Higher” – Rihanna

With Rihanna’s discography being as vast as it is, fans can easily lose track of all the tracks she has released over the years. However, there are some songs that will always stick with listeners and stand the test of time. One of these is a slow jam that showcases Rihanna’s vocal range, emotional depth, and ability to capture heartbreaking moments in her lyrics.

It’s a track that leaves listeners in a state of vulnerability and introspection, with words that stir deep-seated emotions and melodies that linger long after the song has ended.


“Stupid in Love” – Rihanna

This enchanting ballad from Rihanna is a masterclass in slow songs. With soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, it showcases her vocal range and emotional depth. The lush instrumentation and mellow tempo create a dreamy atmosphere that draws you in and keeps you captivated until the very end.

It’s a testament to Rihanna’s versatility as an artist and her ability to tap into the hearts of her listeners with moments of raw vulnerability.


“Farewell” – Rihanna

“Farewell” showcases Rihanna’s raw vocals over a minimalist piano accompaniment. The emotional ballad, with its hauntingly beautiful melody, examines the difficult process of letting go of a relationship. Rihanna’s vulnerability shines through in her delivery, making it a standout slow song in her discography.


“Love Without Tragedy / Mother Mary” – Rihanna

One slow song in Rihanna’s extensive catalogue that stands out with an emotional and haunting melody is a solemn and melancholic ballad that takes listeners on a poignant journey of love and loss. With raw and deeply personal lyrics, Rihanna’s delivery is captivating and heartfelt, showcasing her range as a performer.

It’s a track that highlights the singer’s ability to convey an intimate and vulnerable message with soulful vocals set against a stripped-down instrumental backdrop. Those looking for a moment of introspection will find solace in this stunning offering from Rihanna’s discography.


“Cold Case Love” – Rihanna

The track in question is a soulful and emotive slow song that showcases Rihanna’s impressive vocal range and depth of emotion in her delivery. With haunting melodies and lyrics that touch on heartache and lost love, the song is a standout in Rihanna’s catalogue of ballads.

It’s clear that Rihanna poured her heart into this performance, delivering an impassioned and vulnerable vocal that speaks to the rawness of love and heartbreak. Fans of slow, introspective songs will find much to appreciate in this track.


“Fire Bomb” – Rihanna

One notable contribution to Rihanna’s repertoire of slow songs is a poignant track that is both tender and emotive. It resonates with lush instrumentals and poignant lyrics that showcase the singer’s commanding vocal range. The song possesses a delicate beauty that reveals Rihanna’s vulnerability and authenticity, making it a quintessential addition to any heartrending playlist.


“California King Bed” – Rihanna

“California King Bed” is a hauntingly beautiful slow jam from Rihanna, showcasing her incredible vocal range and emotional depth. The stripped-down instrumental arrangement perfectly complements the song’s introspective lyrics, allowing Rihanna’s voice to shine as she muses on the fragility of love and the lingering memory of a past relationship.

Although the track is a departure from her typical upbeat anthems, “California King Bed” proves that Rihanna is just as powerful of a performer when the tempo slows down.


“Half of Me” – Rihanna

One standout track on Rihanna’s discography comprises the vulnerable ballad “Half of Me.” From the haunting intro to the raw emotion peering through every note, the song showcases Rihanna’s vocal range and lyrical prowess.

It strikes a delicate balance between melancholy and hope, speaking to the complexities of relationships, heartbreak, and moving on. For fans seeking a slow and heartfelt side of the Barbadian singer, “Half of Me” is a solid choice.

“Never Ending” – Rihanna

With its hauntingly beautiful melody and sparse production, this slow ballad showcases Rihanna’s tender side. The lyrics of “Never Ending” express the last ember of a dying love while the sultry tone of Rihanna’s voice takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster.

The track’s gradual intensification adds depth and longing, making it a standout on an album full of hits. It’s a testament to Rihanna’s versatility as an artist and her ability to pour her heart into every note.


“Loveeeeeee Song” – Rihanna ft. Future

This track is a slow, amorous melody that showcases Rihanna’s seductive vocals. Featuring Future’s complimentary vocals, their voices intertwine to create an alluring and soulful duet. The delicate piano chords, smooth R&B beats, and emotive lyrics make this a perfect song to listen to on a rainy day or to set the mood for a romantic night in.

Rihanna’s soothing, intimate voice meshes perfectly with Future’s heartfelt singing, making this a standout track on the album.


“Hate That I Love You” – Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo

This track is a transcendent slow jam that reveals a raw and vulnerable side of Rihanna’s artistry. The soulful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics deliver an evocative portrayal of the pain and confusion of being caught in a toxic and paradoxical love. The production creates an ambient and moody atmosphere that heightens the intensity of the message.

This song showcases Rihanna’s ability to capture the subtleties and complexities of human emotions, solidifying her reputation as a masterful storyteller through music.


“Final Goodbye” – Rihanna

This soulful ballad exudes raw emotion through Rihanna’s evocative vocals and a stripped-down production. The haunting melody and vulnerable lyrics explore the pain of a difficult breakup with an understated but poignant intensity. With a slow tempo and aching message, this track showcases Rihanna’s prowess as a powerhouse vocalist, delivering heart-rending lines with heartbreaking sincerity.